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WDC297- Group Chores

2000-10-30.  Group Chores

Woods Cross #297

Topic: Group Chores

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham, Nebadonia

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How joyful I feel to watch you at work. How uplifted I feel to be witness to your  weekly learning. Though life seems dark at times, you each keep searching for the Light. Your tenacity to remain true to your posts moves us all forward. Your joy is my joy. Your sorrow is my sorrow. Your advancement is my advancement.

I realize in learning personal empowerment you tend to put forth great effort, and in this effort life seems to be out  of control. The greatest effort you should put forth is the effort to allow God to work. You have your responsibilities, no doubt, but that falls within the realm of being dedicated to the doing of God’s will. We have a guest this evening.


NEBADONIA: I am your MOTHER, Friend, Sister. I am with humble greetings to you, my children. I have so long looked forward to our meeting this evening. I am feeling my best when I can be close to you, my small children. A mother needs to keep a close watch on the little ones, for they are easily influenced or lured to things which may be unsafe.

I am so honored to have my place in this universe. I live to create. I live to join in partnership to overseeing the details  of the Kingdom are brought into their full potential. I have regard for my duties, be they large or small. I honor each tasks as if it were handed to me by Father. I realize my partnership with Father makes me more than I could be. He has made my place just for me. I know this is my place within the universe.

I am unconcerned with others attempting to fulfill my duties or take my place. I am more focused on joining in with a team-minded attitude to seeing that the small details of large projects are completed. I worry not for the honor that  comes with any given task. I focus on those details which are within my ability to complete. I work with many individuals who also find that in unification there is efficiency and oneness, a feeling of belonging and satisfaction that with teamwork all things are possible.

We can from time to time have disagreeing viewpoints, but with our eyes on Father and the best for the whole, we  accomplish a great many things. Many universal tasks are completed due to group effort. No one is concerned with who shall receive the credit therefrom. No one is in a position for receiving greater honor because every task, large or small, is deemed equally important. You can’t complete some steps without having taken others.

I take great satisfaction looking into the eyes of my coworkers and contemplate the tasks we have worked on together. We each become closer and more dedicated to one another as well as the Father. In these times ahead there will be group chores. No one is with any more prestige than the next. No one is at a place of honor. Things you do are for Father and for the betterment of the whole. You will be given group assignments, and realize the measure of which you are involved, will be the measure of joy you will receive.

Especially in your small Mission groups there has got to be some unity. There will always be differences, but there has to be a commitment to Father and to one another. This is not asking you to sacrifice, but adding to you as a universe personality. With such unification there is support on such a planet as yours. There is a feeling of belonging and knowing your place in the Kingdom is secured. You need not fight for a place of prestige or honor—because there is not one.

I look forward to becoming closer to you each and having you look into my eyes as your Mother and coworker, and have that inner knowing that we can accomplish many things together. Know that I hold you close. Farewell.

ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Thank you, Mother. I have indeed learned a great deal from you and have a  higher understanding of how unification adds to our own being. To know that my brothers and sisters are with me in support broadens my spiritual perspective and leads me to believe that I can do greater things. Being a universe citizen you grow to realize we each stand side by side in equality and love. There is not judgment, nor petty quarreling about our place and position. This week find time to connect with each other as a group to discuss personal empowerment and watch group empowerment unfold. I can answer some questions.

NINA: Let me tell him those questions and see if he is going to answer Dirk or John.


ABRAHAM: For Marlin: Inform your family member her illness is not as serious as she would believe. Her fear is  complicating her affliction. With the proper medical care and feeling of hope she will again live a normal life. She will withdraw the value and meaning from her illness and become better because of it. Have her make plans for the future. Have her know she has more duties that must be fulfilled in this life. There are never any guarantees because we are attempting to stay within the Father’s will. Have her read sections from the Urantia text on those who were physically and mentally afflicted, and reiterate those times when the Master said, “Go your way, for your faith has made you whole.” That is all.

