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TAL35- Early Transcripts Part 2 – Sessions 1-15

1993-10-29-Early Transcripts Part 2 – Sessions 1-15
Tallahassee #35


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 2
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators – o 2.1 Teacher: Will, Mantouba, Machiventa – o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session 1 – o 3.1 Opening – o 3.2 Lesson – 3.2.1 Love – 3.2.2 Vision, Progress – o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Opening – o 4.2 Lesson – 4.2.1 Growth – o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Opening – o 5.2 Lesson – 5.2.1 Balance, Stillness – o 5.3 Closing
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Lesson –  6.1.1 Balance, Guidance
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Opening – o 7.2 Lesson – 7.2.1 Community, Influence –  7.2.2 Media, Parenting
o 7.3 Closing
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Opening – o 8.2 Lesson – 8.2.1 Responsibility – o 8.3 Closing
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Lesson – 9.1.1 Commitment, Self – o 9.2 Closing
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Opening – o 10.2 Lesson – 10.2.1 Negativity, Stillness
• 11 Session 9 – o 11.1 Opening – o 11.2 Lesson – 11.2.1 Faith, Demonstration – o 11.3 Closing
• 12 Session 10 – o 12.1 Opening – o 12.2 Lesson – 12.2.1 Faith, Vision
• 13 Session 11 – o 13.1 Opening – o 13.2 Lesson – 13.2.1 Faith, Influence – o 13.3 Closing
• 14 Session 12 – o 14.1 Opening – o 14.2 Lesson 
• 15 Session 13 – o 15.1 Lesson – 15.1.1 Growth – o 15.2 Closing
• 16 Session 14 – o 16.1 Opening – o 16.2 Lesson – 16.2.1 Transmitting – o 16.3 Closing
• 17 Session 15 – o 17.1 Lesson – 17.1.1 Transmitting – o 17.2 Closing

Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 2
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Will, Mantoube, Machiventa
TR: JoiLin

Session 1

WILL:  The Love of God surrounds us, the power of God upholds us, the light of God enfolds us, wherever we are, He is. Good morning JoiLin, it is I, Will, your teacher who loves you. Mantoube asked me to make his apologies; he was called away on other universe business. He hopes to resume with you tomorrow, if time allows. And so my dear, you will have a lesson once again with me.


WILL:   Today I would like to speak about the condition called love, as understood by the people on your planet. Love has many faces, many levels. An infant and its parent in normal circumstances love one another unconditionally. The infant, because that love coming from its parent is all it knows, and that parent, because they put no limitations in the infant, no expectations.

There is one level of love we feel for our animals, our pets. There is another kind we feel for out friends, another for our family, another for our spouse, and yet another for our children. The ideal love, the one you will eventually learn to create within yourself and toward others, is a love that encompasses all the positive aspects from all the different levels.

This then, becomes a love upon which you set no limitations, no conditions. It is not judgmental. Does not focus on any negative aspects or flaws, it simply allows them to filter out of sight. We are left then, with the core of the person, that part that is truly them, that part within which lives the Father Fragment, and the Spirit of Truth.

Vision, Progress

This is the only reality, all other things you see with your physical eyes, falls away. Our goal then, is to learn, as much as possible, to gain spiritual sight while still residing within your physical vehicle. This of course, is the goal of all your lessons on seeking the stillness, seeking the Father’s will, looking at your brothers and sisters as all children of the Father.

You are making progress. It may seem too slow to some. Some of you have more distractions within your daily lives. You should understand that while some may reach their goal a little sooner than others, whose opportunities to pursue the goal may not be abundant, how soon we reach the goal is not the important issue. The only thing that should be of concern to you as an individual, is that you are continuing daily to whatever degree you are able, to reach the goal. You will all get there, and once there, as you look back over your life’s journey, you will be able to recognize the ever-forward pattern of growth.

