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TAL39- Your Part, Your Projects

1994-01-02-Your Part, Your Projects
Tallahassee #39


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your Part, Your Projects
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Will, Ambrose
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin, Eric
• 3 Session 1 –   o 3.1 Opening –  o 3.2 Lesson –  3.2.1 Intervention, Limitations
 3.2.2 Error, Transmitting –  o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Opening   –  o 4.2 Lesson –  4.2.1 Service  –  4.2.2 Groups, Purpose
 4.2.3 Service – o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Opening – o 5.2 Lesson –  5.2.1 Sacrifice, Stillness – o 5.3 Closing
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Opening – o 6.2 Lesson –  6.2.1 Stillness
 6.2.2 Desire –  6.2.3 Discipleship –  6.2.4 Trust – o 6.3 Closing
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Opening – o 7.2 Lesson –  7.2.1 Hope  –  7.2.2 Courage –  7.2.3 Stillness – o 7.3 Closing
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Opening – o 8.2 Lesson –  8.2.1 Sharing, Inner Life –   8.2.2 Sleep – o 8.3 Closing
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Opening –  o 9.2 Dialogue –  9.2.1 Commitment – o 9.3 Closing
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Opening – o 10.2 Lesson –  10.2.1 Charity –  10.2.2 Faith, Humility – o 10.3 Closing
• 11 Session 9 – o 11.1 Opening – o 11.2 Lesson –   11.2.1 Tradition, Teaching Mission – o 11.3 Closing

Topic: Your Part, Your Projects
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Will, Ambrose
TR: JoiLin, Eric

Session 1
 January 2, 1994
WILL: (Through TR#1) Greetings. It is I, Will, your teacher who loves you.

WILL: We much enjoyed listening to your conversation this evening. There are many things moving throughout this planet the likes of which many cannot even begin to guess. However there will be more of these wonderful things surfacing [and] becoming known by other like minded beings such as yourselves. Point in reference, that being mentioned by your member and, as you guessed, she, of course, is one such person being worked with. As we spoke at a past lesson, those beings are in a multitude. Individuals and groups, more are being brought on line each day.

It was mentioned by JoiLin that she felt as if the enthusiasm that was once so prevalent amongst this group seems to be of a lesser nature. I spoke of this recently asking that you reread the lessons brought forth in the past in an effort to reestablish this enthusiasm. To bring back within your hearts that fire, that excitement to do the Father’s will that was so much a part of your beginning. I would still like to recommend that you do that. This service that you are all working toward [feeding the homeless at a local shelter-ed.], which will also be a beginning of reestablishing the enthusiasm by reaching out and helping those less fortunate than yourselves, always has an uplifting effect on your spiritual being.

Last week when JoiLin was not able to transmit for you, one of your members mentioned that she felt as if you had all been ministered to. We did, in fact, utilize this time to minister to each individual present. We have, in fact, visited each of the members that were not here and they were ministered to. It is our hope, in fact our expectation, that the fruits of this ministration will show forth in days to come. I will now transfer to Eric.

Intervention, Limitations

(TR#2) Your comments in the group tonight were provocative and I set aside my prepared remarks to respond to the challenges and comments posed earlier in the group discussion. It is possible for angels and other celestials, other orders of spirit ministers, to intervene in the otherwise natural course of events in your lives. Such events are rare, however. If we analogized to provision of earthly benefits, your entreaties for heavenly bestowal of benefits, you may see a parallel to the restrictions under which we operate.

There is no rule against bestowal benefits, even material benefits, upon earthly humans except to the point that it is deleterious to the further advancement of the human’s free will. In other words, causing them to become lazy when they otherwise would not. Barring restrictions, manna from heaven would be freely bestowed, except that an intricate web of restrictions exists. The chief restriction, which should be easily understandable by you, is that the bestowal of heavenly favor cause any damage to any other human. This single restriction cancels out more than 87% of all heavenly bestowals. Simply put, you may not take the food from another’s mouth as a gift of unearned benefit to another human. I’m sure that every person in this room sees the wisdom behind this policy.

It is not for us, the teachers, to even question this rule. The basic essence of our plan, which we are committed to follow is: small steps forward, no steps back. There is no authorized activity by the teaching mission members which conflicts with the divine plan. If we bestowed material benefits upon you, which were not deleterious to your further growth and industry, still such benefits would be unlikely to be widely bestowed because of the potential for conflict with the Divine plan, where there is a contingency under which this teaching mission would be ended. In effect, isolating this planet once again. A society which had been misled by the bestowal of divine favor would be less likely to survive and pass on the positive benefits and traditions of that society amongst its competitors on this planet.

Therefore few gifts will be bestowed upon you. You must earn your daily livings, as humans always have. So, too, will you be responsible for your own physical safety, as humans always have. Our realm of activity is effectively limited to those areas in which spiritual insight may be generated through certain earthly phenomenon in addition to normal channels in which we employ in order to generate religious phenomenon. We will not provide you bacon nor will we save it.

Error, Transmitting

The more provocative question posed tonight was whether manipulator teachers existed. It is difficult for me to answer this question without a feeling of irony, for we are all selected because we are capable of manipulation. However there has not yet been recorded and the selection process is designed to guarantee, to the extent possible without the abrogation of free will, that malicious manipulation of earthlings by personalities operating in our realm is extremely unlikely. It has been foreseen that the human side of the equation of communication is difficult enough, discouraging enough and stressful enough without the Teaching Mission running any risk of instructor error.

When transmitters go wrong, the error generally falls into two categories. Category one is those errors spontaneously generated by the velocity of spirit progress being made during a transmission event. In other words, the transmitter gets swept away with euphoric feelings of spiritual progress. It is difficult for us to then exert any control whatever over the wayward human, other than break off communication. In this situation, the animal nature of the human has taken over. Great surges of human emotion, whether surges of euphoria or fear, are a powerful impediment to this communication. But the velocity achieved by the transmitter often quickly carries the subject matter into areas that are not reliable or are clear error. There is little we can do to control this.

