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TAL94- Acting on Faith

1996-08-25-Acting on Faith
Tallahassee #94


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Acting on Faith
o 1.2 Group: Tallahassee TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Unknown, HaReel, Alphonso, Ambrose, & Will
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Exercise
 3.2.1 Stillness
 3.2.2 Service
 3.2.3 Circuits
 3.2.4 Teaching Mission
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Acting on Faith
Group: Tallahassee TeaM
Teachers: Unknown, HaReel, Alphonso, Ambrose, & Will
TR: Unknown


unknown: It is not necessary to record this. I come in your presence wishing to do service, wishing to make connections, wishing to create openings. Are you willing?

Group: Yes.


unknown:  I would ask you to sit comfortably, but erect. Open your hands, perhaps rest them on your legs, knees, but allow them to be turned up, palm upward. I have a spiritual opening that I use personally, you may choose whatever you like; my words are “Be still, and know that I am God.” [1] Take a breath, and as you exhale, repeat the words that have meaning to you.

Be still, and know that I am God. Be still…and know…that I am…God, for within the center and heart of all mankind reside the I am. Be still…and know…that I Am..God. All that you ever hoped to be… all the dreams you ever envisioned have already been given and live within, for within each of you lives eternity. God is eternity, He is Love, Creation, and everything that ever was or ever will be. He is the Wellspring of all creative desire. Nothing seen or unseen in this world or beyond in all the universe of universes can ever be, except, that it come from Him. Know this on the deepest, deepest level of your innermost self. Count on it, believe in it, trust in it. You have visions, each of you, worthy of being expressed in this world you inhabit. Trust that these dreams are even now in process of becoming. The key lies within each of you. The key is in the Father, from whom all things flow. Turn within, often, throughout your day, reaffirming, reestablishing the connection you have with the I Am who lives within. Be still… and KNOW . ..that I am… God….be still… and KNOW….be still…. My blessings upon all within this group. Shalom.


HAREEL:  Greetings to you my friends, this is HaReel. It is exciting to see faith move into action. We are all very pleased and encouraged about your conversation tonight and the movements of your faith. Please know that the road is not always easy, that your faith will sustain you, and you have our most (lost word) support. That is all. Shalom.

All: Shalom.

ALPHONSO: : My friends this is Alphonso. I am so pleased to watch this group as it continues to move forward. The individual threads intertwining in a shared vision of faith. Yes, this is a time of increased spiritual gravity, and each of you has been well prepared and taught. You all feel urges and are ready to act on them, despite the fact that you know not where they lead. We call this faith. You each have a path. You each have a vision. You’re connected through the heart, as you assist one another in realizing your fondest dreams.

We call this unselfish service. Fruits of the spirit. We watch you share, speculate, and project how this will all play out. We see you hug and laugh, and cry as a family. We call this joyful exhilaration. It is indeed an amazing time; a time of love as it connects people on this planet. A time of joy at the progress, the upward incline, and a time of service to your brothers and sisters. My friends, I love you all.

I am joyously awaiting the service opportunities that will be presented to me. Have faith, you are all nurtured in the Father’s hands, encouraged by the on looking celestial intelligences, and leaders and teachers for your brothers and sisters. It is a wonderful day to be alive! I get goose bumps just saying that.

(Ed: not certain if that was a comment from the T/R or from Alphonso)

Our Father rains down love on each and every person on this planet, as we strive for the upliftment of the formerly quarantined planet. We are here to assist; we are here to encourage; we are here to love you. Shalom.

All: Shalom.


AMBROSE: : Greetings friends, students, loved ones all. It is I Ambrose, he who loves you. My student may speak of stepping back, yet always can she be counted on to step forward when she is asked. I thank her for this, for I have not had the opportunity of greeting you for some time. I would like you to think back to the beginning of this mission. Each of you has your own understanding of what that was or is. You all understood pieces or parts of the plan for encircuiting this planet when you began to prepare for the conference that you so lovingly hosted last year.

We gave you the name Network of the Heart for it was our desire that we plant a deeper understanding of this encircuitment in the minds of as many Teaching Mission participants as we could. Moving back now to your time on that mountain….and I beg the pardon of our newest members who cannot in mind journey there with us. But you will still participate today. There was an energy let go on that mount that you each participated in. You’ll remember many were disturbed in their sleep patterns and found themselves walking outside wondering what it was that had so disturbed their sleep.

Even the children responded to this energy. Prior to the letting go, we could analogize this Network that had been placed above your world to a house that had been wired for electricity, many rooms in the house, many outlets, and yet until and appliance was plugged in the electricity served no purpose. Was not used…available, visible…active. It was in essence, a dormant energy. What was facilitated on that mount was analogous to plugging something into the electrical circuits. Each of you, all those that were present, became a part of the outflow of this energy, and every place on the globe that you went, you brought the energy to those places.

