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TAL56- Listening, Control, Faith, Trust – Sessions 1-10

1995-06-25-Early Transcripts, Part 8
Tallahassee #56


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 8
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Mantoube, Ambrose, Michael, Nebadonia, LinEl
o 2.2 TR: JoiLin
• 3 Session 1 – o 3.1 Lesson –  3.1.1 Listening
• 4 Session 2 – o 4.1 Lesson –  4.1.1 Transmitting
• 5 Session 3 – o 5.1 Lesson
• 6 Session 4 – o 6.1 Lesson –  6.1.1 Correcting Time – o 6.2 Note
• 7 Session 5 – o 7.1 Lesson –  7.1.1 Control –  7.1.2 Trust, Faith
• 8 Session 6 – o 8.1 Note – o 8.2 Lesson –  8.2.1 Guidance
• 9 Session 7 – o 9.1 Lesson –  9.1.1 Urantia, Change
• 10 Session 8 – o 10.1 Lesson –  10.1.1 Challenge, Growth
• 11 Session 9 – o 11.1 Lesson –  11.1.1 Service, Growth –  11.1.2 the Teachers, Teaching Mission
• 12 Session 10 – o 12.1 Lesson –   12.1.1 Progress – o 12.2 Note

Topic: Tallahassee Early Transcripts, Part 8
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Mantoube, Ambrose, Michael, Nebadonia, LinEl
TR: JoiLin

Session 1
 4-12-95
 Listening To Him

AMBROSE:  Greetings child, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. Speaking with the Father, listening to Him is not always felt or understood to be productive on your side of the process, however, always is this effort recognized by the Father and used by Him to further your connection with Him. Much is accomplished throughout your life on levels below your conscious understanding; accept this as fact and continue to do your part with the faith of a child, trusting in your connection with Him. That is all that is required, love, trust, and faith.

JoiLin, you have little time to spend sitting for lessons; this is understood by we who teach you. Your daughter’s wedding, and helping her to do the things that must be done should take a higher priority right now. I leave you reminding you once again that we are ever near, lean on us child, allow us to lighten your emotional load; simply reaching out in conversation, in thought, oft times can accomplish this. Shalom.

Session 2
 4-13-95
 Practice To Rid Yourself Of Anxiety

AMBROSE:   Greetings child, it is I, Ambrose, he who loves you. Recognize this time as a time for practice. Do not put such high expectations on this communication, allow it to flow, allow it to be. Part of your difficulty has to do with your own anxiety; your anxiety stemming from what you anticipate as being proper teachings from me, your teacher. The purpose of these practice sessions, or one of the purposes is to help you allow that “block” to fall or to help you push through it. If we speak of things of a more mundane nature, it may perhaps be easier for you, and so, we just let this flow…let be child…what will….and there, you attempt to control…..allow it to pass….you are not on stage, nor are you being judged…you are practicing…you are allowing to be what will.

Allowing yourself to be a vessel through which the Father and we who help Him may speak. We understand this is not an easy task for anyone and is more difficult for some who are more sensitive, sensitive from an emotional standpoint.

Picture if you will, a running faucet with water moving through it freely once the valve has been opened. When all things work together at their best in this communication process, my words as your teacher are allowed to flow through freely, your own thought processes do not become involved. Yet when you become anxious, you begin to put your hand on the faucet lever and you begin to turn it ever so slightly at first, yet as your anxiety increases, do you turn it more, until soon, very few of our words are able to come though.

This is not a control mechanism you are aware of child, but this is indeed what does happen. And so we work toward that time when you can let go and let be. We understand it may be a bit uncomfortable to allow words to flow through your mind of which you have no knowledge, when you do not understand in what direction they are heading.