In this communication, like all communications between all humans, you are not relieved of your duty to exercise common sense and sagacity. You are not to set aside your normal capabilities of judgment merely because it is said that these words come from God. You well know that your God would never ask that. Category two is a fear based transmission – when the receiver transmitter is not fully capable of selfless transmission. When the receiver transmitter begins to personally identify with the veracity of the message, then an equal and similarly impassable impediment exists to the free and accurate transmission of our message.

The transmitters cannot and may not take credit for either the good or ill spawned by the words which we speak to you on occasions like this. It is an impossibility for the transmitters to be responsible in any sense. How could a transmitter be responsible for the effect of the message on an unknown hearer or reader? Transmitters are relieved of this responsibility. Personality identification with the message is a regrettable human fancy and does not exist in our experience of reality.
For those transmitters who read these words, I counsel you that in this, like all human activities, do not fear to stop, consider that error might thrive. Back up. If necessary, start over. You are of value to us. We know that you are incapable of operating error free.

The success of this activity relies in large measure upon your individual ability to recognize the weaknesses of your personalities, your own wayward predilections and your ability to discipline. Nevertheless, error exists. We admit it. We are all far from Havona and error is a large part of the reality with which we daily deal. Not all groups participate as homogeneously as this group. Not all are as kindly disposed to the listeners, to the actors and to the transmitters and their inevitable mistakes. We remain pleased with this group and hope that it will continue to serve as a model for other groups and that you will open your doors to visitors so that they might see with their own eyes an experience of what can be when a diverse group of people gather to hear our humble words.

That’s all I have to say. I look forward to our casual meetings conducted throughout the week. I am fond of you all, each and every one. Shalom.

Session 2
 January 9, 1994

MACHIVENTA : It is I, Machiventa Melchizedek, to greet you this evening. I enjoy seeing new faces amongst the old. Welcome, friends.


MACHIVENTA: I have not much to say to you this evening, except to let you know how much your endeavors this past week have been appreciated by those of us who watch and counsel you. These acts of service that you render to those less fortunate than yourselves is something that fills not just their needs but fills a need of your own. This is a growing process. Each time you reach out in love to your brothers and sisters, that love is returned from whence it came. The love we see being extended from the hearts of all of your group members is a light that shines forth a very great distance that is seen from our perspective as a fire that started as an ember and is growing into a fiery flame. This fire will be carried by the winds of love across your planet covering much greater distance than you can even dream. I thank you. We thank you. That is all I have to say. I will turn this meeting over now to your esteemed teacher, Will. Shalom.

WILL: Good evening. It is I, your teacher Will, who loves you. In the coming weeks we shall spend times discussing the traditional Christian churches’ values which they have taught you under the rubric of faith, hope and charity. We all know that the Urantia Book is a type of restatement of the truths recorded in your traditional Christian Bible which was brought about by the advancing intellectual and social abilities of your society which spawned new receptivity among people who were formerly incapable of understanding certain of the teachings represented there. The Urantia Book has restated many of the traditional Christian truths in the actual words of the teacher and eliminated the setting and the intent of his actions which were taken in response to the spontaneous events of his life without any direction other than his lifelong policy to follow the will of his Heavenly Father. I will teach you and we will discuss at length that the traditional Christian values of faith, hope and charity might be better described in this time as faith, courage and humility.

Groups, Purpose

WILL:  If the occasion for the Master’s example arose from spontaneous day to day events normal to the ordinary lives of people on your planet, so too will you as individuals and as groups or as subsets of this group also find your measure in the opportunities which similarly spontaneously present themselves to you in the normal course of human affairs. Over the past three months a suggestion has been repeatedly presented that perhaps this group has a purpose, not yet clear. I will say that, once again, you’ve missed the major point in that the purposes which we propose for this group could not possibly be limited to one. This group is to serve in many ways. And so, perhaps, it would be profitable for us tonight to review the minimum standard of performance which we expect from you.

It is neither practical nor possible to expect to enforce a personal standard of performance on the group as a whole. Part of the strength of this group is the variety of persons involved. But one of the factors inherent in this very variety is shifting availability of time, attention and resources to bring to any particular project. Therefore we cannot judge the entire group or the group as a single homogeneous unit by the standards that we originally laid down more than two years ago which you may recall were to demonstrate by your every thought, word and action that you understand the teachings demonstrated in the life of Jesus of Nazareth and you are capable of showing your grasp of those teachings as if he were by your side. That you allow yourselves to function as conduits for the unimpeded flow of divine love from the Heavenly

Father through you directly to the person with whom you are engaged and that you do so without any inappropriate deprecations or attempts at humor thereby discounting the experience. It is too unwieldy to expect that any number of people could so respond to an encounter between yourselves and one or more acquaintances. For this reason I will say that the minimum standard of performance for this group is simply to continue. To meet and to function and to serve as an example notwithstanding the continual additions and erosions of the membership as people come, people go, people lose interest and return. People participate and hang back.

We forecast that this group will simply continue thereby demonstrating a baseline standard of communications between ordinary earthly humans involved in a secular society and our group of teachers who attempt to serve you and guide you to spiritual advancements on a regular basis. From this baseline experience we hope that you will individually and by two and threes be able to extrapolate our teachings and, with increasing ability and increasing insight, capably respond to those opportunities that present themselves to you to serve your brothers and sisters no matter what their station in life. As we’ve said before, it takes practice. If it were easy, it would probably not be worth any effort whatsoever and, by participating, you will be rehabilitating yourselves in order to grow increasingly spiritual while simultaneously providing opportunity for others to rehabilitate themselves and to see that the message has not been rubbed out. That the Father’s word still has meaning on your planet. That the Father’s love is a reality, freely shared and freely given. This is my message to you tonight.


