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WDC274- Life Sustaining Nutrient

2000-04-24.  Life Sustaining Nutrient

Woods Cross #274

Topic: Life Sustaining Nutrient

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How wonderful it is to meet together each week. Each week I feel welcome and at home. You all contribute to the energy that makes this transmission process possible. Your warm and inviting intentions allow me to feel at ease to speak my mind. I can literally feel a welcoming energy from you. I cannot say I have ever felt much negative un-welcoming energy in all my years in this Mission. Your desire to allow me to teach and be my brothers and sisters keeps us in a forward momentum. Your motives and intentions have energy and you each have done well in promoting the progress of the Mission.


We all must expect to come across individuals who do not share in such positive energy exchange. It is somewhat sad for them, but  good practice for us in keeping that constant energy flow from our divine source. When you link up with these individuals be not ready to embrace those spiritual poisons, but stop and remember these conflicts are lessons in learning to keep that divine energy moving.

Recently you have celebrated the day of the resurrected Master. His life on Urantia really created great change. His teachings, although  somewhat distorted, still live on. I can say what He faced during his trial and execution was also an important part of learning to live in the Father’s comfort when all else has failed or all human energy has ceased.

How could the Master have endured such a trial? How could He be resolved within Himself to not go with his mortal instincts to save  Himself? Yes, He was the Creator Son even then, but the brutality He faced made even the spiritual beings On High shudder. Jesus, the man and Michael, the Creator, knew deep within His very being the absolute and unconditional love of God, all else was small in comparison.

The love of the Father is an energy, which is in actuality the sustainer of life. My friends, you know to a small degree of the love of God. Your capacity to comprehend this love grows with each spiritual level you master. The true and everlasting love of God is without pleasantries or fairy-tale padding. The essence of God’s love is powerful and truthful, honorable and forthright, all-encompassing and without condition.

The Master endured because He knew without a doubt He possessed this love. He felt this love as a life sustaining nutrient that upheld him in all things. The Master loves us with this love. I understand that it would be difficult to love everybody with this love, but as you reach for new spiritual heights you can know better yourself this love of God–this sustaining, unfailing, enduring energy, which is in all actuality the only thing we will ever really need.

To love your fellows as the Master loves you, you must first understand how the Father and the Master love you. It is with realness and allowing you to experience and learn what you need in order to find God. How can you endure in such a strife torn world? What will drive you forward? What will fulfill you to your very inner being?

We are still within the series on the Brotherhood, but at this time I ask that we each reconnect with our Indwelling Spirit. Ponder upon the Master’s courage to endure and also to lay down what He wanted in order to take up what Father wanted. If you are met by your fellows, could they see that you have been with God? Would they know He is your sustaining force and drive? Would they know it is Him that leads you to do good? Can you lay down what you want to take up what Father wants?


During this week practice your stillness to refresh your memory of the pure and sustaining love of Father. How is your soul refreshed, re-energized, rejuvenated, and ready to serve? Have discussions with one another. That is all. I would be most happy to meet with you each during your journaling time. Feel free to ask me anything–I will be there. My precious friends, I do certainly feel such gratitude to Father for knowing you. My love goes with you. Until next week, Shalom.

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