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Transcript of Planetary Transformation Call 2-13-22 with Monjoronson

Planetary Transformation Conference Call

Institute of Christ Consciousness

February 13, 2022


Topic: Infusing Reckoning and Reconciliation in Living Gospel of Jesus into Planetary Consciousness

T/R:    Donna D’Ingillo

PRAYER:  Paradise Trinity, Divine Parents, Magisterial Son, Gabriel, Archangels and our Planetary Seraphim, and all other helpers: we are grateful for this opportunity to collaborate with you once again in these circuits of mind. Thank you for unifying us as one in this great circuit of LOVE, UNITY, and HARMONY, letting our unique diversity contribute into this singular intention for more healing and transformation to be conducted in our planet.  We trust you, and we are grateful that we can come to you as your children, sit in the divine presence and submit our heartfelt intentions to be of service to our world in this time of need.  We thank you for guiding our focus today as your WILL is done through your GRACE and GOODNESS and MERCY.  Thank you. 


MONJORONSON:  Greetings to you, beloved brethren!  I am Monjoronson, pleased once again to be with you in this forum of conscious collaboration for planetary transformation.  These energies of transformation are steadily enhancing planetary mind to recognize the tones and notes of the emanations of LOVE pervading this world.  Many hearts are awakening to this internal signal of LOVE.  And this is causing a great reverberation in human mind, to not only awaken to more truth, but to seek to understand why this planet is the way it is and what conditions have fostered this climate—intellectual and emotional climate on the planet.


For many years, we have been guiding you carefully, strategically helping you open to more dimensions of Spirit.  This is part of Michael’s great plan of spiritual rehabilitation for this world and the other worlds that participated in the Satania system of rebellion many, many eons ago.  As you know, it is no small matter to change the trajectory of a world long mired in a way of life that has so far deviated from divine plans of evolution.  Careful plans have been laid for this time for this planet to, not only awaken ,but to come out of this spiritual dormancy, and to remember and recognize who you are and your rightful place in the Family of LOVE.


As we begin, I invite you to focus into your hearts, and let us now help you take that next step forward.  It is through this dynamic of RECKONING, helping more people become consciously aware of the choices they have made and how they have either contributed to the advancement of their spiritual development and soul growth or have actually hindered this development and kept people in a state of spiritual dormancy. 


So, let us begin.  We invite you to focus on yourself in your heart and allow this RECKONING dynamic to embrace you.   There is nothing to fear.  Your energy systems have been prepared for this dynamic, and this is all a part of the adjudication process that is now well underway in Urantian mind.  Take a few deep breaths.  See the word RECKONING, not only in your energy field, let it reverberate in your heart.  And elevate your focus to your Indwelling Spirit and ask for the divine guiding wisdom of your Spirit to support you as you allow this RECKONING dynamic to embrace you and hold you in what you need to continue to make these forward strides in your spiritual development and soul growth.  We begin.  (Pause)


All around the globe many hearts have heard the awakening call, and you see evidence of this all around you now as people are beginning to regain their sovereignty in themselves and the intrinsic relationship they have with the Creator of all.  This is as it should be.  And this is also a part of the process that we have informed you in the past about how the application of DIVINE JUSTICE is moving through the circuits of planetary mind.


As you move from the AWAKENING stage to the RECKONING dynamic, this will help more people become aware of the deviation and/or alignment within divine WILL.  It is to help people become aware of their missteps and to provide them with gentle correction to get on the path, to make strides on their own path of becoming who they truly are as sons and daughters of God.  So, let this internal RECKONING dynamic move in you, support you on this beautiful trajectory of your own spiritual development the ou may become more of the potential within you and express it with great delight from your hearts and souls.