WILL: We are dedicated to service. It is not always glamorous. In fact, it is typically ordinary, pedestrian. Yet service, like all things, can have a spiritual component which elevates it from the routine to the holy and we are engage now and for some time have been engaged in attempting to cultivate a kind of spirit mindedness which we can take with us to all places, which we can apply to all activities. Those of us involved in the Teaching Mission predict with some confidence that over time you will all see the proof of the value of your progress. Not in a subjective way, but in an objective way. We predict with some certainty that you will, from time to time, see that you are different than you were when we began this experience. The pace of such progress is at your complete disposal.

We always stand ready to assist you through challenges and opportunities when you are minded to work on the spiritual component of your essential natures. Sad to say, that is an uncommon conscious decision. However, it is easily reversible. But the way in which we work is not always attractive to you because our activities will often seem to you out of sequence, not developed in an linear fashion.

We cannot put each of you on an individually tailored regimen and expect you to make steady progress for you would become as quickly bored with that routine as any other. Therefore our typical pattern is to capitalize on such opportunities as present themselves and manipulate the situation within the bounds of our instructions so that the humans on both sides of the transaction are presented with opportunities for spiritual progress. For beginners, the standard response is discomfort. Occasionally, acute discomfort. And that is why we say that practice is essential. You are expanding and stretching your spiritual muscles. And we are confident that you will like the result. Next week we begin discussions on the differences between the traditional Christian espousal of the virtue of hope and our modern restatement on the virtue of courage.

WILL:  That is all I have to say. Shalom.

Session 3
 January 16, 1994

WILL:  Greetings to you, each and every one. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you. We welcome our visitor who comes from afar, stage by stage, sharing what we have to offer. You have already seen everything worth reporting. Your presence is welcome here.

Sacrifice, Stillness

WILL:  The faith of your forefathers was founded upon denial and sacrifice. They swore to forego their political and economic powers in acts of homage to a God they dimly understood. A God who was remote, seen as all powerful and vengeful; demanding total and unwaivering fealty. They took their worldly goods, piled them up and set them aflame thinking that the product of their labors would reach to heaven. And God recognized the sincerity of their efforts.

The faith of your fathers was based upon belief in a sacrifice greater than that which could be provided by any man. That the literal Son of God, conceived in perfection, who grew and walked among you gave his life in human sacrifice to atone for some fatal failing in the makeup of humans. They knelt in homage, burnt candles and recited prayers at great length taught to them by the priests. And God blessed the sincerity of their offering.

The faith in which we have instructed you differs in this, for we have taught you consistently that the God of heaven is a personal God who sees all, indulges in no foolishness whatsoever, respects His own laws and respects the freedom and liberty granted to all will creatures. We have taught you that this God pervades His universe. That this God inhabits each of you, lives within you and is the source of all desire for perfection and betterment. We have taught you that this Fragment is your compass throughout life, not only material life, but for aeons yet to come, for you are just beginners. You were spawned in the mud and yet God loves you like no others, for unlike all others you must give up this life and you know it.

You cannot see beyond the event and you know it. And yet there is God and you know that. This is not the faith of your forefathers nor is it the faith of your fathers. This is the faith of a fully formed human. And so now you know that when the ancients said that you are the temple of the spirit, you know that they meant not to make a shrine of yourself, but merely to house the God who is alive and living throughout the universe. A God who both knows all and is yet learning and experiencing through each of you the reality of a faith in life that continues beyond the wall. Each of you, no matter how pedestrian, no matter how wretched, provides to our Father a service which you can only dimly comprehend, for you allow Him to see through your eyes, hear through your ears, to speak with your voices, to communicate through touch and sense and project yourselves and Him.

Many times in your quiet moments you often think, “if only I had my own teacher”. I tell each of you now, you cannot have a teacher finer than that who already lives with you. We are nothing compared to Him. If you be do right you will please Him. If you but act upon His leadings you will share in the joy of perfection. Compared to that all of us ministers, teachers, intercessors, can contribute nothing. Our Father will never leave us. If we refuse Him consciously as policy on every occasion, He will not abandon us. So we have recommended to you a few minutes each day for our Father. We believe in this advice. We think it is sound. We recommend it to you and assure you that you will see benefits that you are presently incapable of appreciating.


WILL:  This week, each morning, in the space between the time when you turn off your alarm and the time when your feet his the floor, hold off your regular pattern. Wait a few minutes. Things will happen in your mind about events likely to unfold during that day, possibly during that week. In that period our Father will be moving inside you. Not inside your body, but inside you. It is His home. He lives in the center, but also on the fringes of this universe. An essential part of His nature is to extend Himself to you and through you into all space which He can pervade. I admonish you to reserve this time. That is my lesson for you this week. Shalom.

Session 4
 January 23, 1994

WILL: : The love of the Father surrounds us. The strength of the Father upholds us. Wherever we are gathered, He is.
Good evening. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.


Tonight we have gathered again on our regularly scheduled visit to continue our discussions on the topics mentioned before on charity, hope and faith. In the last week you were asked to perform an exercise consisting of spending a few moments each morning taking time out of your normal scheduled awakenings to listen for inner guidance. I have heard your reports tonight that none were able to discern any particular insights they found helpful or recognizable during the week. This does not surprise me as much as you might think. Upon observation of you at various times I realize that your morning times are oft times regularly interrupted on any given day.

Therefore, do not fret that you were not able to discern any particular insight or message for it is something that, like stillness, would become easier with practice. If possible, I ask that you continue to spend a few moments on the mornings you are able in silent meditation. You may later be able to look back and see where you were given an insight in the early hours on a subject that would become important to you shortly thereafter.


