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SPK83- Galactic Neighborhood

2001-05-12-Galactic Neighborhood
Spokane #83


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Galactic Neighborhood
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Paulo, Nebadonia
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Galactic Neighborhood
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Paulo, Nebadonia
TR: Gerdean


PAULO: Good afternoon, boys and girls, I am Paulo. I am glad to be a part of your gathering today, glad to be a part of your socializing process, and a fellow communicant of ideas and ideals in existence and in potential which will allow us to experiment in these adventurous explorations of our existence in any configuration we find ourselves in. That is to say, whether it is the universe between your ears or the Grand Universe, or any spectrum therein. We ought to be able to find mutual value and stimulation by our investigations. One of the objections to the topic that you are inviting and we will embark upon this afternoon is: How far removed it is from the essential needs of Urantia today!


PAULO:  The question arises, “How can you be investing your energies in speculation of what may be going on in outer space when you understand the tremendous needs of Urantia?” I am amused by such an approach for the fact is the perspective of a galactic neighborhood is the perspective that will give you the vantage point that will enable you to be sufficiently motivated in a social sense, in a political sense, in a scientific sense, that will help apply the spiritual pressure that will bring about the realization that we are all about life.

When you have been isolated, as is the case on Urantia and these other neighboring worlds which have been separated by the quarantine, there is what we might call a very ‘‘provincial’ attitude about the, what we might call ‘‘metropolis’ of the cosmos at large. I’m reminded of some of your quaint attitudes of limiting your perspectives by your own reasoning, such as, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Well, it may not be broken from your vantage point but if you take the farther view, you may see that while you are moving along at a merry clip, your neighbors are hobbling and even crippled, but if you don’t care about your neighbors, what difference does it make? Don’t bother with it. “It ain’t broke; don’t try to fix it.”

And an idea of minding one’s own business is and has been of great value in your evolutionary scheme of things and in some instances is even pertinent today –– nationalistically speaking, for example, or neighborly speaking in general. But it’s not an invitation to meddle where you don’t belong by allowing yourself to have a greater perspective on what the situation is, for this grants you a vantage point that removes you from that stance of ignorance and prejudice that limits the advancement of everything.

You’ve become intrigued, in your circles, having to do with a recent broadcast and revelations regarding the contact registered between your world and visitors to your world. And while you have all become quite accustomed to the presence of the Teachers in your midst, many of you somehow feel that any other kind of personality is some kind of invasion, and this is a blanket observation across the board about humanity, for on one hand it will accede to the existence of God and angels, while in the practical affairs of life God and angels have, in their mind, little to do with what they feel they need to do in order to make life go on. And so you’re not the only ones who opt to believe a little bit of this but not that.

I’m reminded of the Foreword of the text that you use, the one that describes the frame of reference the authors will be using in putting forth their revelation. And think what an advantage it would be to have a similar glossary of terms in terms of these different types of life in the universe. And the great chasm between a science fiction understanding of space ships and alien life as compared to the appreciation for angels, God, and your supernal teachers in the Teacher Corp. It’s as if you needed to decide between them and they are both quite plausible, and as you understand reality better, they are in fact essential.

It comes, again, from your isolated vantage point. And now you are opening up as is SETI and becoming adamant that what you see is true. What you believe is a fact. It’s very much like faith. If you put your foot down and say, “I know that I know,” there isn’t much can be done in argument to change your mind from what you know to be true. In a way it’s an advantage, because it’s an affirmative; it’s a more advantageous vantage point and approach than those who have the unglorious job of proving that it isn’t so. Faith will win out.

The circuits are opening and the light of truth is flooding your world and as it has been pointed out to you before, some of you at least, the universe is rushing, flooding to your aid. The emphasis of aid has been spiritual because it is essential that your souls expand in proportion to your technology. Science has had a bit of an upper hand, and religion has remained emotional and dogmatic, essentially causing a bigger rift between peoples than science, which has begun to foster the family of man by its essential realizations of, for example, medicine and aerospace.

This glossary that I suggest you think about has in it words which you are already familiar with. Let’s see. We have the word supernal. Is there a dictionary in the house? I’d like to see what your dictionary says about what a supernal is so that we have a mutual appreciation of what we’re talking about in terms of definition of terms.


GINNY: Supernal: It comes from supernus, meaning upper. Super, above. “Of, from, or as though from the heavens or the sky; celestial, heavenly, or divine.”

PAULO:: Alright. Now I’ll have the definition for extra-terrestrial, which should be among your words by now.

GINNY: Extraterrestrial : as an adjective it means, “existing, taking place, or coming from outside the limits of the earth.” As a noun, it’s “an extraterrestial being, as in science fiction.”

PAULO:: Alright, very well. Have you got in there a word called “alien”?

GINNY: I’m sure we do! Alien Alien as adjective is “belonging to another country or people; foreign.

  • 2. Strange; not natural, (like, cruel words alien to his lips)”.

A third definition “opposed or repugnant; 4. Of aliens” –– The noun: “a foreigner.

  • 2. A foreign-born resident in a country . . .
  • 3. An outsider.
  • 4. A hypothetical being in or from outer space, as in science fiction.”

PAULO:: Alright, and one final work IF you have it in your dictionary would be “other-terrestrial”. Is that available?


PAULO: Alright then, I’ll add that to the Glossary as we pass by. First let me point out the fact that if we go by your dictionary, all of the Teachers, including Ham and Abraham are aliens, and even extra-terrestrials as well as supernals. And if we look at a concept such as space ships, isn’t it true that they too are coming from some-where else besides earth, somewhere above, inasmuch as it is coming out of the sky, and are they not also then supernal as well as extraterrestrial and even alien?
Alright, let’s get back to reality as it is portrayed in text, as that is your favorite frame of reference, and in it, it is portrayed that you are (and you won’t like this) “lowly”. If you acknowledge your “lowliness”, it stands to reason that any other form of life experienced beyond yours, whether it is material, morontial or spiritual, is going to be supernal.