If you look at an infant, and watch it evolve from infancy to a toddler, to a child, to an adolescent, to a young adult and finally to a mature adult, you can see that it matters not whether the child began to walk at eight months or at fifteen months. Once they became mature adults, the goal was the same. The path may have been a little different, but is that not what makes life so exciting on your planet? There is so much diversity; there are no two alike. Accept this fact, understand that it is a part of your life condition, and simply continue to move forward at your own pace. This is a lesson you will teach to your brothers and sisters as you move along your individual paths, helping them to understand that each moves at his or her own pace. There is no race to be won, simply a goal to be met.


WILL:   And now dear ones, that is all I have to say to you today. Remember to look for your opportunities, and stay in His light. I send you all my love and blessings. Shalom.

Session 2

MANTOUBE:  Good morning JoiLin, it is I, Mantoube, once again to pick up our lesson. I missed our lesson yesterday, as you know, I was called away. However, I knew you would be in good hands with your regular teacher Will. I have always had much confidence in her ability to teach. And now to today’s lesson.


MANTOUBE:   Yesterday, I believe Will spoke on an individual’s need to recognize the importance of the goal, rather than the passage. The think we will take that a step further today. If you look at the analogy of the age at which and infant begins to walk, as being insignificant, you understand that the length of time it takes a mortal to achieve true spiritual insight, vision, hearing, and thought entails many choices, many circumstances, some of which are beyond the control of the individual.

And so we learn that this passage is different for each individual and when once they reach the goal of constant communion with the Father, their spiritual evolution will have reached such a point that understanding is also expanded. Never look at your brothers and sisters with either envy for where they are, in regard to you, on their individual path, or dismay, for where they are, in regard to you. So long as they are on a path, it matters not how quickly the journey is made. Once beyond the physical, you will understand. Until then, you simply must trust in the guidance you receive from the Father and His many agents that work within your lives to help you along the way.

Those ahead of you can always see with a higher perspective, much the same as you have a broader perspective than those younger than you, who have not gained the experience in living that you have. As you move along your path, you will begin to understand more fully the role each individual plays in reaching back and helping those below or behind. This method of learning and teaching will be continued throughout your entire universe career. As you reach out to help your brothers and sisters step up on their path, Will, reaches down to help you step up, while those above her, reach down to help her. And so it goes on and on, until you reach Paradise and even beyond.


MANTOUBE:   And now my children, I would like to thank you all for having been so attentive during my visit with you last Sunday. I hope these lessons will be of benefit to some. I have enjoyed being given the opportunity to present them. My visit is now at an end. Continue, each of you, to seek the Father daily, and stay in His light as much as you can throughout your day. And now JoiLin, I give you back to your esteemed teacher.

Good morning JoiLin, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. I think today’s lesson is sufficient food for thought. I have no further words to add. I will meet with you as usual tomorrow. I leave you with my love and blessing. Shalom.

Session 3
 11-01-93
 Subject: Keeping Equilibrium When Faced With Challenges

MACHIVENTA:  Good morning JoiLin. It is I Machiventa Melchizedek.

Balance, Stillness

MACHIVENTA:   I come to bring you a lesson today on one’s ability to maintain equilibrium when confronted with the many ups and downs encompassed in one’s daily loves. Those ups and downs, whether stemming from financial fluctuations, job insecurities, personal confrontations, or other similar negative influences, all of these things are triggered, or made more powerful by one’s emotional reaction to them. If, when butting up against any one of these potentially negative influences, one is filled with the love and consequently the energy derived from contact with the Father, one is more likely, is certainly more able, to meet the difficulty with a positive reaction.

All of these things we have spoken about, beginning with seeking the stillness, and continuing with seeking and living the Father’s will, acting as a conduit, giving service to the brotherhood, learning to stay in His light throughout the day. All of these things, a person achieves success at, and incorporates into themselves, only after many experiences with each step. We don’t learn to run before we learn to walk. And so is your spiritual path the same.