The exercises we ask you to perform are simply that: exercises to stretch your spiritual selves. Not mandates. Not requirements. Simply suggestions on how to build, stretch and grow for those who are willing and able to do the work. Your desire for growth greatly influences the amount of growth you will have for obviously, without desire, little will be accomplished. Those who wish to do the Father’s will and set themselves and their wills aside will continually be faced with a series of struggles. It is not an easy path. We ask that you persevere in the hopes that you will experience the growth you so desire.


The Father’s love shines down over all. He wishes for you to join Him. To live the life of a disciple, which is to say, ever striving for forward growth, ever mindful of His presence and love. We do not expect you to do these things alone. You would find the struggle impossible. Only by relying on the Father and trust, having faith that His strength and love are there for you. He desires to give you these gifts and they are yours. You need only draw on them. To walk a path of faith requires training, yes. But do not forget, you are beginners on this path. True faith requires much trust that the Father does, indeed, know best and will indeed provide for all of your needs.


Most humans reach a point somewhere between pure faith and hedging their bets. You may find that you have a backup plan in case the Father fails you. This is the self you must learn to conquer, set aside. To clear yourself by setting your will aside requires that you put aside fear of the future, fears of all sorts, for fear is the very antithesis of trust in the Father. When you are able to get a firm grasp on your faith it will serve you well in all areas of your life. Some of you are familiar with the phrase “leaning on the everlasting arms”. There is peace there as your faith in God sustains you through all manner of obstacles and with each obstacle overcome your faith increases.

It is a changing, growing thing. The Father is waiting to provide for you. He has your best interests at heart. Put your faith to work for you this week. You will like the feelings you receive, of peace, comfort and joy. It will change your perspective on life. One of the best ways we know to draw strength from the Father is through your stillness practice. As always, we pray you continue for it is through this method most of you are able to draw your strength directly therefrom.


We will continue to discuss these things in depth into the detail desired in our next several meetings. You will see how the three tie in together to build a firm base with each other for you to rest upon. It requires some work on your part. However, these suggestions are made at your requests for continued ways for growth. Your days are filled with many small happenings, all of which are opportunities for growth. As you are all aware, you are free to choose how many you will respond to. Each small act does add to your whole as you build your solid base. You can accomplish much if you put your minds to it. We have great faith in you. That is all I have to say. Go forth this week leaning on Him more, trusting in Him more, and see your faith grow. Each of you can reap the benefits from this exercise. Shalom. Will-255

Session 5
 January 30, 1994

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.
Good evening and greetings to you all, as well as to our returning visitor. I am your teacher, Will, who loves you.


WILL:  During the times of the resolution of the dispute in the Christian church, later known as the church, later yet known as the Roman Catholic church, regarding the nature of the conception of Jesus of Nazareth, the bishops settled upon a code of conduct. A triumvirate to be taught to the people. They agreed at length upon the triumvirate of faith, hope and charity. Numerous exhortations were argued and rejected, but a parallel was drawn to the Son, who was thought by the majority of the best minds present to represent the direct son of the Father and the member of the Trinity thought by them to be represented by Jesus of Nazareth in human flesh. And the hope of the future, the hope of the life everlasting, the hope of the eternal salvation. This preachment of hope, when taught among the common people, not by the bishops but by village priests and itinerant mendicants and religious activists was subtly transmuted into a doctrine of passive wistfulness and a reliance contaminated by the notions of divine providence. This hope that was taught in the villages became understood by the common people as a derivation or a product of the original faith which was, after all and accurately so, a keystone of the new covenant.


In modern times the doctrinal teaching, the standard of conduct of hope, has become trivialized to the point of virtual meaninglessness and so, while acknowledging that the original concept of the Christian church was sound, we say to you that hope is not a technique for eternal salvation. We tell you forthrightly that wistfulness will not get the job done. It will not do for the instruction of your children. It will not serve your neighbors and it will not prove effective for you as individuals. We say to you, rather than hope, let courage be your standard of conduct. We exhort you to assert yourselves to the best of your understanding to help each person whom you meet encounter that spark within known as Father fragment or the Thought Adjuster, the living God within each of you. We exhort you to be bold in proclaiming your faith as you understand it.

Not in an effort to manipulate or to dominate your fellows, but to serve as an inspiration and as an example of normal people in a demanding and often demented society attempting with each identifiable event to elect among the many choices which path would be the path preferred by the Heavenly Father and to move in that direction.

It takes faith to determine which of the paths is likely to be most productive. We have in the past suggested a sturdy rule: that with the most love in it as being that path which most closely conforms with the universal ideal and is harmonious with the personal presence of the Heavenly Father. Yet, it still requires courage to act upon that illumination. You will initially think that it is lonely ground that you travel, but that is because you are beginners. Soon enough and before you are seriously tempted to quit you will detect that you are not alone. Others accompany you, particularly those who need assistance.

There are beings among you whose purpose is to strengthen you, if you are so willing. Nothing can be done with the human heart that is closed by conscious decision or held incommunicado by animal fear or social fears of societal prejudice and humiliation. But for those who set out on the path and quail at certain of the prospects, help is on the way. Stay with the correct path. It is good training for you and it gives us an opportunity to exercise certain of our skills which we are infrequently called on to employ.

Courage does not mean heroic efforts. It may sound ironic to say, but it is enough if you do not break and run at the first impediment. Courage is not measured by a single event. We see courage as your willingness to expose yourselves repeatedly without a perfect understanding of the activities in which you are engaged. Courage means to speak squarely to one stranger and then another and then another, dealing with all fairly and turning the topic of the conversation from personal concerns to spiritual concerns. With the necessary practice you can become quite skillful, I assure you. You already know that people are willing to talk. It merely requires some guidance on your part to elevate the stream from the rehearsed speech which they are likely to deliver to you onto matters of consequence.

