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SPK85- Abundance of Possibility

2001-05-26-Abundance of Possibility
Spokane #85


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Abundance of Possibility
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Dolores, Minearsia, Bakim
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Abundance of Possibility
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Dolores, Minearsia, Bakim
TR: Gerdean


DOLORES: Happy Saturday, everybody. I am Dolores. I am happy to be here in your presence, in the beauty, joy of your lives. How creative is Our Essence, and the universe in which we live. In the abundance of possibility is the horn of plenty — colors, tastes, sounds, smells, senses, textures — are all a part of a pattern of your lives — much like a box of Crayola colors or a sewing box of thread/ cord/ twine/ yarn and other textiles — to weave into the fabric of your lives.


Expand your sense. Examine your understanding of sense. A dark cloud, a gloomy day, is akin to a grey attitude, one without color, one without enthusiasm. A crowd of people also can represent a palette of color or sensation. There is so much to be learned about the universe through the senses. These powerful influences on your sense of well-being will be a part of your personality composition forever, even as it expands to include an explosion of yet more and varied senses as you climb the ladder toward perfection.

But for now, little ones, like children larking on a summer day, plunge into the sense of wonder which is your mortal life. If you have found your mortal life to be on such an even keel as to depict only neutral colors, change some of your patterns in order to bring in some accent. A monotone may on one hand invoke a meditative state, as intonation of chanting, but it can also be an indication of a tediously dull mental rut of brown and morose depression. Thus, add a little tinkle, a little toot, to your monotone.

In embellishing the pattern of your lives with a sprig of peppermint here or a branch of fruit blossoms there, you have altered your environment and often in altering your environment in your mind you are impressed again with your environment as you live it, seeing anew the common everyday miracles of life.

Our Divine Parents are the quintessential creators. They are the ones who are having fun, and they have even created those points of gravity and power that uphold the universe, much like your inventions and high-technology in fact uphold your many soirees into creativity, thus allowing your mind/ heart an opportunity again to probe around in the recesses of reality in order to come up with yet another greeting card for your fellows or a post card of the Supreme for your own enjoyment.

Just as a sprig of the current blossom or the taste of the fruit in season will give you a sense of continuity, so will an exotic off-color or abstract tone lend new dimension to that which has become familiar and customary. As an exercise, I’d like for you to consider the associates of your immediate era, your current sociology – the people you interact with: you family and friends, your contemporaries and associates. How many of these individuals are you able to communicate with readily? And to what degree? To what extent? To what depth? To what purpose?

The Master used parables often in his dealings with his associates, in order to convey a reality essence in the face of the incredible differences in each individual’s psychic composition. You can add another dimension to your relationships by breaking out of the mold of logic and linear reasoning, the typical responses of custom and convention, by adding a creative touch that will change the look of the environment you share with your associates, even in the environment of your mental rapport or your emotional connection. You thus give new life to your environment and bring new and refreshing vistas to the minds eye of your associates, even new dimensions of awareness, by your use of adding a dimension of the senses to your routine mental exchanges, social exchanges.

Those of you who have been with the Teachers for a decade, those of you who have sat at the feet of the teachers and humbly absorbed, like a dry sponge, the living waters that come forth, spewing from Our Father through the personalities of the Teacher Corp and through the mouths of the many T/R’s who yearn to serve – your lives are altered eternally as a result of the stimuli that has come to you through this simple experience of learning to listen with ears to hear. The sensitivity of your new perception invites a knowledge of otherness, other views, of infinity and finitude. You thus can learn to see with eyes to see as a result of hearing and being stirred within. Your vistas are altered now because of the perspective you are able to grasp and sustain as you go about your lives.

It is often difficult, it is sometimes impossible, to introduce a conversation, a concept that will bring relief, ease the fears, soften the edges, appeal to the childlike nature, of the people you encounter. Even emotionally individuals are frequently unavailable, and so the common, human touch of empathy and compassion is thwarted. And so we look farther and deeper for still other ways to make a connection, to reach our fellow men, to let them know the Father is in their lives if they but notice.