You energized your groups and in fact your environment. The mission if you will… this Network above your globe…see the patterns of people grouped across this planet… there are many places, many places that have no understanding of our Sovereigns plan and people, people like you are needed to bring their energy, their understanding to the those that are waiting. This is, in part what we are now about. You will see more and more of your members begin to move out for parts unknown. Those who are in a position and have made the commitment will be asked to participate, yet always will those remaining near the home fires know their place, their jobs continue as the means of regenerating the centers that are already up and running.

Each participant has his or her individual job. It was mentioned recently that you would each discover within your own hearts the new direction your path would take, this too is in process across this globe. Recognize beloved friends, how blessed you each are for indeed do you bring the dawn of a New World through your acts, through your commitment, through your acts of faith. Never forget for one moment that you are each indwelt and surrounded by all the care and help you will ever need in any situation. You have but to seek, for it to become so. Thank you for your attention and for the love that indeed, I receive and I allow to flow to each of you. Shalom.

All: Shalom

WILL: : The love of the Father lives within the minds and hearts of all His beloved children. The Light of the Father is made manifest in this world through the hearts of those committed to this path, to His purposes. Wherever we gather, he is.

Teaching Mission

Greetings beloved students. It is I Will, your teacher who loves you. I have so much enjoyed this evening with you, as have all here present who participate on differing levels. Each of you this evening received gifts, if you will, from those who would minister to you. Some will become active within your lives and recognized perhaps by you, some will not yet become evident, for they are for a future day. Again, it is my thought that I must hold what I had hoped to facilitate this evening.

Yet I will put it to you as a group; my intention was to ask each of you to share what this mission means to you and what your understanding of this mission is, and what you would like, if anything, to become a part of this mission in your future? It seems to me that this could entail more time than you are willing to participate in this evening, but again I ask for your input. (Long pause) Don’t all of you speak at once !

ED: Group laughs, as does Will.

Natalya: Will, to me this Teaching Mission is….

WILL: : Excuse me Natalya, the question on the floor is whether or not you as a group are willing to participate in this, this evening, or do you wish to hold it until next week?

Group: Indicates they are willing.

WILL: : So be it. Continue please, Natalya.

Natalya: Thank you. The Teaching Mission to me is the Urantia Book, brought to life, brought to action, enabling us to live its teachings in our day to day lives on a more active basis than at least I, had previously. As far as my part in this Mission, I’ve not really considered it, or not decided on that yet.

WILL: : Does this Mission give you anything child, on the inside?

Natalya: Oh, yes! More than anything, this Mission has brought me closer to Michael, closer to God! I carry them with me everyday, and I didn’t used to do that. And I also try to see things differently as you have suggested Will. I try to live each day with more of an open heart toward my brothers. All this I’ve gotten through the Teaching Mission!

WILL: : And the next part? Was there anything, is there anything that you would like to receive from this Mission that you are not?

Natalya: Possibly more of an opportunity to worship as a group.

WILL: : Thank you Natalya.

Judy: I would like to speak. I feel sooo blessed, excited, and happy to have found this group. I feel like I’ve been on this Mission before I found this group, but now it’s cemented and (lost word) in my life. I am filled with joy, and happiness that I’ve had my prayers answered. I felt guided to make a lot of noise about this spiritual center and it seems to be coming to fruition. And I can’t think of much more to ask than I’ve already received! The paths are already being made easy. I too would like to worship together as a group.

WILL: : Thank you child. And let me mention, that each of you, each of you here, and many not here, who will one day find their way through your help as well as ours, had been long involved in this mission before the advent of it in your lives as you understand it.

Vincent: Will, I see this Teaching Mission from many perspectives. One, it has augmented our personal spiritual growth to such an extent that it has transformed us into different people than we were. Secondly, it has encouraged us to have a personal relationship with our Indwelling Spirit, an eternal partnership. Third, it has given us the opportunity to participate in the upliftment of this planet in whatever small way we can assist.

It is so many things but I love its joyfulness! I love its tolerance. I love the friends we’ve made along the path. I feel very blessed to have been a part of all of this. What I see in the future for me in this Mission is to be a assistance to those who have dreams, to lend a practical perspective and I hope to be able to write about these experiences, take the book out on the road and use that as a springboard to touch other people. And that’s my vision of this Mission from my perspective.

WILL: : Thank you Vincent. Before I forget, this child was reading a message she received on Feb. 5th of this year; part of that message was meant for you. You may want to have your mind refreshed. Call her tomorrow.