Any copy of one of your weekly news magazines or any daily paper has numerous topics which we think would be spiritually provocative as topics of conversation. Particularly so far as leading people to consider the consequences of certain policies. Is God punishing the Californians? Do they deserve what is happening to them? Are the floods of the midwest the floods predicted in the Bible? More people than you would immediately guess are willing to discuss these topics, even among your generation. There are many among whom these notions were planted years before as children in the organized religions. Once the conversation begins, we think that the door then is open to elicit statements of people’s relationship with God. What is their concept?

What is the degree of participation? Has He turned His face away from us? Will He return as promised in the form of His son? Can the humans pull it off alone or is more necessary? The part that takes the courage is to take control of the situation and to elevate the topic of the conversation. That is the difficult part. That is what takes the courage. Nearly all of you are comfortable at this point with conversation with strangers. The next step is, turn the conversation to topics of consequence. For if you have any success at opening the door of another mind, even the slightest crack, you will be doing the work that the Master would have you do, as if he was standing by your side and by your thought, word and deed you exhibited your understanding of his teaching such that you allowed yourself to serve as a conduit from the Heavenly Father who shines His love through you upon another and that you provide this service without self effacement and without trivializing His message and His interaction with another life form destined to someday join Him in heaven as a full and functioning member of the roster of fully tested and reliable human survivors. Those who have traveled the entire length of creation experiencing every level and strata of universe citizenry on their path from birth to perfection. This is my lesson for you tonight.


Now, on the topic of stillness practice, our suggestion to you some weeks ago regarding setting aside the waking moments is intended to be an adjunct and not a substitute for stillness practice. The Heavenly Father does not require stillness practice. You do. You are the ones who will benefit. He is already perfect. These are rehabilitation exercises for you. To focus yourselves for a few minutes of each earth day on something of imponderable consequence. You are not expected to see immediate results. You are not expected to see significance in this conduct. You are expected to calm your animal minds through your own control of runaway ego which seek to organize areas in which the ego has no fitness. You have stray thoughts because your ego attempts to organize your adoration of the Heavenly Father.

The human ego is an adaptive tool that efficiently serves the demands of the material life, but it has nothing whatever to do with the spirit life. Each time you do stillness practice you build spirit life whether you know it or not by creating a new life not under the control of the human ego. Countless generations of wise men on your planet have engaged in techniques similar to these and found good results. This is not new. It is not some trick whereby we enslave you unknowingly. It is rehabilitation for you. You’re free to participate or not participate. The only thing that will change is you. But then I think we will all readily admit that things need some changing. In order to make spirit progress you must change. We are changing. That is what progress is. Try harder in this regard. That is all I have to say.


I have enjoyed your company in these last few weeks. I will say to those who work in atmospheres where you do not meet people, go out on the streets at least once a day. Take lunch away from your work places if possible. If finances do not allow, take your lunch time away from your work places. Walk on the streets. See people. Show the flag. They need it. It is good practice for you. No person can grow shut away from all others. Have courage. There is nothing to fear.

 February 6, 1994

WILL: Good evening. I come to bring you a lesson this evening in place of your regular teacher, Will.

Sharing, Inner Life

WILL:  I would like to talk tonight about one’s ability to keep within the conscious part of your mind, contact with the Father within. This conscious contact is something that must be built upon in the beginning daily with much perseverance. For most this is not an easy task to accomplish. We begin with small steps. Consciously allow the Father to come in to a small part of your mind, a small part of your day. Preferrably a time and space free from stress. Talk to Him. Allow Him to participate in those things that you do. This can be done at the workplace, during your leisure time. It’s more often difficult to reach out to the Father when we are under stress. Hence my suggestion of those quiet times, those easy times as being the best platform from which to begin.

Each day as you learn to talk with Him, sharing with Him, allowing Him to see through your eyes, hear through your ears, you will be able to expand this platform into larger areas of your day. Done over a long period of time this will hopefully become a habit. You’ll know it is a habit when you no longer have to actively begin the process. A habit simply is. It’s no longer uncomfortable. When habits are first being constructed, they’re uncomfortable. It takes much practice, much perserverance before it does then become your habit and, as such, is comfortable. At this point it’s automatic. We no longer have the need to actively engage. It simply happens as a matter of course.

So many times we get involved in conflicts with others, even with ourselves. And when given the time to step back and review we have disappointment over the fact that we were not able to ask the Father for His guidance, to allow Him to control. These are the times when He is needed. So I would ask you over the next week to spend some time daily building this platform, where you allow the Father to be a part of your life. Allow Him to share all those things that make up your life. Begin building this relationship. You will find at some point in the future that not only does He answer but will, in fact, share with you His thoughts. These understandings at first may not be verbal, however in time, I assure you, this can happen. I thank you for this opportunity.

I would in addition to ask you to spend more time reaching out to each other. Call each other on the phone. Have lunch. You are building a relationship with each other that won’t end simply on this world. This relationship that’s being bonded here among you is a relationship that will carry forward in your future lives. So nurture it. I give you my blessings. Shalom.

AMBROSE:  Greetings. It is I, Ambrose, come to speak with you this evening. I have not prepared a lesson for you this evening. I would simply like to tell you or convey to you my appreciation in your willingness to allow me to join you. I look forward to meeting with you over the months to come. I have much enjoyed watching you. I have, in fact, attempted to make contact with several of you. JoiLin mentioned this evening having read in the LinEl transcripts wherein he suggests those of you who wish to make contact with their personal teachers and/or to become a transmitter that before retiring for the evening, after speaking with the Father, give us permission if you would have us make those adjustments within your personal vehicle wherein these transmissions might be more readily heard by you. We must have your permission before these adjustments may be made. You are always in control. We may do nothing without your permission.


