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TRD1- Face Your Trials

1993-09-28-Face Your Trials
Trinidad #1 

(See also N Idaho #11)


1 Heading
1.1 Topic: Face Your Trials
1.2 Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Trinidad TeaM
2 Facilitators
2.1 Teacher: Elyon, Astara
2.2 TR: Jonathan
3 Session
3.1 Opening
3.2 Lesson
3.2.1 Vision
3.2.2 Manifestation, Potential
3.3 Dialogue
3.3.1 Reflectivity
3.3.2 Teaching Mission
3.3.3 Youth
3.3.4 Humanity
3.4 Closing

Topic: Face Your Trials
Group: N. Idaho TeaM, Trinidad TeaM
Teacher: Elyon, Astara
TR: Jonathan

Meeting in Arcata, California
ELYON:  Greetings. This is Elyon, and I most appreciate your acceptance in your welcoming of me into your presence. I behold in this group large souls, advanced minds, and deep hearts. I am always pleased to witness such a spectacle among the humans. It is truly amazing to watch and witness the unfoldment of a spirit being from the tabernacles of flesh. You all are a magnificent creation of God. It is a miracle to those who have not experienced embodiment to witness your nature and the manner in which you grow.

ELYON: I would encourage you to bravely face the trials of time, to courageously span the pitfalls of space, to rise above the difficulties that you may encounter, the obstacles that may loom before you, to triumph over all these knowing that in every step you are attended and supported and loved by a vast host of unseen friends. Deep within you, you are fully equipped to accomplish anything you set your mind and will to do. As you gaze out into the stars of the evening sky and contemplate the infinity before you, pause to reflect back that deep within you is that same infinity, that same vast expanse. As you reach in and recognize the loving source of your own being you will with full assurance grasp the all present source of everyone in this entire universe that surrounds you.

Manifestation, Potential
May love be the energy that drives you forward. May you ever be illuminated by the light of truth. May you always be refreshed by the spectacle of divine beauty. And may you always be strong in your faith knowing that what is right, what is good, is what will be and what is. Much time spent focused on your divinity greatly lubricates the gears of your life. All things evolve with ease when you hold the Source in your mind’s eye, in your heart chamber. The potential that lies within you is beyond my ability to express to you. I know you can sense its reality, for it is you, and being a part of you, you know it better than you could know me.

This potential emerges with every moment of your life. It is as the emergence of a beautiful flower from the simple clothing of the bud. Your willingness to unfold in this way will simplify your life, will elevate your life, will bring you such fulfillment that even when you wade through the mud, you will be filled with peace and joy, and a warmth that will carry you forward. I thank you for listening to me this evening. I am always delighted to be in contact with those of my kind at a different station in the ascent. Before I take leave I would open myself to you for inquiries. Should you have them, I am willing.

Group member: Elyon, I would like to express my personal appreciation and that of my entire family, and that of my extended family, for your beautiful message to us and for coming by this way. I would be interested in knowing if you have any knowledge of our status here, our teacher, or assignment in the greater scheme of things. I think that we are uncertain in this sort of thing.

ELYON: I am honored to be a guest speaker in the group of an incredible superangel. Your teacher is mightily skilled, and her assignment with you is not by chance. Your group is pioneering an avenue of expression that few groups are undertaking. Within the mission to which I limit my activities, we undertake the events which you behold with great caution, and a certain amount of forced planning. Yet there are certain aspects of the mission which require experimentation, and you are blessed to be part of this process. Many groups are working within their own structure for mutual growth and upliftment. Eventually all groups will be required – and by that I mean as you are willing – you will be asked to reach out and share with all of mankind. It has become an understanding amongst you that this process is taking place with you. I have one watchword that I will never tire in expressing and that is patience. All things come to fruition with patience. Has this been a help to you?

Group member: Yes, it certainly has, and I appreciate your comments.

Group member: We were talking the other day about reflectivity and wondering if that’s something that is being used in a way that we could understand it or see it in these interactions?

