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WDC303- Divine Justice Reigns Supreme

2001-01-08.  Divine Justice Reigns Supreme

Woods Cross #303

Topic: Divine Justice Reigns Supreme

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I very much enjoy your discussion time. We are always learning more when we can join with questioning minds seeking sincere answers. We have learned a great deal about universe laws from this planet’s epochal events. With experience comes more understanding of universal laws.


Adam and Eve proved the theory of transgressing the divine laws brings about a natural universe reaction. These laws are not meant to punish or rehabilitate, but to create order and further universe progression. The acts of transgression by Eve brought about a landslide of successive universe corrective actions. Although Eve had the best intentions, she still transgressed the Father’s will and the affects are still experienced today. One can think, “My minor transgressions harm no one but perhaps myself.” As we can see from the Adam and Eve adventure–this is not so.

The universal laws work towards the growth of the whole as well as the Supreme Being. These laws  are eventuated out of love and care for the universes, not out of the judgments of a stern and angry God. ‘What you sow, most certainly do you reap’ is a common–but true concept. Ham said long ago that ‘if you cut your finger, surely will you bleed.’ This is not mean or a punishment to the ignorant, but just a common effect from a common cause. Should you not find it within yourself to bestow mercy and forgiveness, then surely is it not forthcoming to you. It is simple, and yet so very fair–mercy begets mercy. If you can show yourself to be a man or woman of God, then surely do you strive to attain Father’s attributes, surely you strive to follow the universal laws.

Many religious foundations today bestow upon its members their own universal laws. It is done in all  good intention, but after many years of trying to follow certain laws, you know within yourself that they go against the grain of your soul. They undermine your inner knowing and take away your spiritual confidence. Many of the churches of today lay down impossible laws to follow. They tend to deny the animal self exist, while formulating laws that on one can keep. There are urges within the soul that are somewhat stifled by manmade religion. I want you to know that you know for yourselves that the universal laws encompass all of the mortal experience. You know them–as you experience you learn more of them. They are simple and easy to follow. They do not oppress the animal mortal self, but they embrace the whole experience.

Our Father’s creation is the embodiment of mercy and is a support to its citizens, not to bury who they really  are. The universe is created to bring out the best in each citizen by and through love, not through the heavy hand of bad karma. The universal laws are designed to uphold, not hold down or hold back. Father, in His wisdom, has created the universes to intelligently guide its citizens, not coerce. In the Father’s loving and merciful ways He helps you to become more than you are–not to shame you into becoming a copy of Himself. His justice is not like that of mans. He has the perspective of all time, space and experience of the past, present and future. No being under Him can have such a perspective, and therefore cannot create such justice.

This week I ask you to contemplate the Father’s justice verses your own. So many are buried by the worlds unfairness and believes it holds them down. They tend to view Father as a vengeful God who will punish them at will. They do not see Father as a liberator, but as a jailer of the soul. How do you perceive the divine laws? What examples have you to learn from where you have transgressed the divine laws? Were not the results with  perfect intelligence? God’s justice always outweighs mans, and even though it is hard to see that in your mortal form, know that the universes are busy behind the scenes seeing that divine justice reigns supreme. How much more can a man appreciate justice when he has experienced injustice. How much more fair will you be when you have been treated unfairly?


No questions this evening. I would be happy to take questions next week. I am due elsewhere, but know that I am excited to be growing alongside of you each, my brothers and sisters. I am with more love for you each time we meet. Until next week, shalom.

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