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SPK96- Melchizedek Schools, Appreciating Midwayers

2001-12-22- Melchizedek Schools, Midwayers
Spokane #96


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Big Top
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Melchizedek Schools
 3.2.2 Midwayers
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Relationship
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Big Top
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: “Ladies and Gentlemen!” (Group giggles) “Welcome to the Big Top!” (Group lost in giggles) We are going to be entertained today with the circus acts of celestial entertainers as personalities involved in your career as ascending sons and daughters having a human experience and discovering the delights of the array of skill, ability, and artistry which confronts you when you behold the sectors of the circus of cosmic characters in the kaleidoscope of evolving life. And good afternoon, my dear pupils. I am Tomas, your teacher, in leave of my senses because of the frivolity of the season and the occasion to give you a gift of a new perspective. I know my gifts cannot compare to the gifts of the indwelling Adjuster, the Universal Father, the Master, our Creator. I know that my gifts to you are conditioned by your readiness to receive what you regard as already yours, that being a relationship with these realms of celestial helpers who infiltrate your lives now with conscious admittance to your presence.

Melchizedek Schools

TOMAS: I am a Teacher in the Teacher Corps, and these (my friends and I) are those who have begun the interlocutory procedure which begins your edification and which remains the foundation of our association with you. The Teacher Corps is established in your hearts, as it was intended in the beginning when Ham admonished you to “Understand this in your hearts.” Understanding in your heart is the reality range wherein we reside, where you can access our teachings and our tonal quality.
While the range of personality among your Teachers in this Teacher Corps are varied, and colored by individual Transmitter/receiver mind banks, even so we fall within a certain range of reality which you have come to appreciate and regard as reliable.

What you have not, perhaps, particularly appreciated are the many unknown teachers who have addressed other individuals and groupings of individuals subscribing to other philosophies or mental impressions, but which nonetheless are in keeping with the curriculum of the Melchizedek Universities for you and all ascendant sons and daughters throughout time and eternity, as they have perhaps another way of delivering their message or another approach to the Big Top than you have.
I reiterate then that those of you who have felt that the circus is all about the high wire and the trapeze act, are enlarged when you recognize there are animal acts as well, such as elephants and trained lions, not to mention acrobats on horses, monkeys on ponies, fire on hoops, clowns on balls, and all the fun and games that go into the circus.


TOMAS: I welcome today again, and this time for your continued enhancement of the delights inherent in your ticket to attend the Big Top, — are the real workers, often behind the scenes, the midwayers who are the ones to encourage the timid, soothe the savage beasts, enliven the lazy, lose that which was evident and replace it with another approach, as if it were a magic trick, and who seldom are around to hear the applause or respond to the curtain calls that would be assured if it were made apparent to you how much of the action that you have happening in your head that appears to be an entertaining and enlightening experience, is only possible because of the efforts of the midwayers who make the connection between the realms, allowing for your eyes to see that which the universe would perform for your benefit.

The fact that these loyal midwayers are often called workers has a tendency to diminish them in the eyes of those who seem to feel that greatness is admissible at the top and will filter down as any hierarchy will, to the low rung on the ladder and then step off onto the bare soil of the material world of Urantia, giving them stature only a foot above ground! But I tell you, without their intercession, there would be little possibility of your seeing anything beyond your material realm. The language we use is provided by the midwayers. The auras that are available are affected because of the midwayers.

The many seemingly miraculous events that are attributed to angels are almost always the work of the midwayers. While they are only slightly ahead of you in terms of their creature existence, they are committed to their capacities and in their united will, their capacities have exponentially expanded to provide the service of ten times as many as they could be and provide before they set aside their common differences and assented to become a productive block of assistants in the process of perfection attainment.

The greatest thing that the midwayers have done is recognize that while they were virtually orphaned, abandoned, and left to fend for themselves on a very confused and troubled world, were not willing that fact to be the limitation that conspired to reduce their effectiveness in their supreme desire to be of service to their Creator, Michael, who they were able to know and love in his sojourn here.

It remains a very viable truth that those who have known love do not want to return to the dungeon of “not love”. Those who have seen the light do not want to return to the bowels of darkness. They will go to any length to remain steadfast and let their light shine so that others will not slide back into the death of shadows, the tar pits of indecision.

Midwayers work so closely with the True Grit of human existence. They are shameless when it comes to reaching into the sins of humankind. They will go anywhere. There is no place in them for selectivity as far as who gets the cushier job. The only perks that exist in their ranks would be the opportunity to tell the story of those successes which were brought about on behalf of the soul of the mortal of the Adjuster’s indwelling who had sought the engagement of those who could minister to the needs of their mortal associate in order to lift them up from where they were to how they are now that they have been lifted because of the efforts of the humble midwayer.