AMBROSE: I leave you now, thanking you once again for allowing me to join you. Shalom.

Session 7
 February 13, 1994

WILL: The light of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. Wherever we gather, He is.
Good evening my dear students, it is I, Will, your teacher, who loves you. I apologize for having missed our time together last week, however he who came in my stead served you well. I would at this time like to turn this meeting over to my coworker, Ambrose, who has prepared a lesson for you. Ambrose is still in training so I know you will all bear with him.

AMBROSE: Greetings. It is I, Ambrose, who come to speak with you this evening. I appreciate the opportunity your teacher is extending to me in allowing me to get my feet wet, so to speak. My lesson for you this evening will be a short one, however one that merits individual attention. I would like to speak to you about what it means to commit oneself to a task. I would like to begin by putting this out to the floor. Perhaps one of you would like to tell me and your comrades what it means to have a commitment.


VINCENT: You know, Ambrose, I think a commitment is a promise to take action and, consistent with that promise, for the time period promised, irrespective of conflicting interests that may arise. That’s my take on it. Much of my concept of commitment comes from the days I played sports and I had games. I was committed to go to the games irrespective of the fact that they might be inconvenient at the time. Which did drive my wife crazy but I never missed games. And that’s where I started the commitment and the process of the current commitment.

AMBROSE: So commitment is tied in your mind to giving one’s word, basically.


ANALISE: And to making a decision and going forward with that decision even when inconvenient or stressful.


HELEN: I see commitment as a verbal where you are prepared to back up that verbal at whatever level, emotional, physical, spiritual – whatever level is necessary.

AMBROSE: Good. Any other input? I would like, if at all possible, to have some input from each of you. Anyone else?

HAL: I think of commitment as a focusing of all of your energies on some task. There is an “in spite of” quality to it. In spite of any challenges, conflicts.

AMBROSE: Yes. Good.

KATHY: I guess the idea of a promise speaks to me that often times there is a conflict between what you have promised to do and what you can do. That commitment is often more of an intention. There are conflicts in which you are willing to work those out to the benefit of the party or the issue that you’ve worked on. But in real life oftentimes you can’t – there are conflicts, like Vincent might have committed to his wife for a certain thing but also has committed to the games so there is a conflict with that and even with a commitment you have to be able to work those out.

SUSAN: I would see commitment as in the way Kathy brings it up. I would see it as also – very often commitments are like the truth, they are growing things, it’s not a dead thing, its not…A commitment to a relationship, be it with a human or with our Father is always going to be a growing and expanding and changing thing because our relationships do not remain stable. They grow and they change. And we change. But the commitment is still there, to do the best and to grow in the most positive ways we can grow.

AMBROSE: Can you give me an example perhaps wherein you might have made a commitment to someone or something and this commitment has changed because of this growing you are referring to?

SUSAN: Yes. Yes and no. When I moved in with Carol and Eric, we never made a specific commitment of time or that sort of thing, but when I met Brad we could see that at some point it is highly likely that I won’t live there anymore but in my mind I have a commitment to them because I know that the income that I provide by sharing their home is helpful to them and that it would be inconvenient for me to just pick up and go just because something else came along. And so I value the commitment I feel that I made even though it was a personal commitment to share that space. So I would not just pick up and go. But there have been changes because I have changed. I think many of us in this room who are divorced have made commitments to other people yet because we have changed ourselves and the relationship changed, we parted company.

AMBROSE: Yes, I can see that. Thank you.

NADINE: I guess I’m sitting over here and feeling like this is an uncomfortable subject because of my recent experience of breaking my commitment. Yet, at the same time I definitely would agree with what everybody said. What Vincent said makes sense to me, that other people have put in different ways. Its all those things. It is making promises and striving to persevere in that promise. But I also see it as making commitments to different ideals, people, different things that probably changes level to level.

SUSAN: And I would think we learn as we get older to be more wiser – to be more wiser!! [[[laughter]]]- to be wiser in our commitments if not in our speech. [laughter]. Way wiser! [laughter].

AMBROSE: Nadine just spoke of levels of commitment. Are there different levels of commitment in your mind? And if there are, what would be your highest level? Deepest level?

ANALISE: My deepest level of commitment, I think, that I can think of right now is to Father Michael to support this Teaching Mission and participate so far as I feel able. That changes and grows. There are, I believe, other commitments in my life that I give less importance to and pay some attention to…

AMBROSE: I’m sorry, may I interrupt for one moment? But you referred to this mission. Was it the level of commitment to it that changes and grows or was it the mission itself that changes and grows?

ANALISE: It’s me that changes and grows. This commitment means it grows in depth and quality. The more I learn, the more I understand what I have committed to and the more responsible I feel for making that commitment show in my life. That’s what I mean by growing and changing.

AMBROSE: Thank you.

LOREN: My Thought Adjuster has pointed out a path for me over the years. Something that I need or that I need to do is always placed in front of me and when I realize it I commit myself to it. But this has two paths. One of them is employment where you are there for the whole time and other things on the vocational side that I follow for awhile, maybe two or three years. The commitment to them is more or less a free will offering. For instance, at the present time I am trying to do four things and I, maybe five, and I feel a commitment to all of them but I can’t do them all at once so I’m sort of stymied. But the commitment to employment is permanent and also marriage. You must stay by that because that gets into the realm of a contract with you and God and the one you are dealing with.

VINCENT: I don’t know about marriage, but I think your contract for your children is clearly, in my mind, one of the highest levels. You are always committed to your children. Like they say, you don’t know love until you’ve had children and I think the same with the Father. I think that is a very high commitment, at least with my way of thinking, so…spouses, I don’t know about that, but children, certainly they are always your children and the Father is always your Father.

