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WAS1- Introduction To Tonsah

2004-12-10-Introduction To Tonsah
Wasatch #1


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Introduction to Tonsah
o 1.2 Group: Wasatch TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Rayson, Tonsah
o 2.2 TR: Daniel Raphael
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: Introduction to Tonsah
Group: Wasatch TeaM
Teacher: Rayson, Tonsah
TR: Daniel Raphael


RAYSON: Good afternoon. This is Rayson. It is a pleasure to be here with you. We have been sitting by as you have talked and we have enjoyed your conversation very much. We are particularly appreciative of the tone of your group, as you have been speaking. Each group has its own tone, the harmonic that it brings when everyone is together. Your harmonic is very good. It is very conducive to us being here. It feels familiar to us and we feel comfortable with you.


RAYSON: This meeting tonight will be brief. I will explain to you what will occur and why it is occurring and what you may do with that in the future. My presence here tonight was on the invitation of Mantutia Melchizedek, who is what you would call the (celestial) regional manager of this area. He assists in the organization and development of the spiritual element in this geographic area. He gave me the responsibility, the honor and the privilege of introducing to you, your new celestial teacher, to this, our new group. We are very excited by this, for the potentials for this group are far larger than you may imagine or contemplate.

We see many, many hungry yearning souls in this area; hungry individuals for hope and for connection to larger realms of spirit, as their existence here is most difficult. You will meet people from afar and from near, those who live up the hill and those who live down the hill a long ways. You know these people and you feel a oneness with their heart.
When they are ready, and when you are ready, we ask you to invite them, for their cups must be filled for them to drink and feel thirsty and to eliminate their thirst.

This group has as its purpose and its function, to be an anchor of light in this area. You do not have to proselytize it fervently, but through your presence you can carry this light with you, for you can participate in this as an integral part of the light. You will establish an energy anchor here of light in the near future. We ask you do that…(tape broke-lost a few words)… and be consecrated and dedicated to that use, and carry this light with you wherever you go, and you will be led to individuals that are hungry, for sprit, for hope, for potential, for safety. Now, I wish to introduce Tonsah, who is your new teacher. He is here. He is quite an incredible individual. I will let him explain to you why it is that he is here. Thank you.

Tonsah Speaks To The Expected Activities of This Group

TONSAH:  Good evening, I am Tonsah, the new celestial teacher that has been assigned to your group. I am your group teacher and I am personal teacher to Warren, who you know as Marshall. My main function however, is to be your group teacher. I was playfully chatting with Daniel a couple days ago teasing him about my approach to this group. I told him that I was what you would call wily, that I was what you would call street-smart and one can say that, but one has to know that, correct? And so, it is no accident that I have been assigned to your group, for the people you will be seeking out and bringing to this group. As we said, it is not essential that you proselytize, in fact I will ask you not to, but to carry with you the message and the light that you receive.

Those who know you will be also hungry and ask to know how you came to be this way and what you know that they might need. You will find that many of your invitees come and go. Many come, many go, and many will stay, but you never know what they carry with them into the light, outside this meeting. They will carry with them the possibility of greater expression of themselves, their being, their potential. This is an offer of hope to all of you and everyone that comes here. Do not be dismayed or discouraged that those who are invited say that it is not real. But those who know that it is real will remain. It is their choice, not yours to make.

You may call upon me individually in the future, day by day, week by week, whenever it is necessary for you to contact me. I will assist you in ways that you will not know, I will assist you in ways that you will know-and you will know that you have been aided. It has been no mistake that you have had these unusual personal experiences in these prior weeks, for you have been prepared to know, certainly, that you should be here, and that you know certainly that this is the way and this is the light; that you carry the light with you.

Now, I wish to explain a little bit about myself. I said that I was an extraordinary individual, and that is only because I am statistically exceptional. It does not mean that I am special in Gods’ eyes any more than you are. The Creator created all of you equally and potentially. You are equally revered and loved. I too, come from an experimental planet. I am from a decimal planet, one that has had the opportunity to grow in ways that are unusual, just like your planet. It is no accident that some of your people here on this planet are most unusual.

My heritage is a combination of what you would call midwayer and mortal, morontial. I am both simultaneously physical, when I lived, and my people lived… and they still exist. I have capacity to see into the morontial, and yet live on the physical. As it is, this gives me a great understanding of my surroundings, yet I still have to overcome those difficulties, the same ones that you have. They are a bit different, but my grow! th was much like yours; very challenging. The more capacity to understand, to see and to sense your environment, the more you have greater challenges on those levels. I see your challenges as quite simple, yet for you they are equal to those that I had to overcome.

