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TAL60- Center in Love

1995-07-30-Center in Love
Tallahassee #60


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Center In Love
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Will
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Responsibility
 3.2.2 Teaching Mission, Love

Topic: Center In Love
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teacher: Will
TR: Unknown


WILL: The love of God surrounds us and fills our hearts to overflowing with His loving energy. The beneficence of God shows forth in our lives and within the lives of others, would we but see it. The majesty of God encompasses all that we are, all that we will be, and is everywhere, would we but recognize it. Wherever we gather, He is. Greetings my dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you. And greetings to our newcomer, you, who have traveled so far to be with us, we bid you welcome.


WILL: Your conversation this evening is one that fills our hearts with joy! The sharing of the synchronicities in your lives combined with the personal growth you recognize within yourselves is the ingredient, is the formula we have been working toward. It will be through this mechanism of sharing and growing together that you will build the beginning of your Morontia relationships with one another. All that has come before has laid the foundation for where you now find yourselves. Continue to open and look within for your individual direction. Each will receive future lessons that will be necessary for the specific growth of that individual.

And so while we who teach within this group will continue to impart group lessons, each of you, as you become willing to open to the instructions of your individual teachers, will begin to receive those lessons necessary for your movement closer to the Father. Open yourselves my precious ones, and begin to receive what is offered. We are happy as well, to discover that there are more of you who will be making the journey to this “Network Of The Heart” conference, as the connections, as we so recently told you, that will be made, the opportunities that will be given, will, if accepted, become very useful to the work we will do in future times.


WILL:  Know my beloveds, how precious you are in our sight, and the Father’s! If we could give you but a glimpse of what you have already accomplished, it might fill you with a sense of worth you might not come by otherwise. Each of you are beacons to others, though some of you know it not. However, recognize that your acceptance, your commitment to this path, puts you in a category somewhat different from your brothers and sisters.

You have not only the knowledge of the Correcting Time, but you have taken it internally and allowed us to work with you on levels that many are not willing to allow us to work on. And with this knowledge, comes a responsibility. The responsibility is twofold, it is first to yourself, to begin actively working toward this personal transformation that is so much a part of this Correcting Time, and the second part, of course, is in your responsibility as it effects the community about you, your brothers and sisters.

In having partaken of the information, accepting the responsibility, and making a commitment to Michael, one could remain in a holding pattern at that point of development, however, we move now into a more upstepped level of Mission outreach, we now ask you to begin working more consciously, more actively in pushing yourselves beyond your comfort zones.

We would ask you to begin your day restating your commitment, as a means of a mental jump-start, if you will, keeping your eye ever on the goal of your commitment, to spiritually uplift this planet. In all of your activities, in all of your mental and emotional exchanges with your brothers and sisters, we would ask you to consciously seek to reach them through their heart centers.

The 1-2-3 is the foundation through which you reach them, but we ask you now, to add to that, the conscious opening of the heart center. This will allow you to reach them on levels that before the circuitry was put in place, was not possible. Much is now possible that in past times was not. Your conversation this evening pertaining to the mind circuitry in concert with the heart circuitry, was relevant, for it makes connections between people stronger, more vibrant, and more deeply felt on emotional levels.

Recognize this as you go about your days through the coming week; try to be aware of those times that you have truly connected with a brother or a sister. Recognizing it and strengthening it, for in our beliefs do we strengthen what is possible for us. That is all I have to say this evening. I would close by reminding you once again that you are ever in the embrace of your Creator Parents, always does Michael hold your hand, through all that you go through. Look to Him; speak with Him; give Him your heart my precious ones, and let Him ease you into the days coming. I leave you with my love, and blessing as always Shalom.

All: Shalom.

Teaching Mission, Love

Unnamed Guest: We have listened to your discussions tonight, and in those discussions, a point was made that we would like to amplify. The method of communication that is employed in this Teaching Mission would be indicative to some of a flighty endeavor, not grounded in what is perceived to be reality. Indeed, many are intrigued by the concept of communicating with spiritual personalities; to many the novelty alone draws them, however, this is not about a shallow approach to the everyday realities that you face. We are here to attempt to assist you in becoming steadfast and centered in the love of God. This love is available to everyone on this planet if they would but take advantage of this parental beneficence.

This is not about an unrealistic or flighty approach to life. We are here to show you how to ground your life in the only true reality of the universe. And when you connect with the love of the Father and are able to tune your radio, as you say, to that frequency, you will notice that your ability to deal lovingly with those you encounter, especially those who are disagreeable or hard to like, will be much enhanced. What we teach truly works, it is not pie in the sky, to use your phrase, it is in fact a reality, so solid and so true that the results of using love in every interaction will prove itself over and over to being the way and the truth.

So while people may come and go into this Mission or into other spiritually seeking groups, the path will remain the same, and it will be grounded in love, a love that is pure, a love that can change the tide of this world. And while our goals may appear to some to be unrealistically optimistic, let me assure you that we shall not fail. In the fullness of time, this planet will be the jewel of this universe!

And each of you will assist in this process, and for that we are very grateful. It is not necessary that people you encounter know from whence you gain your knowledge; it is only necessary that you are able to cross the barriers that will exist between you and the person you greet, so that you can flow the love that has been freely given to you to those people.

We appreciate your efforts to better act as a clear channel for this love and we stand ready to assist you and to provide you opportunities to convey that love to people who are in desperate need of it. The Father’s love falls on each and every person, saint and sinner alike. Take that love and magnify it and pass it along to those on your path. Shalom.

All: Shalom

MICHAEL:  Greetings beloved children, it is I Michael, your Father who loves you beyond measure! I will but speak a few words this evening, thanking you as always, for your participation in this, my Mission to this world. Understand beloveds, that I am here, I am available to you, would you but seek me in earnest. I begin now to make myself available as a participant in these groups such as your own. I will begin interacting with you within this group setting more and more as the days unfold.

I have much I would teach you, that you will find helpful tools as you move further along this path you have chosen. I want so much to hold each of you within my embrace, and have you know in your hearts of hearts that I do indeed hold you…would that I could open your eyes, and help you to recognize that I do stand beside you…reach for my hand precious children…I am here in your midst and walk with you each day as you step out on this path. I leave you now, but only metaphorically,

(T/R: the word I’ve been getting is metaphorically, but I don’t know if that works….but that’s what I’m getting)

I do not in reality leave you my children; I am with you, each and every minute of every day. Know that in your heart…count on it…reach for my hand. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

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