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VAL130403- Being Considerate

2013-04-03. Being Considerate Chicago, US of A, April 3, 2013. Teacher Hezekiah. Subject: “Being Considerate.” Received by Valdir Soares. Hezekiah “Being considerate to others is a

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VAL140612- Celestial Changes

2014-06-12. Celestial Changes Chicago, US of A, June 12, 2014. Teacher Hezekiah. Subject: “Celestial Changes.” Received by Valdir Soares. Hezekiah: “When you arrive on Mansion World

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VAL140901- Saving Faith

2014-09-01. Saving Faith Chicago, U S of A, September 1, 2014. Teacher Hezekiah. Subject: “Saving Faith.” Received by Valdir Soares. Hezekiah: “The spiritual is real, and

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