TR Person: HelenW

WHT041129- The Game Of Life

2004-11-29. The Game Of Life Cheshire, UK, November 29, 2004. Monjoronson. Subject: “The Game Of Life.” Received by Helen Whitworth. Monjoronson: “When you are born into

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WHT051103- Light Chords

2005-11-03. Light Chords North Yorkshire, UK, November 3, 2005. The Scribe and Thought Adjuster. Subject: “Light Chords.” Received by Helen Whitworth. The Scribe: “The color you

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WHT060412- My Time is Near

2006-04-12. My Time is Near North Yorkshire, UK, April 12, 2006. Monjoronson. Subject: “My Time is Near.” Received by Helen Whitworth. Monjoronson: “The world is beginning

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