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GEO120205- The Known Unknowns

2012-02-05. The Known Unknowns llawarra District, Australia, February 5, 2012. Life Carrier, Orion. Subject: “The Known Unknowns.” Received by George Barnard. Orion: “To many on your

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GEO120404- A Maturing Population

2012-04-04. A Maturing Population Illawarra District, Australia, April 4, 2012. Life Carrier Orion. Subject: “A Maturing Population.” Received by George Barnard. Orion: “The time-space universes, as

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GEO130717- Autism and More

2013-07-17. Autism and More Illawarra District, Australia, July 17, 2013. Life Carrier Orion. Subject: “Autism and More.” (shortened). Received by George Barnard. George: “The Midwayers and

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