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WDC280- Who Is Seated In The Watchtower

2000-05-29.  Who Is Seated In The Watchtower

Woods Cross #280

Topic: Who Is Seated In The Watchtower

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings to you, my friends and fellow travelers, in this experiential journey. I am in such gratitude to Father, for He has prepared our place at His table. Every setting is carefully polished and placed for each one of us. To see you here this evening is evidence of Light and Life.



Throughout this entire Teaching Mission I see individuals who are endeavoring to carry out the instructions Michael has given. There are some individuals who work quietly and believe they go unnoticed. There are individuals who stand firm in what they believe to be God’s work. There are beautifully sincere seekers who are looking  for practicality in spirituality. There are those who stumble in uncertainty and wish for more proof that this Mission is real. All of these well intentioned individuals make up the Brotherhood and give significant proof that Light and Life is occurring. How honored I feel to be in contact with all our Mission participants. You inspire me and show me the goodness of our Father.

Let us always give our Father full sovereignty in all we do, individually as well as collectively. When we can allow Father His place then are we giving Him our trust and permission to bestow upon us divine instructions. He is in His  watchtower with a full view of our journey. He can impart to us which roads need to be traveled and what supplies we will need. He makes the roads meet where we can help another or be helped. He gives us the directions to the divine well in which to dip our cups for rejuvenation.

I ask all who chance to read these words to reinstate Father to full sovereignty over your personal lives, as well as the Mission as a whole. Live as though Father is right there with you in all that you do–because He is. He is not  about politics or caught up in battles of self-aggrandizement. He is in full view of our destiny and needs to be able to break through expectations to make this Mission secure and long lasting.

Go back to your raw and unbiased basic belief in who your Father really is. Is He far off and concerned with greater affairs of the Kingdom? Is He a supreme ruler who will sit on High and judge and condemn you? Is He the purest and most innocent love you can possibly imagine? Is He powerful beyond comprehension? Is He first in your lives in all things? Contemplate your understanding of the Fatherhood of God. Look for evidence of His good works on earth. Take note of His good works through you and your ability to allow Him to do so.

How complicated life becomes when Father is not allowed sovereignty. How difficult life is to not believe He is mighty and lovingly powerful in all things. In our own desires we overlook Father’s will. Father knows our every need and desire. He takes that into account regarding your eternal destiny. He would not have you hunger throughout eternity being unfulfilled, no. He can move mountains and align the stars–why could He not see that you become internally fulfilled, spiritually joyful?

There are desires individuals wish to fulfill. There is pain they wish to heal. There are wrongs they wish to right. There is a need to be accepted unconditionally. Individuals may act out in various ways in trying to have some compensation, some soul satisfaction, some justice or perhaps a feeling that they are important and do belong. Take this  into consideration when you deal with one another.

Do not expect to find healing so much through your fellows but through the Father, allowing Him sovereignty or His seat at the head of the table. This is a wonderful opening to finding that soul satisfaction. You can be helped by one another in this Brotherhood, but only to a point. When relationships, or confrontations with associates, become confusing, it is time to reflect on who is seated in the watchtower who can view clearly all things. To reflect on your understanding of the Fatherhood of God is key to comprehending the Brotherhood of Man. That is all. A few questions.


Thought Controllers

CALVIN: Abraham, it is a very hard thing for me to determine what is the will of the Father and what I think is my mistake in maybe Thought Adjuster controlling. It seems so much like just in my head and it is so easy to think it was my wishful thinking or my agenda and not Father’s. Do we trust that Thought Controller is coming through? I know there’s no glory seeking in it and I recognize some of those things as a check point. Maybe you can give me some further help there?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. To wait upon the will of God is difficult for some. To act on impulse seems a bit more natural. It is difficult to not attempt to fulfill self-desires or heal past wounds, and sometimes subconsciously or even consciously, act upon this. To allow time is difficult, I know, but God is the same today, tomorrow and forever. His will is there, and should you allow time to prove what His will really is, would be wise. Should you allow Him His sovereignty, and work for His glory only, without expecting anything in return, are good guidelines. Thought Adjusters versus Thought Controllers are a matter of the giving over of personal will. The Thought Adjuster can guide or prompt, but not change human will. The status of Thought Controller works within personal will. There the pre-work has been done. The years of teaching and guiding have resulted in the inner soul’s promise of ‘not my will Father–but yours be done.’ There is a greater amount of trust when one is transformed to Thought Controller status. Is this helping? (Yes it is very much so.) Another question?


SIMON: I appreciate the lessons very much and your presence with us here and during the week. It comes  to mind the balance of time between our temporal labors and preparing, planning for future events. I have been wrestling a little bit with that this week. I am really enjoying these new levels. I had an event of loosing one of my main technicians that does some of the TV’s, and part of the lesson touched on some of that for me. So my question is really about the balancing of temporal time with the time we invest for eternal things, future things.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I, in my mortal state, had often pondered upon this. My mentor and friend, Machiventa, taught me that the two are actually combined. The spiritual life should infiltrate every aspect of your mortal living. You must work to live, but in that there are spiritual lessons; there are lives you touch; there are relationships formed; there  is spiritual growth to be had. Spirituality should intermingle with all aspects of life. Certainly you cannot do the stillness at work, and that is probably the only thing you should find separate time for. Is this answering Simon?

Simon:  Yes. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, I have a daughter. Her name is Janice Marie. I was wondering if it would be appropriate that I could have her spiritual name?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Anea is how she is know on High. Yes, Anea. Another question?

SIMON: Abraham, my assistant, a very good friend of mine. I was wondering if it would be appropriate to know her spiritual name?

ABRAHAM: If she can attend and ask me, I can permit it, or I can allow this information if the question is directly from her. Are you in understanding?

Simon:  Yes. Thank you.


I am as always feeling blessed and comforted knowing Father allows me to be with you. My love is with you. Until next week, shalom.

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