We recognize this and so we would work with you to bring you to that more comfortable place, that more trusting place, where you can indeed allow this to happen.
I thank you for this opportunity and for your perseverance. We have no doubt that you will surmount this final obstacle. And there is no time schedule child. It will happen when it is right and when you are ready. Shalom

Session 3
 4-14-95
 Your Work Aids You and Others

MANTOUBE: Greetings to you, children, it is I Mantoube. I bid you welcome.
It fills our hearts with joy to see you begin once again looking with anticipation toward that inner journey. Looking to remove what is there that no longer serves you, clearing that space within so the Father may fill it with His light, so that you may become a clearer channel through which His works may be done.

You are to be commended for your farsightedness. You are able to recognize the necessity of this work and the benefit it brings, not only to you, who do the work, but also to your fellows, because you do it. This work you begin is work that all must come to in their own time, either on your side or on my side, it truly makes no difference in the long run, except for those of you who have accepted a place within this mission. For you, it does indeed make a difference, for it makes you better able to do this work.

You are to be commended for your perseverance, for your faith, and for your open hearts. For you give the Father much to work with when you come to Him with this kind of openness. You have no way of knowing how many time your light is able to reach out and touch your brothers and sisters, even now, yet how much more will your light be projected after you have completed this work you begin!

All of your efforts are recognized and registered on high and forthwith do come helpers to surround you and lift you up, to encourage you, to up step your senses so that you may better perceive what is being made available to you. You will one day recognize all of these gifts, as even now they become apparent individually to each of you in different ways. Know that we are always attempting to give you our guidance. Continue with your searching; continue to ask for direction and help, as we can only give to those who are open and request. I leave you now with both my blessings and my love, as indeed, you have both. Shalom.

Session 4
 6-25-95
 Do Not Expect Changes Over Night
Correcting Time

MICHAEL: Greetings, children of time, it is I Michael, your creator parent who loves you. We are now quickly approaching the time when much that has been hidden or unclear, will begin to rise to the collective consciousness of mankind. Much that has heretofore been barely discernible truths by but a handful of my children will begin to be known by many as they wake from their slumber of fear.

The last vestiges of rebellion’s aftermath are in process of being dealt with; you who have committed to this work with me are at the cutting edge of worldwide change, and worldwide growth that moves slowly toward a more unified, integrated humankind. This world is no longer in danger of self-annihilation, as was our concern for many years; you have passed the tests of time and come out at a new level, one where love and brotherhood will form the bedrock of this new world.

Do not expect these changes to become evident overnight, for there is yet much work that needs to be done at a grassroots level before humanity as a whole will seek to embrace the new paradigms that are based on love and service. Yet inside the collective hearts of humankind as a whole, this change of heart will indeed become felt. For many this process will take yet many years before it becomes a clear pattern within them that promotes change on a conscious level. So do not expect this world to step up to the next level en masse, they will not, nor could they, since so many are, what appears to be, light years behind others in their understandings.

You play a vital role in helping to facilitate this change over from old to new patterns of living; you do this when you daily, consciously, actively, open your hearts to your siblings. When you do, this pattern of love you hold within moves out and touches, changes, the hearts of those it meets. You have been accomplishing much through your work; it is due to your efforts and others like you, that worldwide change can now begin to literally change the consciousness of humankind.

Begin my children, to become more consciously aware of your internal guide’s leading; He who is more accessible to you now on conscious levels; allow Him to work through you as you seek to manifest this spirit of love to your fellows. Listen for this guidance, and your direction will become clear to you.

Many there are who have long awaited this light on your world, this light that your active participation makes manifest. They come now in droves, to support your work and lend their spiritual vibrations to further this opening to love on this world. Be vigilant my children, and actively seek to promote this fragrance of love, knowing that as you do so, you create a new world. Love one another beloved, as I have loved you; unconditionally give this love to your world and watch it change!

The transmission ended, probably due to my emotional state!

Session 5
 7-18-95
 Controlling Causes Problems With The Evolution of Plans

MICHAEL:  Child I am here. Know always that I am available to you. This connection is real and can be counted upon to sustain you in all the times of trial and despair. I would have you walk in the sunlight of my love, knowing always that trusting in the future will allow you the peace of the moment. If you can live each moment in this trust, not only will you free your spirit to soar among the clouds in peace and joy, but also you allow the future to unfold according to its design.