There is so much beauty in you, my brethren.  You have only to go within and ask your Spirit to help you perceive this, that all that is out of alignment to simply echo out, and the Personality potential that you have within you to come back to life and bear the good fruit—the fruits of the Spirit to your brothers and sisters.  Continue to reflect on the RECKONING dynamic, inviting your Spirit to illuminate your mind with more wisdom.  (Pause)


Each one of you is seeded with great creator and creative potential.  It is up to you to learn how to use this.  And the gift of the Indwelling Spirit illuminates those areas within your potential when you are ready to develop them.  This is part of your soul development.  It is a natural process of LIFE, and more and more people are responding to this inner call.  Once you have awakened to this, the next step is to reconcile those activities, experiences, thoughts, and feelings that you have had through the course of your life to see them through the lens of the Spirit.  Your Spirit will help you perceive that which has been out of step in a gentle and loving way, helping you make those corrections within yourselves, so that you can continue unencumbered by the past as you progress on your spiritual journey. 


Too few Urantians actually make this journey.  But now the time is upon you to reckon and reconcile these divergences within you, and to come into the greater alignment with your Spirit that you may participate in your divine plan of life feeling secure,  safe, supported, and validated in the true potential that has been given to you to express uniquely, throughout the course of your eternal life.  You start here and you progress. 


So, let this RECKONING dynamic continue to support you, guiding you into even greater faith steps of the becoming process of your soul.  (Pause)


Allow the RECKONING energies to integrate into you.  Give your Spirit permission to illuminate your mind with more TRUTH and GOODNESS that you may perceive what is out of alignment and seek the loving wisdom of your Spirit to bring you back—back into the embrace of your Creator in a loving and peaceful manner.  (Pause)


We are now ready to engage at the collective level.  From your hearts as you have done so many times before, project the word energy dynamic of RECKONING to spiral around the globe from the north to the south pole counterclockwise.  Gabriel, the Archangels, and the Seraphim have formed a mighty blanket of spiritual energy around the planet.  So as this RECKONING dynamic is applied, feel that motivation-intention for this to now permeate and penetrate planetary mind, helping more of your brothers and sisters become aware of their missteps that they may reconcile within themselves these divergencies, come into that RECKONING within themselves that their Spirits may help them move them out of the past and into the glorious future for them to express their God-given potential.


It is time.  The circuits of planetary mind have been prepared.  And now we invite you as citizens of this world to hold that intention for more of your brethren to be liberated from the scourge of the rebellion mindset and step into the true path of LIFE that is available for one and all to enjoy freely in the bounties of divine LOVE and MERCY. (Pause)


As this RECKONING energy permeates planetary mind, its reverberations can go deep into memory.  And as it does this, we are also bringing up the circuits of the LIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS to support humanity’s recognition that all children are part of the Family of God, and that we are here to help you remember and move into that place of loving service to your brothers and sisters. 


These simple truths are so clear and clean that they can wash away the debris of sin and error in human thought and expression.  It is through this RECKONING dynamic that more people may become aware of their missteps, but be supported by the LIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS to help them make those changes and remember that love is not only a privilege to receive, but it is a cosmic duty to share. 


So, let this RECKONING dynamic reverberate deeply into planetary memory, and we will continue to make those connections to support this for all life to benefit here through this great upstepping now.  Continue to hold this focus as the planet is embraced and reverberates in RECKONING.  (Pause)


As this RECKONING dynamic continues to speak its meaning and value into human mind, we invite you to focus on the dynamic of RECONCILIATION IN THE LIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS to help your brothers and sisters, to move them  beyond fear, and to feel that dynamic pull of Spirit moving them out of the past, out of their misery,  out of their shame, out of their own unworthiness, giving them a glimpse of a divine perspective that will help them choose this path of REPENTANCE, REDEMPTION, and REHABILITATION.


Let these words: RECONCILIATION IN THE LIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS support this RECKONING dynamic, that more correction may guide human mind out of the past and into the new life where more will co-create together in the dynamics of UNITY, HARMONY, DIVERSITY, PEACE, COMPASSION, TOLERANCE, FAIRNESS, PATIENCE—all attributes of divine LOVE.  (Pause)


Invite these energies to ground into memory.  There is a higher gravity of Spirit in these dynamics to elevate human memory into the over-arching influence of the Indwelling Spirit that will provide more divine perspective into each individual about their missteps and how they may make their own corrections and come into a deeper recognition of who they are and their potential.  


