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WDC254- Worship Brings Positive Changes

1999-09-22.  Worship Brings Positive Changes

Woods Cross #254

Topic: Worship Brings Positive Changes

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a beautiful display of faith and willingness to participate, yes. Your desire to do your best is evidence that you are indeed serving our Father. How beautiful it is to see our fellows go beyond themselves to giving all glory and honor to our  Father. Worship is the doorway to a new and better age. How can such insurmountable problems be overcome in this society today? The answer is simple: By having the faith of a little child, being small enough to enter into the doorway of worship allowing Father to teach, and you glorifying His teaching by living His example in your everyday lives.


Worship brings a beautiful balance between the mortal and divine. The animal tendencies are transformed into a  productive divine energy when you can step aside from yourselves to find Father and His greater meanings and values. Your vision extends beyond this mortal life to eternal realities when you can be made small and recognize the power and love of God.

The evolutionary worlds of time and space know not of their influence in the universe; how the Supreme Being can be made to grow and change when worlds are made to kneel in humble admittance to the fact that they do not have all the answers; how the universes upon  universes are made to change when even small groups reach out in faith and support Michael’s cause. In having died to the old ways, and taken up the new, there is certainly material changes made also.

In worship we are renewed in body as well as mind and spirit. Physical changes do occur with such a positive activity, physical changes on an individual level as well as a planetary level, of course. Father is waiting enthusiastically for His children to reach up. He finds it His  supreme joy to commune with each child personally. How blessed are we that He should love and care for us! How powerful is worship that we can create such positive changes that resonate all the way to the Supreme Being! Yes.

Most mortals, having experienced adversities that would leave them hesitant to trust a higher source, would perhaps be beaten down by life’s circumstances. Many mortals who experience physical and mental illness would have a negative outlook on this mortal life. They would  perhaps find no cure for what ails them. Many mortals who experience physical \ chemical addictions may find their weakness overwhelming without hope of recovery without a greater and more powerful source.

Worship brings us a connection in which we are changed physically, mentally and spiritually. There is strength to endure those daily events that would seem to break the average mortal heart and mind. There is everyday healing that would bring shock to the average mortal. There is power in relinquishing those things that have held you. In worship there is hope and sound solutions to everyday problems. It is our hope that worship will bring the worlds people to change their point of view from how ‘the world is so bad’ to ‘the world is getting better. How can we help?’ Yes.

This concludes our lesson on worship. Still find time in your daily routine to acknowledge the beauty Father has put before you. Still maintain your childlike faith, and in all things have the attitude of living for the glory of our Father in Heaven. Commit to Him daily, telling Him who you serve. In the coming weeks we will focus on strength and endurance–being able to persevere and face all difficulties with  the courage of the Master. We will discuss self-discipline.

It is well known that a child would rather flee from things unpleasant and fearful than face them with unknowing. It is evident in your society that various forms of diversion are created in order to feel liberated from life’s daily grind. Forms of societal opiates are becoming popular as everyday living wondering what is life’s meanings about. It is indeed difficult to take the punishment of everyday living with a smile.

Our upcoming lessons will teach you strength in standing strong in mind and faith to learn to bend and not break. The Master’s living example was such an inspiration for us each. How can one take life’s punishment and not become weak, embittered, angry, depressed or hopeless? How did Jesus, the man, live from day to day with strength, trust and encouragement to others? How could  He accept life’s disappointments without wanting to give in or being broken by them? Ponder upon these things during the week. Have discussion in your next meeting.


I can say each week when we meet I am made to worship our Father for His overall watch-care and allowing me to be here with you. Again, as always my love grows more for you each time we meet. Until next week, shalom.

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