When you attempt to control, you not only cause yourself untold grief, but you put constraints upon the natural evolution of my plan. Trust that all that flows into and out of your life stream are a part of the lessons this life has to offer you; when you reach the point of full acceptance, then will you have mastered one of the most valuable lessons of this physical life.

Be at peace, my child, trusting in me, it is not my design nor my desire that any of my children should suffer for even one moment, yet I cannot give you the vision of what is to come or I would take from you the challenge of learning this lesson of trust. In times to come you will look back upon this time as one of your greatest opportunities for growth, and I would not take such an opportunity from you. I would ask you to begin spending time with me once again in this communication.

Know always, beloved child, that you are my own and never for even a moment in time are you left unattended by my love and watch care. Your mother would speak to you at this time, and so I take my leave, yet I remain as close to you as a thought; know this in your heart of hearts beloved; take my extended hand JoiLin and let me help you take the faith steps that will open the doors to your future.

Trust, Faith

NEBADONIA:  Dear beloved child, little one so full of light, yet so caught up in projections for the future you cannot see what is in front of you. Can you not see how easily your thought of the future has turned your life upside down? Is it realistic that your life could move from one of love and happiness to one of pain and shadow in the blink of an eye? If this were possible then how much reality could your happiness have embraced?

The love that you are, the serenity you can feel, your happiness, your ability to both feel and express joy, comes from within child, never can these things be taken from you except by your own willingness to replace them with illusions from a world outside yourself. When you accept this as fact, then will you begin to be better prepared to walk this path of living the Father’s love and giving it to your world.

We have told you in the past that it would not be easy, nor without trials, but we also told you that it would bring you much joy if you would have the faith to continue to step out, even though you knew not where the path would lead. Trusting always that you are loved and guided along the way and that nothing can ever harm you will help to make the journey easier to accept.

Remember child that each step you take on this path without benefit of things seen, to give you direction, the stronger is your faith made. Can you remember to live each day within the moment? Never will you feel pressure from a future not yet unfolded, if you will do this. Trust child, and faith, let these be your watchwords for the days to come. I leave you now with the knowledge that you are ever held within our embrace. Shalom.

Session 6
 8-17-95
 Utilize Your Senses To Feel His Leadings

[Early this morning I decided to sit and meditate, I fell asleep almost immediately, then came awake feeling that I was to get a message. The message came but it was strange because I kept falling asleep. I’m not sure of this due to the strange way it came in, but for whatever it’s worth, here it is:]


MICHAEL:  Greetings child, it is I Michael.  Much was accomplished at our Network of the Heart conference. ( ED: Held in Fayetteville, AK) The energies that have been set in motion upon this planet will be the catalysts that begin to move humankind toward a more unified whole. Much will become clear in days to come that have been but barely discernable whispers in the fabric of time. There are indeed, those that rule in the affairs of men, and it will be understood as the time of correction draws near. Look to each other for love and support and to your teachers for guidance, giving the Inner Guide the highest priority at all times. Begin now, to seek His counsel… listen for His words… utilize your senses to feel His leadings. That is all. Sufficient unto today is the work of today. Shalom.

Session 7
 10-18-95
 Move As You Are Being Led
Urantia, Change

MICHAEL:   Greetings beloved children, it is I, Michael.  I bring you tidings of great joy, for on this day throughout all of Nebadon, the circuits are flowing, the broadcasts are announcing the universe-wide end of rebellion’s taint; isolation has been completely lifted from all those worlds caught within Lucifer’s distorted machinations. Much has already been put into place to begin the reconnected flow between universe headquarters and all those newly connected worlds. Much is yet to be done, and much in large part is dependent upon the freewill acts of mankind. The spiritual pressure upon this world is being increased, for I would have this world become a jewel in my universe crown, and in time, that is now assured.

