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SLL6- Relationships, Your Lifeline

2013-02-11-Relationships, Your Lifeline
School Light & Life #6


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Relationships Are Your Lifeline
o 1.2 Group: School of Light and Life
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Ophelius
o 2.2 TR: Leon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Relationships Are Your Lifeline
Group: School of Light and Life
Teacher: Ophelius
TR: Leon


OPHELIUS: Today we will talk about relationships, and responsibilities within relationships. The Creator has created a universe that is founded on relationship. All things in their place are in relation to each other. Yet humans are very challenged by relationships. In so many ways they are the root of conflict. In reality, relationships are not the root of conflict (as these) are the symptom of a greater dis-ease that lies within: the seeing of each other as distinct and separate from yourself.

What is the purpose of all this relationship? It is of course designed to bring you closer to God. Relationship, in the grandest sense, is a connected form of bits and pieces which together form a lattice work, a web, that is the fabric of the cosmos. All this connectivity is indicative of the outpouring of the First Source and Center, a means of expression of the Infinite Father who holds all this in his grasp. Relationships then serve to form the bridges of connectivity between all this individualization.

So why are they so troublesome for humans? Relationships need to be seen in the proper perspective to appreciate what they bring to life. Without relationships we float alone, unattached and disconnected. There are some who attempt to live this way, but such a course is always doomed to failure, as in reality there is no life that is separate from the whole. No one can actually live without relationships. Some may try, but none will succeed. We need each other, not just for support and sustenance, but because relationships are an essential part of universal life.

The quality of your relationships, is determined by the degree to which you value them. If you could only see the network of stars, which you all are, you would instantly value your association far beyond what you currently do. And yet, upon closer look, we can see that the stars are often in conflict with each other, unable to see the other’s brilliance or value.

There is no being to whom you are connected that does not have value for you. Relationships are your lifeline, and you would do well to nurture them and facilitate the value potential in each one. The struggles you face in your relationships are not because of the relationship itself, but because of some inner baggage you bring to the table. Your inner life is, at times, a muddled mess, and all of this gets in the way of healthy, beneficial relationships that facilitate positive interaction amongst equally brilliant beings.

The entire cosmos is in relationship. Imagine that for a moment. Like the stars in the night sky, you are all bright lights that shine and illuminate the world. Seeing this essential truth will do much to enhance the quality of our relationships, because when you see Truth it is hard to turn away. Allow this Truth to become your guiding light as you seek to forge relationships of meaning and value with all those you know and encounter in your day.

Check in with yourself to see the baggage you are carrying and how it stands in the way of fruitful and beneficial relationship. This is your work, and as you clear this the lattice lights up, and the true beauty of the cosmos is realized.

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