Make certain you have learned to crawl before you stand up and toddle. The crawling of course, as you well know by now, my children, refers to that time we spend with the Father in the inner chambers of your heart. That is the foundation of all that comes after. While going out and seeking the brotherhood, speaking with them, smiling at them, sharing yourself with them, may be a wonderful thing, unless you are filled with his light, His energy, the Father will have more difficulty in changing the person you are trying to allow Him access to. It’s as if the gas were missing from the car, you’ll remember the analogy. While you may turn the key, the engine may ignite briefly, but it would ignite much better were there enough gas in the tank.

And so, once more my children, we belabor the issue of seeking the stillness. This equilibrium of which we speak, this ability to remain positive in the face of many negatives, is the end result of having sought the Father and having received from Him. All those many wonderful benefits of which we have spoken, are available to those who seek consistently and remain full.

Going to the brotherhood, is in fact, a two-fold process. Then you allow the Father access to them, by giving them your love, you in turn, receive in kind, thereby, you will never really be empty. The more you give, the more you get. However, liken the physical body to a battery. Unless the battery is fully charged frequently, it may run down. especially when it runs into negative energy. This is not to say that it does not continue to be filled with fluid, it simply means that, that which is within, needs to be charged, from some power source. In the battery’s case, the motor vehicle or battery charger, in the physical body’s instance, the Father. Think of Him as a super-charger, if you will.


MACHIVENTA:   And now my children, I leave you once again with my love and my blessing, and the understanding that I hold you all deep within my heart, and visit you all during the week. Stay in His light always. Shalom

Session 4
 11-08-93
 Subject: More On Equilibrium
Balance, Guidance

MACHIVENTA:   Today’s lesson will be one on continuing to build a sense of equilibrium while functioning in and about one’s daily life. The realization of this goal is not an easy task, however, it is one that may be met if one is cradled by, or is in constant communion with the Father within, or more to the point, is infused with the love-energy from the inner source. If, while going about one’s daily activities, one becomes involved or engaged in a situation coming from a negative source, the best action is no action.

Pull back, seek guidance from within, the answer, the solution will come, the path will open. Now step out in faith, allow His love and understanding to prevail. This giving up of will, seeking other (the Father’s), is not a “natural feeling act” by humans at your current level of development. It must, like all things pertaining to our spiritual progress, be sought, consistently, before it begins to feel “normal”, this then, is my lesson for you today: Seek inner guidance, let Him show you the way, let Him open the doors to understanding and a more loving relationship with others. Shalom.

Session 5
 11-06-93
 Subject: Each Person’s Part In Community

MACHIVENTA:   Let us begin. Today’s lesson will involve a consideration of the part each individual plays regarding community.

Community, Influence

MACHIVENTA:   Once we begin to accept and understand the inter-connected-ness of all things, we also begin to understand our role and the ramifications our actions have one the whole. If we accept this idea of inter-related-ness, then we must also accept the understanding that we as individuals, contribute to the whole, beginning with those around us, and working outward to family, community, state, nation and world. We contribute to this whole in either a positive, uplifting, spiritual way, or in it’s opposite, a negative, downward, spiritually regressive way.

If one were to stand within the confines of a closet, and speak words of an extremely foul and or negative nature, one might understand that there is not outward ramification of that behavior. However, once they were to step outside that isolated area, and speak those same words among others, whether to their spouse, children, neighbors, co-workers, whatever the case may be, these spoken words now do have an outward movement. They do in fact affect others. If they happen not to be on an upward moving spiritual path, they may not be able to neutralize those negative words, thereby turning them into positive, understanding, love-fostering words.

Once one begins to look at the active role we play in forming both our immediate and our more outward reaching environment, we become more consciously active in controlling our thoughts and our spoken words.

Media, Parenting

MACHIVENTA:   Taken a step further, we begin to understand the influence of television on those that happen to be within the hearing arena. Your society on the whole, has become saturated with much negative behavior, and manners of speaking, so much so, that it has become almost the norm.

Those of you who begin an effort to change those things you are willing to subject yourself and your family to, most especially, those things listened to or watched, in the case of television and the movies, will find it difficult at first, when searching for suitable, uplifting, alternatives. You may meet with opposition from family members, as well, who may not have embraced the same path as yourself. As parents, who are actively involved in helping to shape and guide your children, I am sure you are already monitoring those things your children watch, hear, and read. There are many families who have not as yet embraced a spiritual path, with whom your children may come in contact.