ELYON: Reflectivity as you have come to understand it through your instructional material is not yet present here on this planet. However, in the circuits of mind there exist phenomena similar to the process that these reflective angels are. Where reflectivity is a personality endowment of the reflective angels, reflectivity of a different sort is a mind phenomena, and so where A does not equal B, both appear like C. You may develop such mental capacities as you progress spiritually and it becomes a valuable aspect in your growth. Has this helped?

Group member: Thank you. Yes.

Group member: Thank you for your presence here this evening. Will you speak with our community, the community of Arcata, and the people who are gathering at this time to work for the light, to bring higher understanding of the universal oneness?

Teaching Mission
ELYON: Ages past on this planet, as you recall, there was a headquarters where we drew humans of great potential for their education and enlightenment, and then encouraged them to return to their native lands and uplift their fellows. During this current dispensation we are attempting the same thing in principle, however, it is not one location. There are many points of draw wherein people are gathering for mutual support, to gain that same education and enlightenment. And your community is one amongst the many. One thing that will be evident in such a focus point is the continual flux of beings. You will have many come to your family and then disappear, move on because in these centers our goal is to collect, uplift, and disperse. It could be a frustration for you, those who remain in the focus, helping the process. But if you understand that this is the goal of spirit, you can take delight in the ebb and flow of energy. Many eyes are on you as they are in various locations around the planet. You are very lovingly cared for. Would there be more?

Group member: Would you speak to us tonight in regard to the cooperation between those that have attuned themselves to the greater beings of light?

ELYON: In this current cycle many of you who have been progressing will undergo greater networking, bond building. You are in the process of weaving a giant tapestry. It is of great importance for all to be diligent in the control of self importance from the perspective of aggrandizement. The greater community will be made up of the willing effort of each of you, and those of us from this other perspective are working greatly to draw you together but require your cooperation. Nothing will go forward without you. Those of you who have received advanced training are to be enlisted in the service for our Father- Mother God to uplift your brothers and sisters. There may be [turmoil] in the shifting, as I have witnessed that any human organization always faces conflict and challenges. Recall that even the Master’s apostles would argue as to where to sit at the table. I perceive in you the ability to have great influence on those around you. I acknowledge that light and that power. And I, in this, endeavor to motivate you further to be about the work of spirit. Is this helping?

Group member: We are appreciating what you are speaking of to us, and we would ask that you would continue to speak forth from the radiance from your presence, and that you would give to those who are listening those skills that you are able to impart by your presence in this way.

ELYON: That which I am and behold within my being is a reality within yourself. All that I am in divinity and perfection is equally present within you. Every resource I have to bestow upon you is to be tapped from within your own deep being. As you look there you receive what I have to offer. I give nothing that doesn’t emerge from your own powers and ultimately from the source of all things. We are from the family of ascenders. We are the children of the Most High and ever real God. Let us work with each other in the full realization that we are equipped to fulfill the will of His plans.

Group member: Elyon, young ones . ..(words faint)… They choose to be here. Would you speak with them from their positioning, from their envisioning at this time?

ELYON: I experience great delight in the observance of the awakening of the young amongst you. The chapters of history yet to be written that lie before you, are theirs to experience and will be remarkable to those who are of advanced age. The process of upliftment on this planet will be witnessed in their manifestation. And to the young ones, I encourage you to be open on all levels, to learn on all levels, to have your toes firmly embedded in the sands of earth and your hearts soaring in the heavens above. (tape flipped) . ..that you are the canvas for this masterpiece. Every experience you can have will contribute to this growth of the big picture. I look with excitement toward your unfoldment, for as I have been for ages, I have often reviewed that stretch of the past behind me, and in times of rest and recreation have toyed with alternate avenues. Though they mean nothing in my progress I am always captivated by those who are now painting, who are now carving that path. You have a great destiny before you. Live it with joy. Great satisfaction will be your reward.
I would receive one question and then will take leave.

Group member: Have you been directed to appear here this evening on you own?

