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SPK99- Kingdom Building, Agondonters

2002-02-02-Kingdom Building, Agondonters
Spokane #99


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Kingdom Building
o 1.2 Group: Spokane TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Kingdom Building
Group: Spokane TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: This is Tomas, your friend, your long-time associate in these Teaching Mission efforts, Gerdean’s personal coach. We are a broadcast station here, have been broadcasting in Spokane this time, some months, having thoroughly enjoyed the proximity of fellowship in the North Idaho Elyon Teacher Base. I began my liaison with humankind on Urantia when I captured my t/r’s attention and we began to develop our relationship. Now she returns to Albuquerque, in company with our comrade Thoroah, and their entourage, our peers in “the invisible realm”. Oh, what adventures I’ve had! And what persons I’ve come to know! My voice, in and through others, especially and recently Tiahuan who has come forth in order to be of service in this phase of the reclamation.

This is my talk to you today. It’s about your work in the field, your co-creative endeavors, your obvious and conscious decisions to spiritize yourself as you might feel impelled by your Adjuster or as you might creatively design to do as an appropriate response to life’s opportunities. There is only one real drawback to consciousness and that is the grappling with cosmic problem solving, for all the rest is marvelous. When you have nothing to grapple with, in terms of problem solving, we will have long vacated our current paradigm of association. What is important is the work of the realm.

Haven’t you been advised of the most important thing you can do? And aren’t you, in the main, doing that? To the best of your ability? To the best of your comprehension? To the extent of your courage or the nature of your loyalty? (Aren’t you) doing just that by appreciating what good there is in your existence, (like) your child’s day care center, your employer’s parking lot, your student’s transcripts, your neighbor’s azaleas? And would that you could be so fortunate as to do for a living what you enjoy doing most! Like Kenny G who plays music or Pavarotti who must sing.

They are larger than life. They are not you, the meek. You suffer over niceties in your sensitivity. Yet for the meek to inherit the earth, it will come to pass that you will need to recognize your inherent power, your innate strength, as a result of the solidarity of your Reality. You’ll not be able to deny the relationship you share with Spirit. You’ll not be able to look anywhere without seeing the Father reflected, the Mother ministering.

God is All . .. or he is nothing. How is it the song goes? “All of me. Why not take all of me? Can’t you see I’m no good without you?” And having made such a consecration of the will in your Innermost Place, how can you not commence Kingdom-building? And having set out upon the course of action, do not constantly question yourself or your brethren. But set out in confidence of the overcare of the Universal Father and his hierarchy of helpers who have likewise consecrated themselves to doing what they do well and best. Because of the very nature of the Paradise Trinity.


TOMAS: What’s the Good News these days, Thoroah? Don’t feel like you’re put on the spot, my friend. Just hang back and rap, if you will, ala Morontia Companions. How is your work in Kingdom-building?

THOROAH: I don’t know. I’m learning more and more all the time. I probably won’t know how it’s going until much later.

TOMAS:: How do you feel about your work?

THOROAH: I’m adjusting to the paradigm that you spoke of at the beginning, doing what we do without having necessarily that “larger than life” impact that we see others having. It’s probably the way it will be for most of us, and we’ve been reminded lately, too, that our audience really is that entourage we all have with us and if we play to that audience we can’t go wrong. So I’m trying to learn that.

TOMAS:: Rather like singing to the choir?

THOROAH: If I could sing.

TOMAS:: It’s a fine song you sing, if I may say so.

THOROAH: You have ears to hear.

TOMAS:: If you assume a certain responsibility, it affords you a perspective that has a vantage point of experience. That experience may be revealed as immaturity or good strategy. Everyone has an opinion, and yet isn’t it true that in the end it’s your own reflection in the glass that you answer to? That I AM?

If the Spirits are your audience, you do not as readily succumb to the seduction and sophistries of the mortal existence that seeks to supplant itself for its own self interest, as compared to the Aspirant in you that seeks to explore the Kingdom in all its phases and in technicolor.

This is a dawn period of time for this new dispensation, this New Age. Isn’t it “the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius” that they touted in the 60’s and early 70’s’? And aren’t you privy to the growth of many mota seeds that were planted back in those thrilling days of yesteryear? The opinions, demonstrations, offerings, rebellions, resistances, supports, philosophies, ideals, dreams, yearnings, outrages of those days were seen put in motion which unfurled over time to afford us an appreciation of the fact of time passing ~ a sense of perspective that we’d come so far as to realize that in the lives of many of you young people, there has been no active appreciation of the fact of war. When that happens, history repeats itself, until one day everyone will have reckoned with the truth of peace.

These projects that you undertake to impel Kingdom-building, these talents that you have invested – rightly or wrongly – out of a sense of responsibility, and colored by your adventurousness, have given rise to and will continue to fortify another reality. What a marvel now that we are espousing the Reality for which there are no words to describe, but only to obey and follow and revere, as an indelible destiny imprint implanted upon your personality. To express. What is it He would express through you? How has your experience given rise to value, which you are and are a part of?

