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WDC276- Spiritual Harvest

2000-05-08.  Spiritual Harvest

Woods Cross #276

Topic: Spiritual Harvest

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Emulan, Abraham

TR: Nina


TR: I guess Emulan will speak first. I don’t like it when they change stuff. I am EMULAN. Change is good. Worry not–for I am your friend and teacher too.

EMULAN: I do not make it my place to bestow personal praise, but I think it is appropriate to say in my observance of you, I find you diligent and hard working. I find you to be persistent even when you feel defeated. I see you always making your  best effort to do what is true, beautiful and good–not always do you succeed, but how excellent that you always try. I say these things as an observer, a friend and one who would truly desire to see your spiritual harvest plentiful.

I would also likewise tell you with helpful intentions when I would see the opposite of these virtuous aspects of  your personalities or characters. I would think myself a real friend and helpmate. I would share my thoughts with you in the hope that you would find them helpful in producing your spiritual harvest.

I am grateful to my friends and associates around me, for they assist me in tending to my spiritual harvest. My harvest is their harvest. My joy is their joy. My sorrow is their sorrow. At these levels in the Brotherhood I am more deeply  connected to Father. I see His personality manifested through my fellows and myself. With such a loving association among my fellows I am more balanced in mind, more joyous in my attitude and lighter in my countenance.


In my desire to produce a bountiful spiritual harvest I also tend to the vine which sustains me. I have my place secured on the vine and I take my position there quite seriously. I have a responsibility to the vine, as well as the other branches, and the overall well-being of the plant as a whole. If one is dedicated to the vine which sustains them, how can they not also be dedicated to the other branches?

Could I be very successful in my production of the spiritual fruits if I assume my brothers think poorly of me or feel that they do not make me feel welcome? I believe my first duty is to the vine. He sustains me. In Him I can believe I am a child of God. I should not worry what my brethren are thinking of me when I have the full and complete love of God. If we truly believe we are children of the Most High then we are not so likely to assume the world is against us. We are  more likely to accept Father’s abundance and not overlook those blessings that chance to come our way.

I am most grateful to be side by side with you serving that same beautiful vine. I leave you with another beautiful branch which also adds to our spiritual harvest.

ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I thank you, Emulan, for such a beautiful and informative lesson. I am honored to serve with you, my brother, in our Lord’s Mission. You indeed help us to add beauty to our harvest.

When I am completely within the joy and abundance of Father I truly believe the universe is with me. I feel comfort and well-being at the thoughts of: I have my position on the vine. I am in a warm and loving universe. If I have  the love and affection of my supreme Caretakers, what more could I ask for? Even when I do feel disharmony with others I am unshaken. I am still grounded within a loving universe.

I know what it is like to wear the mortal flesh. I have experienced the world’s cruelties. I have in my day been the cause of cruelty to others. I can say the moment I truly felt the full and complete love of the Father I was not enslaved any longer to others opinions. I had a freedom to embrace my sonship and live within what I thought to be the will of God.

In this feeling of well-being I had rallied my own wild assumptions towards my fellows and began look upon them as my siblings within the Kingdom. How this brings such beautiful balance and abundance of spiritual fruits is such cause to rejoice, such cause to be grateful to those that made our way, those that gave us our place and position within the universe.


This week contemplate your understanding of your status within the Kingdom. Are you believing that you are truly  deserving of Father’s abundance or would you chance to overlook them because you feel undeserving or unworthy? Perhaps you feel disconnected from the vine? Perhaps there is holding back in assisting your fellows in their harvest?

My friends, we must incorporate these truths into our daily lives. We must actually practice them for them to become an everlasting part of our eternal reality. Do not think that you can sink down and be unnoticed, for you are in full view  of the vine. I would leave you with my love and commitment to you to assist in your spiritual harvest. Until next week, shalom.

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