Even conceivably extraterrestrial. “Grays” are making the news these days, and they even come from somewhere else.
Thus you have a heightened sense of anything new as being alien. It’s all something strange, all coming from another place, all something not understood, all potentially dangerous and all very frightening. About now you ought to be able to see how your perspective as one who has an idea of the vastness of the universes of time and space, and with the cast of characters as presented by the Urantia text in discussing the descending sons, the ministering spirits, the planetary administration, ad infinitum, your perspective on this ought to enable you to support a premise that intelligent life in the universe is indeed attempting to make contact with you, and knowing that it is a friendly universe and that God is love, it will also be true that although it is unknown and strange, it is also to your advantage to approach other-terrestrials and supernal existences as if it were a force of good rather than evil.

You have, thus, now a new perspective on language that will help you to edify your friends and neighbors in the field as to some lasting value, some real precepts, because you have the SETI phenomenon as a material topic, a scientific scenario, assisting you in introducing a perspective of intelligent life in the universe that includes spiritual intelligent life, such as angels.

Let’s talk for a moment about the architectural spheres. Your architectural sphere is material, dense materiality made to accommodate your mortal existence. Many millions of worlds throughout the seven superuniverses are similarly inhabited by material beings, and many of these (if not most) are far in advance of you, inasmuch as it is true that the many superuniverses which preceded the formulation of Orvonton are already well underway and a lot of these inhabited worlds have evolved to the point where light and life has been a long-established reality.

One of the additional factors is that some of these worlds and their advanced population have attained the point whereupon the material life experience is a clear understanding of the cocoon existence prior to the . .. chrysalis existence prior to the emergence of the morontial mind and body of Jerusem status. Such is the nature of the evolving worlds.

Returning again to the plight of Urantia, from your provincial point of reality, just emerging out of the darkness of the quarantine, you are being observed, of course, by your neighbors and even contacted and studied because of the peculiar circumstances of your lives here and now in terms of your planetary emergence into your standard system of things. Constellation-wise, you are being re-assimilated.

If there are architectural spheres to accommodate other worlds, having an advanced status/ population, such as is the case in worlds long settled in light and life, and the many mansion worlds of progressive evolution and spirit attainment, there is no reason to exclude a concept of advanced material life that is capable of reaching out to its potential co-operatives in universe advancement, in yet another attempt to get to know you better and to help you advance in your understanding of the universe at large.

The consensus seems to be that the spirit-minded feel there is only a spirit reality in the universe, and the science-minded feel there are only science fiction aliens, and they may be good or bad but they may or may not have a spiritual reality, when in fact if one has a recognition of the retardation of Urantia and these sister worlds from isolation, you will readily recognize what tremendous advances are yet to be made in your perspectives and then in your acceptance of all your potential, spiritual and material.

“Extraterrestrials” is an unfortunate phrase, in that, it seems to connote alien qualities of weirdness and violence, perhaps disease and anal probes, or abductions and the bar scene in Star Wars. But it is an intelligent universe, and those who have been able to manage to steer a course of balanced development, have been able to bring with them the necessary understanding of the laws of the universe as well as the dynamics of experience. And thus they have inherently had the advantage of understanding the qualities of divinity that induce us in an enhancement of our appreciation of truth, beauty and goodness.

I therefore applaud your fascination for galactic exploration, even while many of you have the provincial attitude that “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. What do we need to be going out into outer space for, into orbit, looking at the other side of the moon or striving to reach Venus?” Well, it’s part of the growing pattern of all young things. Any toddler will learn to crawl and then scramble like mad as he approaches the next step which is standing and walking and then he’ll run like mad, and that’s what you guys are doing in your humanness. You have stood up with the Father holding onto your hand and now you’re looking around and scrambling.

Soon you’ll be on your feet and running pell-mell into the galactic adventures that are your birthright. But you’re not going anywhere prematurely, so, nobody needs to worry about that. You still need to eat and pay rent as I understand it. And so as long as you have your feet on terra firma, you cannot harm your situation by being mindful of greater life in the universe, for all of it is under God, and infiltrated with the divine essence in one form or another, so why not embrace the unknown of the galaxy as readily and earnestly as you embrace the unknown of our Father’s/ Mother’s love.

NEBADONIA: This is Nebadonia, your mother. Indeed. I am coming in to gather you round me, to honor you as you honor me and the many mothers, the state of motherhood, the quality of divinity that is innately part of the feminine field which embraces the children of time.

Any mother will tell you how precious each child is, and it would honor me if you would appreciate a perspective that allows a love for all my children, and not alienate any of these far-flung creations because they appear to be foreign to you. As you have been brought to realize on this world, this world of Michael’s incarnation, the differing races, having still the same Father and Mother, even while they have personal traits and characteristics, are even so, priceless and precious and loved by us in Salvington and in Paradise.

I can love my children even when you cannot, for I have a kind of love that understands each of my children and their nature and their challenges and their weaknesses and their strengths and their peculiarities. Each one of my children and I have a relationship, and none is more precious to me than the other. If you could learn from me, as your Mother, the reality of my affection and devotion to you each.


NEBADONIA:  I am amused by your discourse today, for how many of you as children take your car-car and go zoom-zoom. You take your model airplane and sail it through the air at the end of your arm in full appreciation of the extension of reality into vehicles that can transport your material body and your mind and imagination, even potentially your spirit and your soul, into the arenas that await you in your ascension.  I have no bad kids. I have no foreigners in my family. They are all your brothers and sisters and I love them each. Happy Mother’s Day to all my children that they will one day know me as I know them. Farewell.

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