This is not magic making. We do not perform magic, we do not do miracles, though unusual things are not unusual to occur to you. You will not be given super-human powers, but you will have a knowing, an understanding, in the months to come and years to come that will develop if you remain steadfast, and so-to-speak, simple-minded in your thinking, as you keep your lives simple and focused. I will close now. I know that you are curious, and I will open it to three questions.


Warren III: What is your name, again?

TONSAH: Tonsah. You would spell it T-O-N-S-A-H.

Warren III: Hello, Tonsah, thank you for being here tonight, and I have one question. Tonsah: Certainly.

Warren III: What would be the best way to contribute towards this new group? What are some of the main things, or most important? Of course there is stillness meditation, but what else could you add?

TONSAH: I would ask you, each of you, to feel, sense, and to come to a process of bonding with each other, that you share these moments and knowing that you will never erase them from your lives. It is important that you come to a sense of group, of community, that you are a tribe, or you are a clan, or a family, that there is a oneness about you which has existed prior to your coming here, and now that you are here you can celebrate that oneness. You will come to know this as your group consciousness.

It is not exclusive and excludes others, but inclusive to include others who are similar to you. This will necessitate that you be tolerant, for you will have most unusual people come to this group, some who, as you say, are dumpster divers, those who live in the alleys, those who live in cars, those who come from rich houses. There are no differences to us, for your spirit potential is the same. You are loved and we compassionately fraternize with you. Does this help to answe! r your question?

Warren III: Yes, it does. It helps a lot. Thank you very much.

TONSAH:  You are welcome.

David: My question is that I find myself in the energy of things taking place in the present and the foresight of things of a negative nature taking place in the near future, that sometimes I feel like I am going to crawl out of my skin and that I just want to get the hell out of here. How do I know when it is time to go and when it is time to stay, or if I am just being paranoid or if it is my flesh talking to my spirit?

TONSAH:  Thank you for the question. It is a question that is applicable to almost all of you. First, we wish you to know that it is necessary to continue to focus on the positive, not to have a Pollyanna attitude about the world that everything is just fine, for it is not just fine on this planet. Therefore, your effectiveness is properly maintained by a positive attitude and focusing on the light, to be one with the light.

Yes, we know that as you become more open to the influences around you, such as yourself, you are easily influenced by the negative energies on your planet as well as the positive, therefore we advise you to protect yourself from the negative. You have psychic abilities to, which you would call, format this protection for yourself. See yourself as surrounded by a mirror. You are in a porous but protective mirror that mirrors away all negative energy, and none but the energy of light can come in. You are a source of light, and when the light energy comes within you, you then glow much like a light bulb and the light is contained within you, and there is no room for darkness.

This is not magical thinking, but an essential mechanical, mindal element that you will need to practice, and you are fully capable of this. It does require a minded focus to begin with, to maintain this mirror, and when you feel negativity coming towards you, you can create a parabolic mirror of sorts, and reflect that back to the source. You wish no harm to the source of negative energy, for that is none of your business, as you do not need to participate in the dark machinations or thoughts of others. It is important that each of you understand this mechanism, for you are living on a planet with tremendous negative influence. You must avoid the victim mentality, yet at times you feel like you must crawl out of your skin and escape through space, but we ask you to remain as grounded as possible in this work. There is much more that I could add to this to assist you at this time, but I wish to move on to the next question . . . .

Mary: Who is going to do the transmitting/receiving (T/Ring)?

TONSAH: That is a good question, is it not? It is not without resources that we send this one back home in a few days [referring to T/R Daniel]. You have resources, though this resource must grow and purify itself in ways that it knows are necessary, and those that it is not aware of yet. We believe that there are several capable, potential candidates for T/Rs in this area, several of which could almost immediately begin, but there must be a maturing of commitment and the sacrifice of selfhood, of self, to do this. It will become apparent in the days ahead and the weeks ahead who may be your first resource. We thank you for asking this question, for it should remain a question for all of you, for each of you here, truly each of you, is quite capable of doing what this one [Daniel] is doing now.


TONSAH: We close this. Me, Tonsah, and my companion Rayson close this session today. We honor you, were we to be with you and bow with our hands in front of you, recognizing and honoring you,! validating your existence, your friendship and your energy in your work with us. Many blessings to you, and always good. Good day.

Tonsah is group celestial teacher for both the Wasatch, Utah Group and the Salt Lake City, Utah Group at this time. The Wasatch Utah Group “. . . is the non-UB, non-TM based Group meeting at my home.” [Marshall]].

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