You will find a way with which you may monitor your children’s activities, without judging others. Your children will, in time, incorporate within their own beings, an understanding of both your wishes, and those of the Father. They will, in time, have a firm foundation upon which to judge these matters for themselves. Until such time, it will be you, their parents, that will be setting these guidelines. Parenting is never an easy task, however, with a spiritual foundation upon which your family lives, and from which you and your family derive the meanings and values by which you live, it does become at least somewhat easier than for those that do not have this foundation.


This inter-related-ness then, once you identify with the understanding, begins to spill out into an ever-expanding understanding, of community, and ones individual responsibility toward building the whole. This is my lesson for you today…I send you my peace. Shalom.

Session 6
 11-08-93
 Subject: Personal Responsibility

MACHIVENTA:   Let us begin. Good morning JoiLin. I come to bring you a lesson today. This lesson will be on responsibility, wherein it lies, for each individual.


For those individuals that have not received the foundation of information that you and your group members have received, their level of responsibility regarding their fellow men and women would not be at the same level of responsibility as yourselves. The bushman in Africa, whose only knowledge of God is a primitive one, couldn’t be expected to understand the concept of the brotherhood of all men and women, nor would he be expected to understand how he might allow himself to be used as a conduit in reaching and changing that brotherhood.

However, you and your group members do understand, and so your level of responsibility my be seen as much greater then is his. This is not to say you are ever looked upon critically or in a judging way when you choose not to raise your level of responsibility, for whatever reason. It is simply meant to point out that all members of the brotherhood of God, while all equal in potential are certainly not at the same level initially. Life is a progression, both academically and spiritually.

Each individual moves along his or her path at whatever rate they each individually set for themselves. Some will faster, some more slowly. When we talk about responsibility, we are referring to responsibility that each individual accepts as his or her own. Never look at your brothers and sisters, pointing out to them what their responsibility is. Responsibility is an individual, accepting for themselves, the level of responsibility they are willing to accept.

The only individual to be looked at with higher expectations might be oneself. You are at the helm of your particular life vehicle. You will decide how quickly or slowly you ascend. Again, we remind you, it is the goal, not the passage, that is of importance.


MACHIVENTA:   And now I end this lesson, asking you to remember your time with the Father, as the most important allotment of time in your day. Give to Him my child, so that He may give to you. I give you my peace…. keep it within your heart, that you may extend it to others. Shalom.

Session 7
 11-11-93
 Subject: The Commitment To Self
Commitment, Self

MACHIVENTA:   This morning’s lesson will pertain to the idea of giving service to oneself. By this we mean an individual sees to their needs on all levels, material, physical, emotional, and spiritual to the best of their ability. This then, encompasses a commitment to self, as well as to God. If understood properly, we understand that in the final analysis, it is the same. To truly serve God, we also serve ourselves and vice versa. It is all one and the same thing. This commitment to self must be one of balance – harmony. If too much attention is put on any level, then the whole suffers.

There must be a balance of attention put on all aspects of self, in order to ideally serve the whole. It is easy to see how the whole would suffer from an imbalance. If all effort were put toward gaining material things, then of course, the physical, emotional, and certainly the spiritual aspects of self would suffer. When all levels are given attention the individual functions optimally. This then, is a goal worth seeking, to be the best we can be, in all these areas of our lives.

Unfortunately, the area most mortals neglect is the pursuit of those things of a spiritual nature, most especially contact with the Father within. This of course, results in a society that is more material and physical in inclination.


MACHIVENTA:   This overall climate is beginning to change throughout your world, there is, due to the opening of the circuits, and the concerted efforts of the Melchizedek Schools, a movement now toward the spiritual. This movement will continue to grow until a spiritual attitude among your people becomes more the “norm”. This lesson then, addresses the need for all people to consistently and harmoniously see the needs of all levels of living. Consistently and harmoniously being the key words. We will meet with you again tomorrow. Shalom.