I’ve been enjoying the many discussions about intuition and instinct, promptings and impressions, ego voices and spirit voices. These notations are inserted into the outline of my thesis, for when I prepare my thesis to submit to my Melchizedek instructors, of my angle and my experience of working with you in this Teaching Mission experience. Thus your musings and mumblings are often made a part of my presentation so as to register how you are responding and adapting to your human experience, even as aware and “Christed” characters.

It is very true that we are to remain within these certain parameters of our assignment and that to delve too deeply into some of your personal lives and your business lives are beyond our authority, our range of influence. But there are other entities whose interests are related more to the material realm and the dominating matrix of life manifestation .


TOMAS:: “Hmmm” what?

THOROAH: I’m sort of putting things together in my head and sometimes they come to temporary conclusions. I no longer come to any permanent conclusions. I know better.

TOMAS:: You are enjoying a temporary conclusion having been stimulated by a phrase?

THOROAH: Yes, your comment that there are other entities with more earthly concerns to help you out in those areas, and I was thinking immediately about, of course, our midwayer friends and the process that’s been going on, introducing the midwayers, the confirmations that are coming in from around, especially from our friend George and the existence of the reality of the midwayers and I’m thinking that perhaps one of the biggest missions we have for the masses is to put them in touch with the closest life form in the new dimension. That’s a good mission.

TOMAS:: This is a good mission for some, yes. The working arrangements are not always the same. Their commissions are often altered as a result of obstruction or success or failure just as your efforts are similarly advancing.

Yes, I suspected you would enjoy that pause. You have creative imagination in the realms of study that are not included in the text. You have ventured out into research beyond the initial book study platform. You aren’t alone; there are many, many scientists who have taken the information in the Urantia text and adopted it, adapted it, applied it, argued it, and assigned it in attempting to discover more about life in the universe.

This is, again, marvelous activity. It is not error to extend beyond the boundaries of that which you were told into those areas of exploration which are as yet un-navigated, uncharted as far as your consciousness is concerned, but that does not mean you ought not attempt to know anything that stimulates your mind.

THOROAH: In my mind it’s the idea of being involved in the things of my realm. I consider my mind my realm.

TOMAS:: You also consider the universe your realm.

THOROAH: Yes. Thanks to my mind, I can conceive of the universe.

TOMAS:: Yes. You are an astronaut. The galaxy is your home. This is possible because you know that it’s a friendly universe.

THOROAH: That doesn’t mean that the universe isn’t rude once in awhile, does it?

TOMAS:: There are moments when the senses are jarred, as when evolution advances suddenly.

THOROAH: As in the rude awakening.

TOMAS:: As if you’d been splashed with cold water. It isn’t ever the kind of rudeness however that would undermine your credibility with yourself. The fledgling soul is so fragile. Agondonters are entitled to their existential perspective because they haven’t been created out of a building block of conformity.

THOROAH: It’s almost like we woke up and found ourselves here.

TOMAS:: And like when you wake up sometimes and are disassociated and have no idea where you are. Usually this only happens when you are sleeping in a strange bed, but even though the circumstances may be legitimate and joy-filled, the conscious mind needs to assimilate the information that allows your perception to recognize the consciousness today that picks up where it left off yesterday, or the last time you were conscious.

THOROAH: Is that, in a sense, what we’re missing, is our sense of being a part of it all is because it seems that there is a gap in there somehow that you don’t feel the roots as much as you might have otherwise.

TOMAS:: You haven’t got anything to found your beliefs on except faith. You haven’t got the civilization that was designed for you. You haven’t got the parental structure that was destined for you. You haven’t got the ability to see your midwayer cousins to help you realize you are not alone. You have to develop everything on blind faith until it has proven itself to you as a faith that you can rely on. And since every individual is allowed to create their own personal religious experience, time is required for these meanings and values to be demonstrated in the life of the mortal who dreamed it, who co-created it, who took the leap of faith and realized his or her faith was justified. Rewarded with the smile of divinity. That is an inheritance.

That is in part why you insist on upholding your sense of the rightness of things, because they are in support of your needs, and when they are questioned, it seems as if your reality is being questioned. Indeed, an entity whose reality has been forged out of his or her own decisions, has authority. It may present itself more authoritatively than necessary, to your thinking, but it may be the reality-izing of the foundling soul is seeking, like the newborn foal, to lift itself up onto its spindly limbs so that it might experience its being, and seek nourishment, to continue its right to be here. This is life, expressing itself.


TOMAS: I look forward to our sojourn in the southwest as well as my continuing presence in Spokane and my proximity to my fellow, Elyon, and our mortal students and spirit associates. I really have benefited from these travels. I have the confidence to say that these areas have greatly benefited from my presence there, as we have influenced our environment and our Father by our relationships and shared experiences. What shall we do with Paulo? Anything?

THOROAH: Can we pack Paulo in the Ryder truck when we move?

TOMAS:: I will ask him next time I see him, and let him speak for himself. My love to you all, beautiful people and personalities alike. Be of good cheer. Farewell.

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