As you know, this is a phase of evolutionary development and expression this world has never achieved.  Some skeptics may seem that this is fanciful or what people consider too good to be true.  But you know that this is just an aberration based on years of memories of betrayal.  The Father in Paradise never betrays.  Nor does his Son Christ Michael and His Consort Mother Spirit Nebadonia.  And you only have to elevate your thoughts to this higher vantage point to see TRUTH. 


And now this more incumbent upon humanity to reckon to what has happened here.  You cannot avoid this stage of your transformation. It is a part of the RECONCILIATION that is a component of DIVINE JUSTICE.  And so, we move you through the stages and phases that you may understand, come into recognition of lessons of great divine import that impact your eternal life career.


Continue to ask for this energy of RECONCILIATION IN THE LIVING GOSPEL OF JESUS and the RECKONING dynamic to ground into memory, helping more brothers and sisters to open to this phase in their own spiritual development and help them grow in who they are as beloved sons and daughters, beloved brothers and sisters, beloved participants in the Family of LOVE. (Pause)


Let us now elevate the gaze to the Paradise level.  Thank the Paradise Trinity for its action in this circuit , bringing the DIVINE REFLECTION to shine forth on Urantia mind, holding the planet in a mighty Trinity embrace for these energies to help more people reconcile in this RECKONING dynamic.  Take a few moments to express your appreciation for this DIVINE REFLECTION bathing the planet, sending more LOVE and LIGHT into human mind that more people may rejoin the FABRIC OF LIFE, become alive and vital in who they are as part of it.  (Pause)


Invite their divine reflection to reverberate into the core of the earth.  Let these dynamics of spiritual infusion move in a two-way direction from Paradise down to the earth plane into the core of the earth.  And let the DIVINE REFLECTION at the core of the earth move to human mind and form a completed circuit of information now bathing this world, holding it in all of these components of DIVINE JUSTICE through this RECONCILIATION and RECKONING dynamic.  This is another step on your healing process planet-wide.  You will continue here until all have made a choice in this great RECKONING now underway and becoming a more potent force for change here.  (Pause)


The hand of Spirit is upon Urantia, paving the way forward to your destiny so beautiful and glorious to behold.  It exists in potential.  It is given to you to co-create with your Spirit.  And the more you do this, the more you will be guided to those individuals who share the same objectives and goals, and together we expand into this Family of LOVE, and this planet remembers its place in this beautiful benevolent family.  Let these energies deepen in you and deepen in planetary mind and memory.  Know that you have played a very significant part in this trajectory of change that will lead you to Light and Life. (Pause)


May the LOVE of our Paradise Creators hold you steadfast and steady in these times of great change, and let all that no longer serves you fall away, stepping into the greater magnitude of LIFE, becoming more real in it, more substantial in Spirit  that what you are being guided to do to support this mission—Michael’s  plans of correction to continue to reverberate through this world.  


Your role is important.  Your potential is great.  Do you dare to rise to what is seeded in you?  Only you can answer this question.  Each person is being so lovingly supported and guided whether they recognize it or not, and this RECKONING dynamic will help more people open and choose.  What will their choices be?  It is up to them and the Father Within them.  Do your best to love them, and help them understand that this great RECKONING will liberate them from the past and move them into great joy and peace in themselves.   


We have completed our objectives, my dear brethren, and our gratitude to you is immense.  Feel that hug of gratefulness from us now.  And know that we stand with you as this world continues on its trajectory to a higher way of life and a higher way of love for all human to participate and enjoy.  Learn your lessons in these days and thrive in the awareness that you are all growing soulfully and in the greatness of what has been seeded in you by the Father Himself.  Good day, my beloved brethren.

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