Session 8
 11-12-93
 Subject: Withstanding Negative Influences

WILL:  Let us begin. The love of God surrounds us, the power of God upholds us, the light of God enfolds us, wherever we are, He is. Good morning JoiLin, it is I, your teacher Will, who loves you.

Negativity, Stillness

WILL:   Today’s lesson will pertain to ones ability to withstand those negative influences with which mortals are constantly assailed. Those individuals who have not yet learned to drink from the water, the source within, have only the physical and emotional with which to deal with those negative episodes. Those individuals, like yourselves, that have learned to partake of the Father’s sustenance, will have the most powerful tool available to mortals with which to combat these adversities.

There is not much point in my belaboring this issue. You have all at this point in your development, understood the joy you give the Father and the benefits He in turn gives to you. You will either walk the path wholeheartedly or to a lesser degree. The choice is always yours to make. Know that you are always loved and supported and guided as you move along your path.

This understanding of gaining strength, wisdom, and clarity of mind from within is not a new one. It has been spoken of throughout the ages in other cultures, other religions. It has been addressed through myths, fables, and many forms of literature, in philosophy, as well as in certain scientific circles in ages past.

These nudges within the human mind, that the answers we seek may be found within, began with the earliest bestowal of the Thought Adjuster. (That Fragment of God that indwells each human) One of our goals in this school or mission is to teach you that those inner urgings are correct, to show you the way, in order that you may facilitate your own upward movement on your spiritual path, as well as to teach others how they may also go inward in order to move forward. I know of no better way to teach this, to enable you to teach this, than by suggesting as we have in the past, your commitment of two weeks of consistent effort.

I know some of you have followed our advice, and have indeed experienced an improved sense of well being, and improved feeling of wholeness, a more loving arena in which to pursue your daily tasks. You are to be commended for your efforts. Others will follow when they are ready. Each moves at their own pace. The understanding that all things have their season is quite true, and certainly applies to the changing metamorphose of an individual on their spiritual path.

And now I leave you with my blessing, reminding you, as always, to stay within the Father’s light. As you go about your day, try to become aware each time that you mentally make this connection with the Father. Each time this mental connection is made, it becomes stronger, as does your ability to carry it our farther into your daily arena. Shalom.

Session 9
 11-16-93
 Subject: To Step Out In Faith

WILL:   Good morning JoiLin, It is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

Faith, Demonstration

WILL:   We have a lesson prepared today dealing with an individual’s willingness to step out in faith. Michael taught His apostles to do this by simply sharing with those persons they encountered along the way, something of themselves; they found a common bond with each person that they could then build upon. This common link did not necessarily have to be spiritual in nature; it might have consisted of a similarity in background, or perhaps common experience in the work place, or simply a common life experience. The point being, that the beginning of the relationship was founded upon this common bond.

This same format may be followed by each of you when you begin to reach out, in a personal way, to your brothers and sisters. Establish first, this common link and build upon that. Do not expect to convert these individuals to your way of thinking, simply look for those things, those positive aspects within their life experience or belief systems that you can relate to.

There will come a time, if the relationship is allowed to expand, when they may begin to recognize that there is something about you that seems to draw them to you. They may at that time begin to question your belief system. It is at this time that those seeds, those pearls, may be spoken. Do not push, simply, gently, lay these out before them. Answer only those questions to which they seek answers. This may then become for them a time of seeking, a time of changing, and it will have at it’s root, those efforts expended by you; those times you allowed yourself to open to them in a non-judgmental, non-aggressive fashion.

This then, is the manner in which we would have you step out in faith and serve your brothers and sisters, and by so doing, serve humanity. Is it not easy to see how this process will help to build the foundation upon which Michael’s message will stand? It is a cumulative, ever expanding process. Think of someone within your own life with whom you have contact that instills within you a desire to emulate those actions manifested through the channel of love. In this same way you will be setting into motion a similar desire to emulate you by those persons you open yourselves to in a like fashion. And this, dear students is my lesson for you today.