And sometimes the simple act of touching another is a way of making supreme contact. A tone of voice is able to speak volumes. The color you choose to wear is a message. The flavor of your attitude is able to be tasted by those who you encounter and so you will be recognized as to how you feel, and if you are bitter, or sweet, if your attitude is salty or creamy, it will be an effective method of communicating to another sentient creature what words may not be able to convey.

I offer a new understanding of your senses as language, as creative artistry. If you can begin to express yourself in and through your personality you may find you yourself are a master, an artist, a skilled artisan in ways that only you and your Divine Guide can realize but that all who pass by you will retain as a part of the creative expression of you in conjunction with Divinity.
Our Creator has no limitations on possibilities.

I invite you to expand your appreciation of your creative possibilities and take authority over your self, your approach to service, to ministry, to personality expression, by giving yourself permission to be an extension of the Creator in and through his creativity as it can be understood by the mortal creatures of time and space — your children, your spouse, your neighbors, your co-workers, bringing the reality of divinity even further into your arena through conscious effort, conscientious effort in awareness and artistry.

I would like to engage with others. I would like to have a classroom filled with students, each having a box in which his and her creative tools are brought into company with others, for in this way it is possible for stimulation to occur such that each of you can look to your friend and neighbor and see there, in their box of tools, a perspective on the contents that may not be apparent to its owner, and in fellowship of sharing, it is exciting – it is pink and yellow! It is lime green! – to see how a simple idea can ascend to new heights of ecstasy and excitement in and through the creative imagination.

Have you been conditioned to believe that creativity is for a certain type of individual but not for you? Have you been conditioned to believe that it is an impractical pass time? Inefficient, ineffectual, impractical? Have you been taught that your creative nature is frivolous? Superfluous? Childish? That it is an attempt to avoid responsibility? A good excuse to be a perpetual player? And that creativity is not work? Is without value?

What a travesty! This is tantamount to saying that God is not loving, is not joyous, is not radiant, but is indeed a stern judge, a hard task master, a jealous and demanding disciplinarian. But none of those descriptive adjectives are my Parent! I do not resemble such an entity and I am my Father’s daughter. I recognize when I am like my Father, when my nature is in tune with the harmony of the spheres. I recognize how my energies are compatible to the Divine in the exquisite dance that we engage in as we brush upon the air of our union.

I urge you to see beyond the veil of your culture and your training if your training has taught you to “grow up!” and leave your childlike nature behind. It is an encouraged elective in the Melchizedek Universities, the opportunity to spend a thousand years in company with the celestial artisans, in order for you to augment your understanding of a creative nature. It is as essential a curriculum as it is to learn to parent, in terms of understanding how the nature of God is visited upon his sons and daughters.

Once you have learned to play together, it will be possible then for you to learn how to work together. Communication is such a critical art form, and your rational minds, your adult intentions, and your assumption of your own maturity – not to mention your perception of your own authority – are enough to cramp your toes as your feet grow out of the shoes that were fitted on you for ages long past. Your creativity has become crippled by the binding of restraints upon your childlike nature with its plethora of creative potential.

Creator, On High, I implore you to come into the souls of your children with all the senses given them in the initial pattern. Invite them to realize how wondrous is this human experience which is made more wonderful by the senses allowed and encouraged by You, beloved Parent. Through your creative nature You have created the vast hosts of space; You have created more personalities and depictions of perfection than we have capacity to understand, but we fully appreciate and adore your wonders to behold.

Give our simple hearts and minds to realize the goodness inherent in your creative nature and let us feel free to make it our own. Help us to portray You, Father, Mother, as You portray Yourselves in the fields of daisies, the singing winds in treetops, the smell of salt sea air in front of the pounding surf. Give us to appreciate our own creative natures and help us to portray You in our own rendition of what gifts you have given us, your delightful children, who yearn to Honor You and reveal You to others, that they too may learn anew the joys of being Yours.”

MINEARSIA: I am Minearsia, a Melchizedek. A visitor. Greetings. I have no lesson in mind to offer. I am here as temporary host. I think you would say we have sent the boys off to summer camp. It is a good time to come calling and acknowledge your base of operations here and the efforts of those of you who work and play on behalf of the greater reality in hopes of extending your awareness of our universe into the hearts and minds of others.