You cannot realize how many times your life has been saved, altered, affected, protected, and gathered up from danger, mayhem, chaos, darkness and confusion because of the efforts of the midwayers. Inasmuch as they work so close to the earth, so “nitty gritty” with the real trenches of human experience, they tend to comport themself less formally than do we in the Teacher Corps who are – if not cerebral – at least asserting our way into the morontial realms of understanding, that high intellectual plane that abuts the spirit, that will give you a window into superconscious appreciation of reality, while your personal teachers are able to take what insight we have sparked within your mind, and through the approval of your indwelling Adjuster, unite with the heavenly helpers to bring about the material circumstances which will enable you to attempt to identify, try out and even master the practice of responding spiritually to a situation which once you reacted from a less helpful frame of reference.

There are those who find the midwayers to be crude or aggressive, lacking in graciousness or tact, but they have sat at my feet as you have, listening to the words of the Supernals, absorbing the lessons and applying themselves to those value lessons that Melchizedek espouses and that Michael has sanctioned — even while they, in many cases, have already been serving with God in these capacities for millennia.

But you will not recognize one from another as to who has the greater extent of experience, for they are united in their order of being so closely that they share all knowledge and enjoy their own humility as well as their own accomplishments. And I will add that their constant prayer is — while they pray to Michael and Mother Spirit for essentially the same things you look to your Parents for, they also pray — for the ability to reconnect with you, their most near relations, in the work of uplifting humanity to a recognition of the realization of the reality of light and life. This is done in individuals one at a time. And that one-on-one effort is incessantly an agenda item on their ever busy schedule of universe service.

The next act I want to share with you are the gracious artisans who may appear in the circus to be the beautiful women who balance themselves atop the prancing ponies, who look beautiful and poised while doing the most complex stunts. Artistry is making life look like its easy, and this is the art of living as well. While you know how difficult each life lesson has been, some more so than others, the ultimate result is the beauty and grace that allows you to perform even the most difficult of assignments while maintaining your charm, your serenity, your balance and aptitude on your entertainment and edification for the success of the circus and for the reality of the Big Top.

Well, I don’t imagine that God has any objection to my referring to him as the Barnum and Bailey of these experiences, any more than we would object to the personification of Santa Claus as that giver of gifts to good little boys and girls throughout the kingdom. There are days when fantasy and illusion are the greater reality, that provide the visions of sugar plums, the Cinemascope and Technicolor, the animation and musical delights that are a pageantry of life on holiday. I wish you a happy holiday. Are there questions? [Break, to consider]


Student: I think of my little domain at work and I think that if I knew that the midwayers and teachers and angels and Mother and Michael and everybody were going (encouraging) … or would I, seeing them standing there, sensing them being there, …? I don’t know. If we could see them, would we behave differently?

TOMAS:: You ask, “If you could see them would you act differently?” Well, that’s a rhetorical question. I’l give you an example of why. If you’re a single man and you have a good life and out of the blue you wonder, “If I had a wife, would it make any difference? Would I behave any differently?” And so you forget the question. Ten years later you recognize you have attained what you wondered once what it would be like to have. Are you any different? Well, yes and no. Do you treat your spouse any different now because she exists than you did in your mind before you knew her?

And, are you in sync with each other or are you at odds incessantly? If you are not active in any relationship in some way, it will cease to have any importance for you. This is the same of your relationship with midwayers. If you are not conscious of the association, you will forget it exists. It will lack reality. It is a vague, “Oh, yeah, uh-huh. I know they’re there.”

But let’s address it this way. Let’s say you have an active prayer life. And this prayer life has led you into circumstances in which you might serve, and let’s say it has brought you in contact with a family who has faith issues, health issues, financial issues, a family that would do well to embrace a greater reality, who would do well to invite the Master to be a part of their homelife. The extent that you can be of service to this family is going to depend upon how effective your prayers are and whether or not your prayers are registering in areas where something really can be done.

And when you put your heartfelt faith in a prayer that something will be done, and the Father wills that it is so, then certain things will be put into effect. And some of those may fall under the aegis of the angelic orders and thus the message comes down the line through the seraphim to the midwayers and they are given the go-ahead to act upon the prompts that have been established by their supervisors in response to the Father’s acquiescence that this may come about as a result of the good faith of all involved.