WILL:   Until next we meet, go with my blessing and continue to expand within your day those times of conscious contact with the Father within. Shalom.

Session 10
 11-17-93
 Subject: Aspects of Faith

WILL:   Good morning JoiLin, it is I, Will, your teacher who loves you.

Faith, Vision

WILL:   In today’s lesson we will talk about the different aspects of faith. Of all things experienced within the life of a mortal striving to live a spiritually centered life, faith is the most important component. This faith of which we speak, has but one source, yet moves in many directions. The source of course, is the Father; the direction may be aimed toward Him, encompassing your belief in Him, and His many agents. It may be directed toward your brothers and sisters, encompassing your belief in them, in spite of the many negative things you see manifested from them.

When one has faith in one’s brothers and sisters, this faith is able to see beyond those things seen by the physical eyes. Those visions thought of by you as reality, are mere distorted reflections of their true reality. It’s something akin to looking at yourself in one of those funny mirrors one may find at an amusement park. First you’re seen as thin, then tall, then short, then fat; all of these different images are coming from the you that you think of as your reality. None of them are accurate. This same analogy may be applied to ones spiritual reality when reflected back and seen through physical eyes.

Your faith must be strong enough to see beyond those imperfections reflected back at you. Knowing the Father lives within each of your brothers and sisters helps to establish a center from which to visualize their reality. This process takes place on an unconscious level each time you reach out in love and understanding. You will however, reach a point in your development when this contact will no longer be on an unconscious level, you will be aware of this process on many levels.

Your faith encompasses your ability to understand the spiritual destiny of all mortals on your world, in spite of the lack of spiritual direction you may witness; again utilizing only physical sight. All these levels of faith will one day be unified and directed outward upon all you contact. Understand that this process of growing, nurturing, sustaining your spiritual growth, is as necessary to your spiritual growth as was crawling and walking to your physical. That ends my lesson. I send you my love and remind you to continue to build upon that inner contact throughout the day. Shalom

Session 11
 11-18-93
 Subject: More On Faith

WILL:   Let us begin. The love of the God surrounds us, the power of God upholds us, the light of God enfolds us, wherever we are, He is. Good morning JoiLin, it is I, Will, your teacher who loves you.

Faith, Influence

WILL:   Today’s lesson will be a continuation of yesterday’s theme. We talked about faith as having one source, the Universal Father’s Fragment within each individual mortal, but that it had many directions in its outward movement. We would also have you to understand that it is necessary to include yourself within that faith circle. You are in actuality, in this life, a part of the inner circles, working in partnership with the Father within. Your faith, in essence, must begin with yourself, much the same way that your love of your brothers and sisters must begin with yourself.

You cannot pour the water of life, of truth, of love out upon a parched brotherhood from an empty vessel. You must first be full of this love, this faith. One must have faith in oneself and ones ability in order for others to also have faith in those abilities or that love. WE, all of us, teachers and students alike, step out each day endeavoring to understand the Father’s will for us, and working toward accomplishing His will.

The Father understands what is in the hearts of all His children, and especially is this true for those for whom it is already their will, that His will be done. There will come a time when each mortal, so attuned with the Father will finally and completely be embraced by Him. But such a time for most mortals will not be while resident on the planet of their nativity. For many it happens much later, even beyond the Mansion worlds.

I am still working toward that end. In the meantime, dear students, we all work with the knowledge, inspiration, and love that is given us. We work through that inner font of spiritual energy, inspiration, and love; using ourselves as that conduit, we bring these gifts outward and bestow them on all that touch our lives. The more focused we are on our own individual faith, the more able we are to project this faith outward on the brotherhood.

This faith once it becomes manifested through you to those without, becomes like unto a fire, each faith-led mortal may blow upon this fire, sending their own sparks outward, to be carried by the winds of destiny across your planet. This is being done on a much more wide spread scale than even you imagine.

