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SPK91- Evolution vs. Revolution

2001-11-17-Evolution vs. Revolution
Spokane #91


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Evolution vs. Revolution
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Paulo
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Balance
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Islam, Christianity
 3.3.2 Truth, Revelation
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Evolution vs. Revolution
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Paulo
TR: Gerdean


PAULO: . . . . The song “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” is going through this mind by rote and we’ll appliqué our way around it ~ and yet it would appear to be a theme which needs to be threaded throughout the fabric of our afternoon gathering ~ in foresight of our discussions.


PAULO:  I have in front of me a particular reference to another song from your culture. It’s the one about “On a clear day you can see forever.” One wonders, “What can you see on a day like today but your nose in front of your face?” It’s dense in your environment here in this Spokane locale, but a [good] day for ruminating, meditating, pondering and deepening your appreciation for higher thought, philosophy, and other things interesting to those of you who think.

Thus we see how it is that the focus always shifts between the guardian seraphim and the Adjuster. One is introverted, the other extroverted; one is inward-directed, the other is outward directed; one is reflective, one is expressive. Such balance will eventually constitute the dance you do as you walk through eternity, stabilizing, constantly stabilizing your Self by and through the pendulum swing, along with the pulse of infinity.

What a pleasure to be along for the ride, in your company. It’s an experience, I assure you, you cannot completely appreciate ~ for me ~ but you will experience it one day in your teacher capacity, when you visit a realm which is not your native home, in order to be of service to the inhabitants. This is the nature of revelation! Thus you yourselves are able to become living revelation — even on a dense world such as this — in preparation for greater worlds to come.
What have you got there, Thoroah, for me this afternoon? A question? Or a dialog? . . . .

Islam, Christianity

THOROAH: . . . . I was very impressed with what Ernest had written, and I had not thought of some of the things that he pointed out, and part of that was that there seems to be natural enmity – built-in enmity – that is there, culturally, historically, for whatever reason, between Christians, Jews and Muslims. And it seems that the Muslim religion is built on the way it feels about other religions more so than what it feels about itself. And maybe that’s what I’m talking about. Is that a good depiction of Islam? I’m thinking that there’s probably a lot more to learn about Islam, and that’s just one way to look at it.

PAULO: : This is the nature of evolved religions. They spring up as a response to that reality which impacts, and in this case, the response rises to the level of my interest because it reflects the quality of rebellion. There have been rebels, religious rebels, throughout the course of history on your world, those who break away from the mother church or the prevailing belief system, to branch off in favor of a variation on the theme, thus bringing into existence the new generation of believers, and in the main, these are forward steps.

Islam has arrived in the wake of Christianity, thus it is indeed reacting to Christianity, and I will refer you again to the cosmic pulse that which weighs reality like the pendulum – the going back and forth to find the fine line (of) affinity they share, which is that which will advance the opposing factions as eventually a convergence will come about in time as they evolve. There is a great blending going on today, but in times past on Urantia, there were new religions sprouting up along the way that provided stepping stones for the evolving races in order to reach the point where the next epochal revelation would become necessary.

Christianity is a religion about Jesus, created in large part by Peter and Paul, but borrowing on many elements of those times. Notice that Gabriel and Michael appeared to Mohammad. One could speculate, hypothesize, then that the Gods – the overseers, overcontrol of evolution – may have judged it desirable to state for the record that this was not what Jesus came to say but this would have been a response to the epochal revelation of Jesus of Nazareth as his message was distorted by the evolving religion of Christianity. Thus a pendulum swing was born in the birth of Islamic perception.
Somewhere between Christians and Islam, Gabriel and Michael are the stable cosmic realities, the balance point between which these two huge factions of belief undulate, as if they were a system of checks and balances, each one regarding the other as the infidel.

THOROAH: From day one, right? Pretty much?

PAULO: : It was born in response to an existing relative reality, so, yes. As each is a result of a response to antecedent causation, there is a balancing act, at the end of which is one faith — one religion, one God, one people. Somewhere between the two, and/or outside of them both, is revelation – that which descends upon humanity, and it could be said here that the illiterate Mohammad had as much if not more going for him in the receiving of his messages from Gabriel and Michael as did those who channeled into existence A Course in Miracles or, for that matter, the Urantia Papers, whereas the existing religion of Christianity has derived not from revelation of Jesus but the story of Jesus.

The spiritual arrogance of any religionist is like a red cape a toreador carries in the ring with the bull. And while one may testify loudly about ones innocence and ones humility, it may be as sounding brass and not truth, beauty, and goodness at all. This error, or imperfection, is in line for correcting, or growth, and this is what the intelligence factor is, in regard to those materials you made reference to.

Truth, Revelation

PAULO:  The truth cannot be – well it can be; it is, often, but – real Truth cannot be manipulated. Truth of an evolving nature is often distorted and personalized in order to reflect that perspective. That is valid, viable expression and occasionally is revelatory, even as I am a revelation to Urantia and all the Teachers in the Teaching Mission are revelation. I hear you responding/reacting. What?