And so, what prayer was it? What solution is it? Only the Father knows, of course, but it might mean a difference in a diet. It might mean a difference in employment. It might mean the difference of a bad association spoiling useful habits and whatever it is that is impacting this family that you have in the heart of your prayers can be touched because of the nature of the prayer and the sure response of the midwayers who are acting in good faith of their guidance.

And so in truth you can indeed look for them and even see them, for while you may not see them with your physical eye, you will recognize their work when the family you have prayed for is able to convey to you a new development in their life that is a clear indication of intervention that was brought about as a result of the efforts of the midwayers. It may be a wrong number; it may be a black cat crossing the street that prompted the child to take a left turn instead of a right turn; it may be that a visiting Aunt Nelda from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is able to take the guest room that was the haven of the associate that was bringing negativity into the home; it matters not. But if you look for the effects of the midwayers, they will be apparent. But if you don’t do something, you will not see the results. Why should they arbitrarily inform you of what they do on behalf of the Father if you aren’t interested? You see?


Thoroah: It’s a relationship.

TOMAS:: It’s a relationship, yes, and it’s all a massive, living organism. The more you involve yourself in the pulse of life, whether that life is in the material realm or in the spiritual realm, matters little if your heart is in the right place, if you have a legitimate and loving concern for your fellowman, and that is a result of your relationship with your Heavenly Father. That’s just the way it works. A self-absorbed life may not have the proof of midwayer existence that the mortal’s mind would like to have, but what has it done to activate that reality? Indeed it is relationship.

Even your own relationship with life is proof of the involvement of the celestials if you allow them their credit. It’s easy to say, “Thanks to God” but it’s interesting to assign aspects of God to the personalities that are assigned to work in those specific realms. God extends himself by giving others work to do on behalf of the creation, and so you can assign accolades to associates throughout the far-flung universe who have had a hand in the enlivening of life as you know it and as it reveals itself in your arena.

They are your certain ticket to involvement. Through them you will be encouraged to run risks, take a chance, do something different, get involved, break a habit, try a new routine, change your pattern, up-step your approach, alter your attitude, get your hands dirty, get your feet wet.

Thoroah: That sounds like my ex in-laws.

TOMAS:: A fair analogy. And yet I cannot help but notice that you divorced them for one reason or another, and perhaps your hope was that you would have a happier relationship as you passed by. And perhaps the midwayers are your new in-laws.

Thoroah: I’d be more inclined to go along that route.

TOMAS:: I am certain Gerdean would be proud to take credit for those relations as more closely akin to her nature than her mortal relations who have not known her as well as a number of secondary midwayers and they will continue to be her family even after this culture has come to pass. And so the greater marriage is indeed another opportunity to enhance your appreciation of the circus, for aren’t the celestials a little more engaging and entertaining that your former in-laws, even as endearing as they were? It’s in the nature of ascension that one should always be looking to the farther view, as if to say the grass is greener or the sky is bluer as we step up these ladders into greater appreciation of greater reality.

But be mindful that since we are working to reinstate the material world of Urantia as the celestial shrine of Michael of Nebadon, we will likely not rest until such time as this material orb is as exalted a plane of reality as can be forged out of a world of time and space; thus, the material realm and all its pertinent parts, including in-laws and out-laws, are going to be, in one way or another, addressed and embraced by the greater reality. Let’s call upon the midwayers to engage us effectively in the work that we need done, that the world needs done, that will indeed lead us into a brighter tomorrow, into one more new beginning – a happy new year.

The one great difference it would make for you, if you could see the midwayers, is you would stop looking up to your elders for such a pat on the back, you would be so engaged in shoulder to shoulder effort with your midwayer companions, who are in themselves an inspiration to those who would call themselves “a worker in the field.” Anything else?

Thoroah: There’s a lot to learn. That’s all I can say. We had a discussion this week about self-forgetfulness. It’s sort of a continuing theme here recently. It plays along in this recognition factor of our cousins working side by side with us. If we could be self-forgetful of ourself enough to be able to feel that or sense their presence more, that would be beneficial. I haven’t begun to understand what service is yet.

TOMAS:: Why don’t you set up a scenario in your mind and test the universe and see if a midwayer doesn’t reveal himself in some way down the road as a result of your attempts to understand your cosmic neighborhood? Ask in prayer what you can do for someone and look for the influence of the midwayer at some point in the outworking of the prayer.


TOMAS: All right, then, kids. It looks like a holiday is upon us, and the energies of our work room are going to be altered by the season. If you have an inclination to allow the world to go on without you for awhile, step aside and call us up and I’m sure one of us will come sit with you as you ponder the patterns of the day and seek the soulful resolutions, and think these gifts of God to humanity are something you might have had a hand in. God bless us, every one. Farewell.

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