I ask you to begin to more consciously move as you are being led. Push to quicken your connection with he who leads you from within, it takes your conscious effort, as what I have decreed possible, only becomes possible through mankind’s freewill acceptance, and through his conscious efforts to make manifest in this world the living fruits of my given word. We are moving into times of great change. The pressure from within the physical structure of Urantia is reaching that point where it must find release. Do not allow the temporal, no matter how chaotic, to affect your balance.

Serenity is built upon faith, upon the sure knowledge that God is a loving and merciful God, a loving father; that He and I are with you, even unto the end of time. You have that knowledge within your very hearts; this is where the importance of your active connection within, becomes evident. You will be led to be of service in days to come; you will know where to place yourselves and what it is you are to do. Have no fear beloved, I am with you in all things; I stand beside you.

So much on this world will be undergoing vast change; hold true to your faith in the beneficence of our Father, for out of seeming destruction comes new life, new growth, and with it a deeper understanding of life’s connection to all other life. Change always brings with it discomfort, felt on many levels, understand that the majority on this world will view these changes from a fear based understanding. It will be part of your job to begin to bring to the light of correction these distorted ways of thinking.

There is so much work to be done on this world and the work must begin within the hearts and minds of man himself. Teach your siblings of our Father’s deep and abiding love for them, teach them to seek the stillness within and thereby their connection with Him; teach them to begin to utilize the circuits as you are just now beginning to do and know that as you teach, so do you become clearer and more certain of your own connection to the power that is yours as co-creators in this new world. I leave you now beloved children with my promise to never leave you again until the light of heaven is fully upon this world. Remember it is you who are the light bearers of.

Session 8
 2-22-96
 Growth Is Felt AS Turmoil On Urantia
Challenge, Growth

MICHAEL:   If you are ready child, let us begin. Life, when it is well lived on a physical sphere such as Urantia, is never easy child. It is only easy when work is not being done. It is only easy when the eye is upon the short goal rather than the long goal. You, who have made your commitment to this teaching mission and the job we are about, will not experience many seasons of tranquility, but rather will most of your time be spent in turmoil, which is better said as experiencing intense periods of growth. You have already been well schooled in the understanding of just what growth entails. It is never easy, and is cause for much emotional and mental struggle. However, we who teach you know full well that you are up to the task.

Do not allow yourselves to become disheartened when your struggles seem to be entirely an uphill battle, from which there is no respite, but rest assured that though that may be your perception, it is not necessarily what is going on from a higher perspective. For we can see much more easily than you the growth steps that are being facilitated by and through your struggles. These periods of increased learning are a necessary part of your training, so keep your eye on the goal, and your feet upon the path. Light and Life dear students, is the goal, Father attunement is the path. We relish our association with you and look forward to each and every occasion we have of interacting within the fabric of your lives, for indeed, do we consider our association with you an honor and a joy.

Remember your training when experiencing severe periods of doubt, or during those times when you feel as if you might be in danger of losing some of your hard won ground. Remember dear students, the Father is with you always, and Michael walks at your side. Your Creative Mother Spirit is here and accessible to you as well. You have numerous loving helpers whose main focus in life is in helping you to help yourself, and your world. Utilize this help dear ones, knowing that as you grow strong, as you open yourselves more fully to the Father, and to His direction, not only are you helping to strengthen your own inner resolve, but you light the way for others to follow you, and through this learn and teach pattern, is your world brought more fully into the days of Light and Life.

You understood when you first began to walk this path that it would not be easy. You have since discovered first hand, that we were not speaking lightly when we spoke of the trials that this path would engender within your own lives. I leave you now with my love and blessing, certain that you are up to the task, confident that this mission and the goal will prevail. For through you and others like you, it will be accomplished.