This adventure in spiritual exploration is unlimited, and it is encouraging to observe how many of you operate to fulfill your own capacities in service. The perspective I bring is such that it is useless to you until you are able to grow into the perceptions we offer. Hearing words, even feeling the sensation of the Spirit of Truth, is ineffectual until your will commits itself through your decisions to take hold of those concepts that we present and make them your own in accordance with your own light of truth.

You who have been known to walk the second mile, who have developed stamina, have been an inspiration to the many who can see how your energies affect everything you touch. The story is told that when Machiventa materialized on Urantia, he manifested himself to a mortal whose astonishment was so great he was rendered speechless. He was indeed afraid. And some of you, who have such power of the spirit at your command, are likewise frightening to those whom you encounter, who are unaccustomed to such energy as you bring.

The Master had power also, but he was approachable. He did not submerge his power or his energy, but he mastered it such that it did not overwhelm those he met as he passed by. And yet everyone who met Jesus had occasion to be permanently impressed by his wisdom, through his graciousness. This, too, is a part of creativity, the creativity of a gracious Creator, who has, at his command, all the tools in his box.

Your authority, your command, is that which you have been given. As you use your materials to create your presentations of your Self in your destiny path, you are able to stimulate and inspire others. It is this enthusiasm, this creativity, that is appreciated and yet does not induce overt fear, but rather, perhaps, respect. It’s not remuneration for our creativity we seek, but a place to show our offering, a place where our co-creation with divinity can be upheld, displayed, revealed. This is the gift of creativity. This is the drawing that you parents tape up to your refrigerator that shows the scrawl drawing of the child – smoke coming out of the chimney, trees, billowing clouds – indicating home and family. This is the precious gift of creation that Our Parents enjoy. I will offer a platform for questions and answers if there is an opening, if there is a need or if you want to take advantage of this opportunity. Have you questions?


Thoroah: I have a note of appreciation for you, and Dolores presented the lighter side of God, if you will. We have a tendency to take God very seriously, very solemnly, even in our joy, to the extent that we make fun of seekers who are having fun as if they’re into some kind of frivolity and I appreciate the reminder to enjoy ourselves because Our Father does more than just smile.

MINEARSIA: Part of your dilemma here is that you truly do take the work very seriously. In taking the work seriously, you have a tendency to also take yourselves seriously. It would be hard not to. If a surgeon is not paying attention to what he is doing, taking his work seriously, he could mis-step and lose a life. And this work he performs is truly creative. It’s possible for a surgeon to listen to rock and roll music or grand opera while performing surgery, as a reflection of the creative aspects of the work. Thus, the performance of performing surgery in a life and death situation can also be portrayed as an extension of the grander senses because the surgeon’s mastery over his toolbox has afforded him the luxury of the dimension of the creative artistry of what he does, even while what he does is important. What God does is very important, but it is also full of beauty, full of light.

The creative nature is worth embracing as a counter-part to the expression of loyalty and devotion to duty, as committed soldiers of the circles. The light-hearted-ness of youth is to be enhanced and solidified by substance but the seriousness of study and discipline also does well to be amenable to a light-hearted approach. More balance, you see. But today, the weight of the scale is tipping toward beauty and joy and play. Thank you for opening your hearts, minds and souls to our in-put, our association and our inspiration. Farewell.


BAKIM: Bakim here. Greetings. I am a celestial artisan. I would like to leave you with a short piece:

A day in Spring such as today
I often give my heart away
I cannot hold inside my mind
A grasp on others of my kind
And those like you who also say
I’d like to take some time today
To pay attention to my world
And see the wonders now unfurled
Of warmth and beauty Springtime brings
To boys and girls and queens and kings,
To bees and rodents, cats and mice,
Birds and bees, and bugs and lice.
All the creatures great and small
Are testimony to it All.
A great and wondrous God we’ve got
Our world is gold inside the pot
Of life and love at rainbow’s end
And so I wish for you, my friend,
A day with butterflies and sun,
A spot of shade and lots of fun,
A friend whose countenance is glad
And times like these that can be had
Because the dark and cold have gone
And Summer is soon coming on.
Enjoy your Saturday, my friend,
And in our hearts ‘twill never end.
We’ll always hold within our soul,
A sense of how our lives are whole
Because of God and me and you
And family such as likened to
A universe of life and light
From God to tiny flicker’s mite.

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