AMBROSE: Yes, a very good point. Anyone else? Do we have anyone who hasn’t participated that would like to?

VINCENT: Tell us what you think, Ambrose.

AMBROSE: My reason for asking or, rather, opening up the floor was twofold. First of all I wanted to kind of loosen up a bit myself. Believe it or not, I was a little apprehensive, this being my first group meeting, really – last week didn’t count. I also wanted to get a feeling of where you were coming from. This idea of commitment; what it meant to you. Let me get inside your head, if you will. Understand a little bit about where you are coming from. Helped me get to know you a little bit. I also was sincere in wanting to know what it did mean to you. You know, many people can make words, can… what is the expression on your world?

VINCENT: Talk is cheap.

AMBROSE: Yes, very good. Thank you. That was the very phrase. Talk is cheap. Many times it is easy to talk, it is easy to agree with someone. Sometimes easier than disagreeing. When we are children we may find ourselves agreeing with our peers that this is right or we will move in a certain direction. We will agree to a certain task or a certain job. But we aren’t mature enough to really put our heart behind those words.

And so what happens, many times, is we get out of the situation something like “out of sight, out of mind” and we soon forget that commitment we made so recently. When we become adults, we become more mature, we put a little more of ourselves behind the words that we speak. Hopefully. So what I heard tonight was that there are levels of commitment, that sometimes these commitments may have other things that take precedence. Would there ever be a commitment that a person in your world might make that nothing could take precedence over?

ANALISE: I’m not sure if I can think of anything that would take precedence over my commitment to Father Michael to continue to grow in what this mission is teaching us. And by that I mean, I can’t think of anything that would interfere so that I no longer believed that I had a relationship with Father Michael and I no longer believed that I had a responsibility to live that relationship in my daily life. So that particular commitment, I can’t think of anything that would intervene and cause me to stop the commitment.

AMBROSE: Thank you. I was almost afraid that I wouldn’t get anyone to bite the bullet. I appreciate your answer.  I think within everyone’s mind here in this room the commitment to Michael, to the Universal Father, would be their deepest or their highest commitment. That would probably, if I am reading you all correctly and I think I am, that would be the only commitment wherein nothing would take precedence. And that is, of course, as it should be.

I appreciate your willingness to have a little change in format here. My method of teaching will not necessarily be the same as Will’s method of teaching or the same as he who was here last week. But as we grow and learn together, I think we will find doors being opened within both our minds and our hearts that might not have been opened otherwise.

I believe it was mentioned last week that this relationship between you all is a relationship that will have meaning beyond this world. It was suggested that you take the time during your week, during your day, to reach out to each other. Make those phone calls. If you find during the day that one of your group member’s name crosses your mind, act on that. That’s an impulse from within that perhaps that person may be needing your assistance. We quite often attempt to move you in these directions, that you may build this relationship.

As your relationship with each other grows so will your commitment to each other, to the mission, to Michael grow. This is not to say that we don’t want you to reach out to those in your community. You know that is a given. We simply would have you remember each other in that reaching out. That is all I have to say this evening. I would let you know how much I appreciate having been able to be here and share with you and grow and learn from you. Stay always, dear students, within the light of His love. Seek Him within. Share your life with Him and with each other. Shalom.

ALL: Shalom.


WILL: It is I once again, your teacher, Will, who loves you. I have not much else to add. I would like to thank you for your attentiveness, your willingness in allowing Ambrose to learn from you. In allowing him, perhaps, the chance to teach you. We will be using this format at times in the future so you may have to continue to stay on your toes. I bid you good evening and send you my love.

Shalom – Will

Session 8
 February 20, 1994

WILL: The love of God surrounds us. The love of God enfolds us. The love of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is.
Good evening once again. Thank you for inviting me to your midst. I am you teacher, Will, who loves you.


For centuries the traditional Christian churches have taught the recipe of faith, hope and charity as the path for salvation of people’s souls. Over this short course of lessons I have taught you that it is more appropriate to modify our concept of faith to apply our knowledge and belief in the fragment of the Father that lives within each of us, all normal minded humans. I have also taught you that a hope that tends toward inaction is not a kind of hope to be fostered and should be replaced by a forthright brand of courage to act upon your discernment of the will of the Heavenly Father and apply that knowledge and faith to each set of circumstances wherein you are offered a choice between many paths.

Tonight I will say that the Christian value of charity which was once applicable among societies as a remedy with a gap in material possessions between the upper class and nobilities of the older societies and the peasant classes below is no longer appropriate for modern circumstances. Each of you well knows that institutionalized programs of charity, whether need based or merit based, such as your American welfare system, are corrosive to human spirit and, notwithstanding that I have openly taught you that you are to freely give to those less fortunate than you without taking any responsibility whatsoever for the use to which your gift is put, still I say to you that handouts too are corrosive to the human spirit. Neither sweeping governmental reforms nor individual acts of charity are any kind of recipe for progress in the upliftment of unfortunate people.

Only your example as servants of the Father’s will can motivate people and nations to change for the better. You cannot cajole, or shame or lobby people to progressive upliftment of the spirit. They may be led only by your example and the consequences of your acts. Even on those rare occasions where your personal interaction with another is of spirit teaching value, the effects are fleeting and only repeated cumulative exposure to the positive benefits of spiritual progress is likely to bear fruit. Each of you has an individual duty to conduct yourselves at all times in the fashion we have covered many times before. You probably remember. To conduct yourselves as if Jesus of Nazareth was standing by your side and by your every thought, word and deed you demonstrate your appreciation of the meaning and value of his teachings. That you do so in a fashion that allows the love of the Heavenly Father to flow through you unhindered, directly to the person to whom you are engaged. And, lastly, that you do not discount your function in the scheme of Heavenly progress with attempts at levity or skepticism.