Session 9
 [undated]
 Spend Time In The Present
Service, Growth

MICHAEL:   We are here child; let us commence. You have become much more than you are able to ascertain or detect, yet from a cosmic viewpoint, you have indeed a long way yet to go. Understand that in the universe scheme of potential growth, you have but just begun, yet when compared to many of your fellows, you have indeed come a long way. Learning to live in the now moment, as you are beginning to do, engenders growth, allows you to recognize the challenges, the opportunities, and the gifts within each moment as you live it.

Spending time wishing for what was, what might have been, or looking forward to what might yet be, is not conducive to the development of your potential. It is only in the now moment, beloved child, that you can grab on to the kite strings, for want of a better term, of the potential within your life as it unfolds. You are indeed beginning to recognize this and are to be commended for your perseverance, for your willingness to learn, to stretch, and to grow from all that has been given to you that had the possibility of promoting growth.

You oft times bite off more than you can comfortably take on. We, your teachers, will wait until this task of readying the printed material from our recent (Network of the Heart) conference is completed before we resume our lessons with you.
I sense your question regarding a teacher to help you with the written word. Yes, JoiLin, we do indeed intend to take a hand in helping you develop that side of your creative abilities, and you do have many avenues of creativity waiting for you to explore. All humans have many facets within their potential beings that lie waiting to be discovered, explored, and developed; you are no exception to this rule.

You will discover, once you begin to actively seek, that you too have many areas within your creative abilities, within which to both find and give pleasure as you develop them. The written word is certainly one of these avenues open to you, as is creating through color and design.

You are discovering as well, that learning in and of itself, brings you much joy, is yet one more level of creative expression, for anything that engenders joy, has creativity as one of its levels, as indeed does any endeavor have within it seeds of creativity waiting to be explored, waiting to burst forth through the mechanism of your integrated minds, personalities, and hearts. Beloved child, understand that we who seek to teach you do so through our own wide open hearts, and wish beyond all else to serve our Father through these gifts we strive to impart. You are learning that the gift of love through service brings a level of joy, different from that found in any other endeavor, for when we give of ourselves freely, we are truly working in concert with our Father, and it is in this working relationship that the greatest amount of joy can be found.

You give of yourself in service, yet you diminish your gifts by calling them selfishly motivated. You have much yet to learn regarding your own underpinnings and workings of soul development. Recognize if you can beloved, that always at this stage of development, will you demean the gifts you give so freely, in an effort to hide your light beneath the proverbial bushel; begin child, if you will, to recognize that you are indeed Father led, that you do have a partnership with your inner guide, one that is unassailable, and one that naught can put asunder. Begin JoiLin to allow your own light to both shine forth and even bathe yourself as well, for in this reflected light will you learn your own worth, will you learn to accept finally that you are a beloved daughter of light.

It is time now to begin to put aside your need to hide behind words that contradict who and what you are. Begin to step out without fear, allowing yourself full freedom of expression in teaching what you have come to understand about the Father’s love for all of His children, beginning with yourself, beloved. There is no need to fear that others will perceive you as ego centered, nor should you worry over the consequence of the words you may speak; the consequence belong always to the Father. And so too, until you have become more acclimated with this new level of living love we ask you to begin, will the words also be His as He speaks through you.

Later, as you become more accustomed to this working partnership, will you have more confidence in your own ability and then will you be more willing to speak the words you hold within your heart, yet know always beloved that the guidance is always there, always available should you feel the need or should you falter. Reach for Him and He will take over. This new level of participation will soon become more comfortable and will become second nature; it is only in the beginning that discomfort may be felt, but is that not true with all new endeavors that are at first unfamiliar?

You have already begun the process of responding more readily to the direction of your inner Guide; this is a high priority and one that must be further developed before we would ask you to take on any additional work. Know that in all things we are pleased with your growth. Go now into your day, knowing that there are many whose energies surround your own, and who lend support in ways wholly undetected by you; opening your heart and mind to their presence helps them to meet your needs on even deeper levels. I leave you with my love and blessing.

