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WDC282- Be As The Small Child

2000-06-19.  Be As The Small Child

Woods Cross #282

Topic: Be As The Small Child

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I love to attend this meeting every week to observe how you have dealt with  your mortal happenings. I can say with certainty that you each do much better than I did when I once wore the mortal flesh.


This time in your world history is particularly interesting because of the many changes and occurrences. We are always in a state of amazement at Father’s wonderful works. There is a ripple of joy throughout the Heavens each time a child of Urantia turns Godward. As you progress in your spirituality do you find yourself with divine abilities that help heal the past, correct present behaviors and cause hope for the future.

We in this Brotherhood could learn much from the little child. A small, well cared for child views the world with wonder. A child rises every morning in excitement of things to happen during the day. They have not plans nor deadlines to meet. They go about their day living in the present moment. A very small, unspoiled child views his other tiny fellows through the eyes of curiosity and enthusiasm to find out all they can about them. They see not color of skin, financial status,  positions of importance or power. They view their small friends with the eyes of equality and without judgment.

At some point in your lives you each began like the small child. With experience and worldly cruelties you have learned to develop a thick skin for protection. You have taken life’s cruelties, and you have also given them, and have seen  the repercussions therefrom. To truly become attuned to the universal Brotherhood we must remember the little child within. A child who finds excitement in the company of his fellows, a child who accepts his fellows without question, a child who would partake of their fellows joy or cry at their sadness.

The little child is quite possibly over-trusting, but always can he go to the Parent for guidance. How blessed is the man or woman who walks into a room only to see their fellows faces light up with joy at their presence. To acquire  the attributes of a child concerning the Brotherhood, there needs to be effort made towards taking steps and daring to be vulnerable or exposed, so to speak, among your fellows. If one makes effort to be among your fellows without worry of protection then are there literal opening circuits between you.

A small child worries not about the individual, if he is rich or poor, male or female, black or white, he just is. He  is happy to be himself with his tiny fellows and knows that this is indeed quite good. The small child views his peers without expectations and is open to learning about the individual. He worries not what his small friends can do for him, but only reaps the joy from their company. The child is open to learn about his fellows, for he has no preconceived notions, only wonder and curiosity.

Be as the small child. View your fellows through those small un-judgmental eyes. Make effort to really feel  the excitement from learning about them. Take joy in just being and allowing others just be. Find the joy in fellowship, learn and teach, grow in character and love with more reality.


As I view you, my small friends, I am in wonderment and excitement to know you more and learn from you, teach you, laugh and cry with you. I am with more love for you each time we meet. Until next week, shalom.

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