Faith, Humility

So we have thus far taught faith but of a different kind, courage rather than passive hope, which together make for a potent combination. When you turn on your television machines any day at any hour you can see the outcome of faith and courage which are untempered by wisdom in the acts of the soliciting preachers. Much like the Pharisees of old promising spirit in exchange for money. Promising spirit in exchange for the abolition of human will. Promising spirit in exchange for subservience to a book and whatever happens to be recorded therein. Promising spirit in exchange for commitment to some outside person who claims that he or she better discerns the word of God than you. That is not our teaching.

For this reason, then, we suggest that you temper the heavy combination of faith and courage with the simple and frank humility shown by the great teachers of your planet. Those who went among the people and did not devote themselves to a life of intellectual rarified thought in a monastic setting but walked upon the ordinary people sharing their personal vision of the joy and liberty of the life in the Father’s love. We teach you that humility is necessary to proper progress. You can learn and exercise it now or you can learn and exercise it later. Either way you are going to learn it. It is inescapable. We think you will enjoy this life much more if you practice this now.

There is nothing so special about any person that the Heavenly Father has chosen to call His work complete. He loves us all; sees value in each of us. Recognizes that due to the vagaries in circumstance and the potential for imperfection which comes with free will and liberty that not all receive an equal start much less an equal share. Many times we, your teachers, have listened as you joked among yourselves about the distinctions among people. And, in brief moments of inspiration in your joking, received a glimpse of how the distinctions which seem so keen to you must look from a cosmic perspective.
I think we can safely say that there has never been and never will be the person born on your planet who needs not know humility.

Humility finds expression in many things. It is humble to appreciate the air that you breath, the fuel that you burn as you speed back and forth, the food that you eat, the companions whose presence you enjoy however briefly. It is humble to appreciate that God loves you and your fellows. It is humble to make a gift from one to another, particularly to those in need, realizing in the moment of doing so that it is of no momentous consequence and probably changes nothing except it changes you. For our teacher said, “He who does this for the least of my brethren, does it for me.” It is too easy in your society to live your life without even a ritual requirement of appreciation. Many people, due to innate intelligence or Thought Adjuster leading, appreciate that this is inappropriate. A God knowing person cannot exist and, certainly, cannot take action without humility.

Service is asked. Not charity. Service opportunities will show themselves to you. You do not need to get on a boat to go someplace. It is all around. Many of you need not even leave your house to provide service to those in need. You need not concern yourselves overly with the worthiness of the recipient nor the worthiness of your effort. I would only counsel you not to waste valuable time on those capable of serving themselves. Service cannot be genuine without humility. For you do these things not in your own name but in the name of one greater, thereby demonstrate your love and respect and your understanding of His will.

That is all I have to say. I hope that you enjoy the teaching style and technique of our visitors. I look forward to our next meeting. Shalom.

Session 9
 February 27, 1994

The love of the Father uplifts us. The strength of the Father upholds us. Wherever we gather, He is.
Good evening, I am Will, your teacher, who loves you.
Tradition, Teaching Mission

We have spoken before on the ways modern man, through various methods, attempts to understand his God. The ways chosen sometimes meet with success, but often times does not. There is little truth gained, there are no easy proofs that God exists. Man must fight against his basic intellectual method of assessment, in his attempts to know his God. There is always inner conflict involved and whether or not it is overcome determines how far the individual will reach in his journey for truth. The study of various religions, both of the past and present, give insight into the various ways man has chosen to portray his God. The variety of ideas are endless, for some, the possibility exists, there may not even -be- a God. Yet, most eventually ascertain that there must be a higher source, a creator at the very least. As they move forward, whether their progress be quick or slow, they will find that they cannot trust in the outside sources available so much as their -own- belief in their own heart. Most Christians recognize this fact as well, with their belief that God does indeed reign on high and that to believe in him, to have faith in Him, is what is required.

As you discussed earlier, regarding the Teaching Mission, the opponents and the proponents, your conclusion was also that the truth may only be determined by the individual, one is not likely to be swayed by the printed material presented either way. Your highest understanding of the truth will not be compromised, if you trust in the Father and turn towards Him for your answer. We must ever strive forward towards God to remain in the truth and light. The path does not differ from those around you, although the individual experiences will obviously vary from individual to individual, as you go through your mortal life. Those who recognize others are on a forward path also, however slow and cumbersome, will see that the truth cannot be suppressed.

I do not expect that you will find yourselves in any form of faith crisis over the opposition to Teaching Mission groups, such as ours. There are those who allow their doubts to overcome them. Although some doubt is to be expected, we do not expect blind adherence to our teachings, nor do we ask this of you. They are not intended to replace information you have already been given. The encouragement and guidance we hope to provide, are merely to supplement the growth you are already experiencing. In the hopes of fostering and furthering that growth. Have no fear but that all will be perfect in the end. The Father’s plan encompasses all. It is designed for variety among beliefs. Each individual is responsible for his or her own growth and relationship with the Father. No more can be asked than that.

We encourage you always to treat your fellow citizens well. This is asked that you may learn more about God’s love. For your own growth, you will be asked to perform many more services in the future, but all have the ultimate impact upon you. It takes courage and faith to continue on your paths when you meet obstacles. The Father has given you the tools you need and we feel you are up to the task. The mission continues onward, it is still growing, many more will come into the fold. We wish no dissension with our brethren, however, only you can decide which course of action is best in your meetings with them. With tolerance as your yardstick, and love as your guide, we trust your actions will be worthy of your status as children of God. We have said before you can do no wrong, if you seek the highest path. This will always be true.


I ask that you go forth this week with a renewed interest in shedding love and light on your fellow man. That is certainly one thing your world can use more of, there will always be a need for more love on your planet.
That is all I have to say. I leave you with the Father’s peace and my love.

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