The Teachers, Teaching Mission

LINEL: It is I LinEL. I will work with you in concert with your other teachers, if that is acceptable to you child. I understand the feelings…the worry you have over the issue of loyalty. Do not concern yourself JoiLin, we do not function from patterns that are so steeped in ego. We, the teaching staff of this mission, all work together, each of us contributing in whatever way we may, yet accepting joyfully those times that our students open themselves to additional levels of teaching. We not only do not feel slighted when our students seek the teachings of others in our group, but we in fact, encourage this sort of multi-leveled or multifaceted teaching.

For each of us have our own individual patterns that are prompted by and through our personalities, as do you child. An analogy may help you to understand better. Picture if you will, hearing someone play the piano, and while it is truly beautiful played by itself, it seems lovely, beautiful and complete in and of itself, with the music filling your heart and lifting you to higher realms of feeling, yet when you add a flute, does it now become fuller, and you are lifted to even higher levels of feeling.

And as each new instrument is added, so to does your understanding and your ability in incorporate the gifts within that piece of music become greater, as the music expands, so too do you child. And so it is with these lessons you are given. So let go of any thought that Will, or Ambrose, or even Michael himself will feel any pain or sense of rejection; these feelings are not within our realm of experience child, rather does your participation with others of us bring us all joy. So, go into your day knowing that you have indeed, discovered yet one more level of understanding that you can now utilize freely, and at any time. Go my little one, knowing you are much loved. Farewell.

Session 10
 5-17-96
 Mainstream Thinking Is Faulty & Detrimental

AMBROSE: Greetings child, it is I Ambrose, and I am pleased that you wish to work with me to pursue these lessons designed to further develop your abilities as a transmitter. It was intended, as you might have surmised, that you read Daniel and Miniarisa’s words this morning? You have recently been looking at a deeper understanding of the ways in which your helpers support your evolving path and encourage growth in their individual charges. The out workings of the Father’s plan for His children of time is much greater than most on your world consider.

You who have the benefit of working with personal teachers are being given greater opportunities to incorporate higher universe knowledge into the fabric of your everyday lives with the hope that what you understand you will begin to teach in the out working of your own lives. Let us look for a moment at the individual path that each child of the Father is being led to walk. If we accept the fact that all paths lead ultimately to the Father, then we begin to have a more enlightened attitude toward the individual; we become less judgmental, less desirous of beating them over the head and dragging them off to our own path of instruction. Instead, we are more prone to allowing each participant in life to grow and flower in their own time, sharing instead our love of the Father with them as it is personified in our love for others.

That is the true measure of a faith son or daughter of the loving God; it is in their desire to see all other children as perfect in their individual expressions of the inner pattern as it becomes actualized through their living. When once we recognize all others as our brothers and sisters, all having resident within them the same perfect Fragment of the Father, then it becomes easier and easier to allow them each their chosen path and creative expressions.

It is at times, understandably, more difficult to maintain this awareness of your equal standing in the universe scheme of things due to the ramifications the defaults and the rebellion have had upon this world on a purely personal level. So much of your mainstream thinking is faulty and acts as a deterrent to the spiritual advancement of the people on this planet. This is in great measure what this mission to Urantia has come to begin to rectify. It will be a long, slow, and at times arduous task to full reconciliation and reclamation, yet we are indeed, beginning to see the light of progress.

It is difficult from a purely human perspective, to see the sweeping changes that are more evident from a higher perspective. In the same way that many become embittered by what they perceive as rampant dysfunction and negativity, when viewed from our higher perspective, it is seen as but a few dark spots on an otherwise white or light filled background. We see the light that is spreading upon Urantia as so much brighter, a beacon of loving light that is showing other worlds the path to follow.

I think we will rest now child. I thank you for allowing me this opportunity to work with you. You will continue to gain confidence JoiLin is you continue to make opportunities similar to this one. Go with a light heart into your day, knowing how loved you are and yes, indeed, guided onto the path your Father would have you walk. Shalom.

This transcript represents the last of this series since all others after this date were on a computer hard drive that failed and all data was lost.

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