Vincent: I will.

WILL: : Anyone else?

Ruth: Well, I’m new in it, so I don’t exactly know, I just know it’s meant a lot to me as far as listening to God and knowing what He has in store for me, as far as my life is headed, in directions I’m not too sure of, but and I’m a little bit scared….and this is giving me reassurance of the way I seek guidance.

WILL: : Thank you. Your direction is assured, as is the direction of all who participate in Michael’s Mission. It won’t always be smooth sailing, of that you can also be assured! But then you understood that, didn’t you?

Ruth: Yes.

WILL: : Your light blesses this group, little one.

Vincent: Amen to that.

Loren: Will I was (lost words), perhaps others feel this, but we have some unease about the general subject because we do not think of the Master’s trek across Palestine with His twelve disciples and eventual persecution and death which followed…should we look beyond this?

WILL: : You should set that one down my son. That is not in your future. There may be some dissension; there will assuredly be some turmoil. Yet, always with progress, there is change. Always with change there is increased activity….sometimes increased insecurity. But your connection to your Father and to you Parents will always anchor you. So do not fear; you are safe there…it’s assured.

Vincent: Loren, what is the Teaching Mission to You?

Loren: I’m uneasy about it. But she says it won’t be like that.

Vincent: What about this time; what has it meant to you up to today?

Loren: (lost words) there seem to be lines in their communications with us but things seem to continue, but I wonder what our future roles will be say ten years from now?

Vincent: What do you want it to be?

Loren: Something that’s possible to do without going out in the ghetto, I guess. (lost words)
I don’t want to go in the ghetto; Mother Theresa has and she’ll go to heaven and be rewarded richly for it.

WILL: : Dear Loren, neither you nor anyone in this Mission are expected nor asked to do that which is beyond their willingness. Your Father knows your heart! As He knows each of your hearts; you will be asked to participate according to your willingness and your desire and not beyond. Do you understand?

Loren: Yes.

Natalya: Gustavo, would you like to share something?

Judy: Would you like to talk about what the Teaching Mission means to you?

Gustavo: (lost words) To me the Teaching mission is a way to find the (lost words) the team, the mission, the personalized mission, the mission of the path of the Father. The mission that each one has to realize here (pointing to his heart) Many people want to know what they (lost words) This mission can qualify this for the human being, he may have confusion between his mind and his emotion..the physical body can’t realize the action..(lost words) Do you understand me?

WILL:  Yes, you said that very well. You speak from your heart always, and when the words come from the heart, they are always understood. Sometimes a word is mispronounced, but it only gives it a more loving characteristic; it is understood. You, dear child of our Father, are a catalyst for your country and will bring the Father’s Light and understanding to many before you lay down His shield. You are blessed and well (lost word) and loved beyond your understanding. Thank you. Did anyone wish to add anything else?

Then I would like, with your understanding as always, to tell you what this Mission has meant and is to me. When I first discovered that I would be participating in the rehabilitation, the upliftment of this your planet, I was both excited and anxious, for I did not have experience in working with diverse groups of people and I had no inclination of where on this planet I would be sent. As you can well understand, I was very happy to discover that my service would be given to a group of people in these United States, for I had a better understanding, perhaps, of your emotional and intellectual mind sets for want of a better term.

I came into your presence with so much joy and heightened expectations for the future! And yet, there were times when I feared, albeit not for long, but I feared that our group would not continue. You each gave so much of your hearts, of your energy that you held it together, even when it was its shakiest. I have grown in ways I cannot even explain, through my association with you. You have helped me to grow in ways I was not even aware I needed growing. You each are so dear to me, many of you, I was aware of before your group participation, some of you even were open to my contact in those early years.

We have been through thick and thin together and now we come to the place where the Mission that you have taken within your hearts, begins to bear fruit. Not only in your lives, but in the lives of those who participate in your life. Some of you will move out beyond the parameters of this nucleus and wherever you go, always will your connection to your home base remain strong. For in fact, the circuitry we have worked so hard at establishing, each of us and each of you, -is- a viable connection an energetic connection that connects us all each to the other and all to the Father. My heart is so full as Alphonso said last week, close to bursting!


WILL:  Thank you, each of you, for the gifts of your open hearts, for the beauty, the goodness, and the love that you are each examples of. I leave you now, as always, with my love and the reassurance that within the lives of each of you walk many. Yet I would leave you with some homework. Begin, if it is your desire to become quickened in these future days, to incorporate more times within your day when you go within and spend time with He who is resident there. This is the pathway beloveds for each of you. Shalom.

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