There are many books, newsletters, networks, such as specialized lists on the internet, there are individuals speaking to other individuals, as well as to larger groups, and telephone line are also adding more networking line across your world. It will not be long, even as you understand time, before those individuals not members of this mission will recognize the fruits of this worldwide effort. Keep your faith dear students, continue to build upon it. You will see the fruits of your efforts.


WILL:   And now, my friends, my dear ones, I leave you with much love, and will be looking in on all of you in the days to come. Shalom.

Session 12
 11-22-93
 Subject: Personal Observations

WILL:   Good morning JoiLin, it is I, Will, your teacher who loves you.


WILL:   You have a question regarding my speaking with you during your trip on Saturday. It was I; you received correctly. And now on with today’s lesson. (Ed. During the Sunday TeaM meeting, we talked about setting up individual sessions with Will). Your group had a lot of energy in it last evening. It seems there are many personal questions. This willingness to take on this additional task is appreciated by your teachers as well as your fellow students. You have a reticence to asking personal questions when the answers come through yourself. You may wish to utilize Nadine or Eric when you seek personal answers. This is not necessary, of course, but it may prove helpful to you. We are here, child, to help in any way we can.

This desire you have, this wish to paint images that would have an uplifting effect on others, is not seen as a selfish motive, quite the contrary. Anything that is seen with the physical eyes and has the ability to lift ones spirits into a more spiritual plane is of much benefit to the people on your planet. We will endeavor to secure this teacher that you so desire.

Your mind is filled with many things this morning JoiLin. I heard you speaking last evening regarding the Gabriel incident, the hitchhiker. Those occurring in North Carolina as well as in Florida. These kinds of things JoiLin are happening on your planet more and more frequently. There are many things happening on your planet that remain undetected by most people. Those individuals that hear of these happenings who are spiritually motivated or God-led, as is your group, will, on the whole, be uplifted upon hearing the news.

Some will go beyond simple happiness upon hearing something uplifting; they will go beyond that to a state of joyous expectation. This is similar to prayer and is sent through the proper channels and registered. All these incidents that are happening on your planet, both those recognized and those that are not, similarly add to the spiritual up lifting of the entire planet.

It is good that you are not easily led into a feeling of negativism. Your excitement is catching JoiLin and is a delight to us to witness. We would ask you to remember to spend more time with the Father. If the telephone rings, could that not be seen as of lesser importance than you time with Him? We know what is in your heart JoiLin, we know you want to do the Father’s will, we also understand your tendency to be distracted at times.

We simply wish to help you establish a more embedded practice of single pointedness regarding the time you spend with Him. He, my child, is the Light; it is from Him that your spirit gains strength. It is from Him that your joy flows. Do not close off the fountain until you have drunk your full measure. Become filled with His Love, and His Light JoiLin that you may continue to pass it on to others.
And now child, I would ask that we close this session in order that you might spend a few moments in Stillness. Shalom.

Session 13
 11-23-93
 Subject: Allow Yourselves To Grow
[Transmitter’s guess is that the unknown is either Michael or Mother Spirit]


You are true Agondonters, and you grow visibly before our eyes! I have watched you and your group JoiLin, as you have individually struggled with your developing faith. It has seemed, I am sure, at times as if there were simply too much to learn. To incorporate within ones being, all those tools necessary to pursuing a spiritual path. There is indeed much to learn, much to change about oneself regarding the way we perceive ourselves and our brothers and sisters. But you have all continued to make much progress. Some of you have seemed to founder a bit when you’ve recognized those shortcomings that were more difficult to overcome, or those times when you recognized you had slipped from the path and forgotten the Father.

Understand dear children, that this is a natural ebb and flow. It is only when backsliding continues that future growth is stopped. But it is a strengthening thing when you recognize those backward steps, fill yourselves with the Father’s love, and press forward once again. This is an on-going process and one that will continue for many, many years. It takes a long time to become perfect my children! So do not despair, you will be afforded the opportunity.

It gives me such joy to watch these schools, when they first come into being, and watch them develop over time into strong, family units, such as yours. You all have such wonderful qualities. Each in his or her own way, make up and important part of the whole. And such is the kingdom of heaven; each worker makes up his of her own unique part and renders their unique contribution to the whole.