THOROAH: I was getting a jolt, a little snicker in my mind about the relativity of the term “revelation.” Yes, you are revelation to me and the others, but to some, you would have to be a figment of our imagination. You are not revelation at all to them because it doesn’t register.

PAULO: : This is true. In time the presence of God will have become so pronounced on Urantia that a majority of individuals will have the pleasure of being living revelation, of being a revelation of truth, beauty, and goodness, of revealing the Father in their every moment. It will then not matter what religious theory brought them to that point, except for certain cultural loyalty and religious appreciation. As you therefore come to know other religions — how they think, how they feel, how they’ve come to be – as you perceive this in the bigger picture, as through the text, and modern revelation (even revelation of higher thought), you bring about better perspective upon which others may also reflect en route to attaining a degree of wisdom that will result in global light and life.

THOROAH: We have developed, in some fashion, to help Father reveal Himself. We can assist in this process, I’m assuming. Probably the best way, as you said earlier, is the living of what we believe where it’s really at, but we can do other little things, too, probably.

PAULO: : This is why I acknowledged in the beginning of our session, the melody of “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me” on the scale, the grid work of this brain, for it can be accomplished only if you have captured the integration essential to being stable while being able to identify with whatever other perspectives are prevailing. In this way you can bring detachment and discernment to the situation. If you/one were to attempt to make changes in the prevailing philosophies without this inner core of peace, it would only exacerbate the difference and create further conflict.

This was a quality Jesus had mastered in his dealings with his fellow mortals. The evolving mortal inclines toward the perspective of political/material with its inherent loyalties and passions, while the mind which is “fixed on God” is able to defuse those sparks of passion which would render sane conversation impossible.

Religion is emotionally charged, and emotional charge gives rise to religious war, for there is nothing more passionate than that individual who will die for what they believe in. Many Christians would not consider dying for their belief system for it has not touched them except culturally and emotionally. There are scant few who have given themselves up to divine rule.
There were political zealots in existence in [time] also, and they were destructive of many spirit qualities, but they were not able to completely destroy spirit reality – only postpone its flowering, and this is rather where we are today. The hostilities of evolving religions are political in nature, and thus have very little to do with the real religion of Jesus, which, were it understood, would quickly extinguish the fires of anger and rain lovingly on all.

The historic reference is appreciated, in truth, for in truth it is impossible to see how you will advance without a full understanding of how you got to be where you are. This is the nature of perspective, and that the experience of a perpetual now, without yesterday and tomorrow, can be an exasperatingly trivial life indeed.

Thus we acknowledge the efforts of those intelligent individual who choose to think, who are learning to think with their higher minds, and have the courage of their convictions such that the saga is made more meaningful, giving you an opportunity to feel you are a part of the history of your world and your religion, rather than a spectator or a disinterested third party.
. . . . I’ll call your attention to the Paper in the text that reveals the worlds major religions in order of their arrival on your world and the impact that it has given and note that in Ganid’s study of the major religions, to indicate what similarities there were, specifically set’s aside the religion of Jesus from all other religions, including Christianity.

It is called “our religion” and while Ganid’s simple enthusiasm over creating, with his friend Jesus, a new religion, while that seems amusing to some, it is actually the kernel of the fruit of the living vine that will come to be and prevail, even after Islam and Christianity have become mere memories, pages in the book of your early religious evolution, influences on your cultures, for the enduring religion is that which is born of the spirit as a result of man’s yearning to become one with his creator – a personal spiritual experience, prompted by the loving attentions of the indwelling Adjuster, and not out of retaliation to another’s belief or in response to religious circumstances of the day and age, but born of that hunger which will not be quelled before the realization of the living God.

Those of you who have a cultural background as Christians would do well to recognize how it is that you find it hard to see the forest for the trees. It is said that there will be a spiritual flowering, that the seed is hidden in Christianity. The seed that is hidden is the Christ who came to provide the perspective of his Father and the gospel as it is realized in the lives of those of you who have been born again, born of the spirit. That same seed spoke to Mohammad and speaks to all seekers in obedience to the divine fragments which seek to instill in you a revelation of the Father so personal and so sublime as to live eternally. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me. The Prince of Peace has the ability to clearly discern the difference between the reality of the Father and the reality of the material world, including the political circumstances of the day and age. This he knew and you too can know from a thorough appreciation of how it is in your world in the times of your life and in the association of your own indwelling piece/peace of God.

Yes, of course I believe that you can be superhuman! If we didn’t feel you have the potential to be superhuman, we wouldn’t be devoting so many hours to your uplifting. Jesus still has more faith in you than you have in yourselves. Persistently rely upon that reality which Jesus knows, that which is of Him. Yes.


PAULO:  I feel peace prevail in the room. Perhaps you’ve all gone to sleep!


PAULO:   Let’s take this moment to offer our Thanksgiving to our creator and our elders on high who have embraced us in their love and bestowed on us their loving guidance; Thanksgiving to those who guide us, and those who serve us in the service of the Father. Amen.

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