ELYON: My assignments come from the one you know as Machiventa Melchizedek. I have been trained by his teaching corps for a long time. My presence here this evening is by my own free choosing because it falls within my assignment to be a group teacher for my Coeur d’Alene students, and so I monitor the travels of the two with you. I also respond to the call of other teachers and make my presence available as needed. I would extend my services to you at any time you request them. I could meet with you in your own private times, during your own meetings. I am willing to make such visitations. So, although I have my assignments and my training, I have great freedom of choice as to how I unfold the task, and I will be happy to be with you when you ask.

My family, my fellows, may the light ever radiate from you. May you always be devoted to truth. May you love in all directions, inward toward your own soul, outward toward all your brothers and sisters, and in so doing you will love the Father of all; you will manifest the Mother of all. Always be cheerful. Always be patient. Always be trusting. In love I say farewell.

Group: Farewell. (Words too faint)

ASTARIANS:  We have become now united in communication with that one who presents his presence to us in this evening of time. And so it is in this uniting which has taken place, that the humanness of your being has further understanding and openness growing forth within yourselves, that the true transformation of the planetary light shall take place. For it is in the visitation of those who are stationed in different geographical areas that the humanness of yourselves becomes aware of the magnitude of the changes which are taking place. So, the visitations of ones who come to share the message of their loving-ness brings to you a further deepening of the realization of this process. We are thankful for these ones who have traveled to the area to bring the loving nature of themselves into this possibility of communication.

It is that we would say to you that listen in the humanness, that it is by the nature of your questioning that each channeled speaking proceeds. And so it is that when you are intellectually and emotionally in a state of readiness, you would be prompted from within yourselves to ask questions which would be very specific to your own individual human status at the present time. And it is when you ask such questions a particular way, that you would be given the further instruction that it appears to us your heart’s desire. You must understand that it is, however, that thus far, you seek for yourselves rather a general outline of the mission of your lives; for it is that you each in your own way feel yourselves to be of great busy-ness so as to prevent yourselves from being able to undertake any further details of the spiritual mission which you are about doing.

So it is in what we are saying to you is that, in the time of your openness and your readiness, those questions of a particular nature would arise spontaneously from your being. You must understand this about yourselves. And know that in the present time you are carrying out the tasks in earnest that you in your humanness and according to the readiness of your soul in this time, are purposefully doing. It is our instruction to you in this evening of time that you would in the course of the coming months think in terms of the details of instruction that you would wish to receive from the many guiding ones who are present and working through your beings. These are all words of speaking to you in this evening of time. Once again we offer our thanksgiving to those beloved ones who have entered the household, to be of sharing of the divine blessing which they have brought about in themselves and through the opening of their hearts and voices. And this is all the speaking for this time.

ASTARA: This is Astara. I am above you, within, and (tape noise)… The movement of your bodies as you make yourselves comfortable is similar to our positioning this evening among you, shifting from one source to another. The universal mind circuits are active in tuning to this occasion. You are in this way administering to one another. I am delighted to be among you in this way on such an occasion as spirit is speaking forth to you in the voices that have opened to you this evening. I find the opportunity to be among you in silence a meaningful experience, as I am certain it has been for you. For in the silence, within the stillness, that affords the listening opportunity; the circuits within the mind are busy making connections, opening new channels within the mind to allow for further understanding and enlightenment.

This community is rich in opportunity to extend the light of our thought. It is that within this household an opportunity exists for such communication to exist in a truthful manner. You have all shown great patience this evening as you have listened to the words that were for your use this evening. I am on . .. as light. I offer my light to your needs, and ask that you offer yours. And as you do, the world will receive that being from your own being, your own unique presentation of the light that exists for all.

Thank you for coming together, for being willing to open to this opportunity. The words of the visiting teacher has opened new circuits. The attending angelic and divine presences are sharpening your wits and enveloping you with a stronger desire to manifest your dreams and your visions. Be at peace. Be all one.

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