Tag: Lady Nada

RIO59- TR’ing Sessions 1-3

2003-05-19.  TR’ing Sessions 1-3 Rio Rancho #59 Topic: TR’ing Group: Rio Rancho TeaM Teacher: Lady, What About Bob, Gorman TR: Gerdean Session 1 Dialogue Lady: “There was some talk that Gorman was coming

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RIO77- Art of Keeping Silence

2003-12-14.  Art of Keeping Silence Rio Rancho #77 Topic: Art of Keeping Silence Group: Rio Rancho TeaM Teacher: Tomas, Lady, Anatolia TR: Gerdean, Matthew Opening Music: Elena on Piano: “Let all Mortal

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ABH13- Planetary Evacuation

2015-08-12-Planetary Evacuation Abundant Hope #13 Topic: Planetary Evacuation, Plan Changed Group: Abundant Hope Teacher: Christ Michael, Soltec, Monjoronson, Esu, Lady Nada, Mantustia, The Ancient of Days TR: Leonette Opening I have been asked to script

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