And now my little ones, I leave you and give you the understanding that you are always in my watch care, and you comings and goings are most intimately known to me. Never feel alone, my little ones, I am always with you. My peace I leave with you. Shalom.

Session 14
 11-24-93
 Subject: Encouragement & Transmitter Pointers

WILL:   Let us begin. The love of God surrounds us. The power of God upholds us. The spirit of God enfolds us. Wherever we are, He is. Good morning JoiLin, it is I, your teacher Will, who loves you.


WILL:   This morning I would like to address those questions you have concerning whether or not you are able to clear the channel of your own thoughts enough for our messages to come through in a clear, discernable manner. Your faith JoiLin sometimes looks like a yoyo from my perspective! I refer of course, to the outward manifestation of your faith, the faith that is within you heart has never faltered, has always remained true to purpose. This is what we refer to when we say, “we know what is in your heart”. What is in your heart and what is manifested from you to the outside world are sometimes not in true alignment. But this, in time, will change as you develop a more and more single pointed path upon which you consistently walk.

There are many different facets to developing ones spiritual vehicle. Each facet must be practiced to the point where it then becomes incorporated within and becomes part of the newly forming person you are becoming. Hit and miss methods, as you well know, may work for the moment but then are soon forgotten. No one in this mission has ever told you that a spiritual path is an easy one. Joyous? Yes! Easy? Never! It’s much easier to do nothing.

We can see child, where you and your group are heading much clearer than you can. You can only dream of potentials, we can see those potentials actualizing from our perspective. And so it makes it much easier to overlook those small backward steps that are all part and parcel of this journey you have all begun.
You also question your ability to handle personal sessions. A little worry, a little concern, these are not bad things, and they serve their purpose.

Better that you should pray that the channel always remain clear and your thought processes removed, than that you should become egotistical and assume that you know exactly how it should proceed. You will manage these sessions in much the same way as you handle our morning sessions. Do not fear child, you are not alone. We are able to correct those errors that might distort the message. The ones we allow to pass are of no real consequence. The do not interfere with the message. A little worry JoiLin, but not excessive, is a good thing.


WILL:   And now child, I close this session, as I know you have an appointment to keep. Stay in His light, bring Him, an awareness of Him, into all that you do and feel his joy come through. Shalom.

Session 15
 11-26-93
 Subject: How to Use Private Lessons
 Machiventa


WILL:   I have come today to give you instruction on the proper method of setting up and carrying out private sessions for your group members. Let me first address the question you have had put to you regarding outsiders utilizing this service. I would at this time ask you to limit these private sessions to members of your group. I cannot say whether this format will change at a future date. Whether it will or not, will depend upon many factors; too many to go into at this time.

If a group member has a question regarding a family member they may ask it and the answer will either be given or withheld, depending of course, upon the question asked. But please feel free to ask those questions you would like answers to.

You wondered about a proper place or atmosphere what would be most conducive to these private sessions. If it works for your members, this space that you have already set up will certainly work for us. It does not need to be a special place.

Do not fear child, you will be able to do this…. (interruptions; dog barking; someone calling). Do not become upset child; interruptions are a part of life. We will always wait and pick up the thread of our thoughts when you return. We were telling you not to worry, you, you already know that excessive worry is a poison to your spiritual growth. You will be able to do this task we have asked of you. It will not be much different from your morning sessions.

At first, we understand the idea of questions and answers were a bit upsetting to you. It is a little different in technique; however, you handled Sunday’s meeting quite well. You read the transcript this morning. As you can see, the answers given certainly fit the questions asked. You will in time adjust to this process and no longer question its validity. But for now, as we mentioned before, this questioning you have is really a safe guard and a good one to have at this point in you development as a receiver, so long as it is net excessive.


WILL:   And now dear child, I will leave you to think over these things we have spoken about. Stay, little one, in His light throughout your day and weekend to come. Shalom.

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