Samuel, I am understanding your dilemma. I am still somewhat in the dark about the solution, but I can give to you what I have. Be careful, my son, when speaking to these two gentlemen that you do not appear to be taking sides. Utilize the mind of the Master. Know that He was a peacekeeper, and yet He was firm in his word and actions. You can be of good in this situation. Attempt to diffuse each ones wrong perception of the other. Most conflicts are from misunderstanding, or assuming that each one is thinking negatively about the other. I am understanding in one of these men they thrive on conflict. Perhaps it would be best to be passive with this fellow while informing the other not to feed into his need of conflict. Appeal to their common sense and attempt to make light of the situation. Reason that some things are better left alone. That is all.

I am unable at this time to give an assessment for Ineria–perhaps at a later date. Now that our business is done I can take a few questions.

MIRIAM: Abraham, how are you doing? The last time I asked was at the June conference and you said you felt like a father who was pacing waiting for the birth of a child. How are you doing? You have been spending a lot of time giving us assessments. Can you let us know what you are up to and how you are doing personally?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I have been furthering my education with new classes. As the world changes I need to be updated on how I can help minister. I always am intrigued by the everyday workings of Father, and my mind is always filled with questions. I do take great joy in my associations with my fellow teachers, as well as you. There is always time for reversion and worship. My life is quite full and I cannot express my gratitude enough to our Heavenly Caretakers. I do not mean to say it is easy, but I do view challenges as a puzzle to be solved. I thank you, my daughter, for your care and concern. That is all. Another question.

CALVIN: Abraham, in the coming conference I personally have felt to maybe invite our friends from New Zealand that initiated this to come and share with us and to show our appreciation. On the other hand, perhaps they have been instructed to bow out. Do you have anything that you would like to say?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You can make attempts to send an invitation and then let it be. They have performed their duties as far as setting up the foundation for our Mission. They each live full lives and are quite busy, but certainly they would like to know what their small efforts have initiated. An exchange of communication is a good thing to focus on.  Their presence is not so much needed at the conference, but communication is good.

SARAUNA: Abraham, I guess I want to express my gratitude for the experiences I have had in the last several days to our Heavenly Caretakers and I am really grateful for all the opportunities I have had. I hope I can find more ways to serve as Father wants me to. If you have any comments…I think you know what I am talking about. I am just feeling so full of gratitude. I just want you to know that.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I also thank you for your willingness to embrace our Mission and be courageous to step forth in doing what you feel is right in the eyes of Father. You are beginning to rely upon His wisdom and feel more confident in saying those things that need to be said. Even though you feel progress has been made, do not be discouraged if things slide. It is a long process and a test of spiritual endurance for you. You are doing a great job, and take this time to become spiritually strengthened, and remember that even when things seem bleak, you have these events to draw upon. You can only plant seeds, you can even tend to them, but you cannot make them grow. I would say that in your acceptance of that you can relax and feel confident that Father will do what He needs to do when He needs to do it. You are doing well, my daughter. Have not worry. One more question.

AZSURAY: Abraham, do you think you could give me some advice on how to build up the Kingdom to be a leader of the Urantia Association of Utah, you knowing the people here, I humbly request if you could. I feel so inadequate in this calling\position, not knowing the minds of my brothers and sisters.

ABRAHAM: I perceive that you do well. It would be good to focus on the everyday application of the Urantia text to life. Bring living reality to the book. Guide your fellows towards making the book a reality, by not only study, but the  interjection of everyday life happenings and how you may have applied the principles of the book. I understand your enthusiasm and I would suggest that you temper that with being your genuine self. Allow Father to care for the rest. That is all. Simon?

SIMON: Abraham, I had a dream last night about the Heavenly Hosts and a little something about  the difference between seraphim and how they seem to enlighten my mind. I am very grateful for these things. I wonder if you have any comments along those lines of dealing with my dreams.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. Dreams are a vague area of spiritual realities. You can know of their value by the fruit they  produce. Should this dream lead to assistance to your daily living, then by all means reflect upon it often. Seraphim can aid in the stillness state more than a subconscious dreaming state. The fact that you are dreaming of them shows the faith you have that they are a working reality in your life. To have such faith is to get to know them better.


I am slipping. I do so appreciate your willingness to welcome me and hear my words. I am grateful to our Mother, for she adds new perspective to universe care-taking. I am looking foreward to our busy week ahead. As always, my love goes with you. Until next week, shalom

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