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WDC305- Universal Law of Divine Truth

2001-01-22.  Universal Law of Divine Truth

Woods Cross #305

Topic: Universal Law of Divine Truth

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am once again happy to visit a place that I consider to be a home away from home. I feel uplifted by our association–like a brother who would go out to work and return to a safe and caring home. I thank you for always making me feel welcome. There are many things that occur to you in the world and certainly no one understands that like your family here does. Many this week have experienced for themselves the universal law of justice.


Law, Truth

We know we are each subject to divine law. We know we are each protected by it. It would seem that justice takes on many forms, and through the use of your Spirit guidance, you can learn those forms and take action therefrom. Many set out on a quest in the name of justice and at times there are underlying agendas individuals would wish to have fulfilled. There are some who may set out to take justice into their own hands for perhaps selfish reasons. You can measure your own intent by asking yourself, “Am I taking action for justice for the glory of Father or myself?” Father will have assignments for you which will set divine correction in action. Be careful of how you define justice.

Always following the lessons on the universal law of justice is the law of truth. Truth is measured in many different ways. Very few people will have the same views on truth. Truth is individual, but ultimate truth is God’s truth and an ever-inspiring universal law. In this age of self-help or self-compensation for hard experience, we find that  many mold the truth according to how it will bring about self-satisfaction. Unfortunately, many times this is not truth, but still individuals will cling to it with all their might.

A person who has had a difficult childhood may see the partial truth that their caretakers were selfish or  inadequate, and in their firmly held beliefs they live their lives as a victim. They can make excuses for self-indulgence or self-destruction believing that they deserve such things for compensation because of their   experience. If this truth is too firmly held onto there is not forthcoming light into the matter. There is not forthcoming truth to broaden such a narrowed vision.

If one would truly seek the universal law of divine truth and Spirit guidance then could they discover ultimate truth, broadened vision. Perhaps they realize their caretakers were acting out of ignorance or just repeating a life pattern that they had experienced. A victim can turn into a victor; they can see an ever- expanding reality of truth, and yes, it has been said many times–the truth will set you free. Allow your truth to be subject to divine definition. Do not be so quick to cast a dark shadow of what you think the truth really is. Always hold out for Father to shine the best light on any given situation. Be flexible in what you believe to be true.

Many individuals use truth in different ways. It is used as a weapon, a shield, a springboard and  a shelter from realty. Mortal truth is not the final word and we should be with gratitude to know that sooner or later the ultimate truth always stands out. There is nothing hidden, especially with the restored circuits. All things that are not true will be brought to everyone’s attention. Be not afraid, my friend, of the ultimate truth. To embrace divine truth is liberating and clearing a divine path.

In your expression of truth do not make it your duty to force it upon everyone you know because they have their own truth–truth as they have experienced it, and everyone is at differing levels of comprehending truth reality. It is not anyone’s duty to force truth. You can allow your truth to be known if requested, but even the Master did not throw pearls before swine. His truth was straightforward and painful at times, but never did He force it upon anyone. Truth was not His weapon, nor shield, but a light in the darkness.

This week I ask you to ponder your definition of truth. Is it subject to divine enhancement or is it rigid and closed in, unmoving? Truth is truth. How closely can you stand by what is true and how might you on a daily basis bend the truth? A few questions.


ELLANOR: I have a request for a personal assessment from Kathy


ABRAHAM: My daughter, I perceive you to be somewhat weary on your life path. It would appear that the same mortal patterns continue to repeat themselves. Some days you are equipped to take on the world and you  are disappointed when the world does not respond. You are a diligent student in spiritual matters. In fact there may be too much of a clutter of religious spiritual ideas. I would recommend that you set aside all your beliefs for a time and just be with a clean foundation of just you and God. In seeking quiet moments you can discover those things of spiritual value to set up on your foundation.

First and foremost though you would do well to look upon God as a Friend, Father, Advisor and Comforter. He is not far off tending to worldly affairs. He also dwells within your very being. It is said that with God all things are possible. Renew your relationship with him by seeking stillness time–not so much textbook study. Overall, my child, you do well. Have not fear for the new things ahead for they are only opportunities to learn, grow and be of ministry of others. Keep an open heart and mind. You do well. That is all. Another question?

Psychic Circles

CALVIN: Charlie had a question he’d like us to ask. You are probable already aware of it, but for the record sake–a discussion about our psychic circles that the Urantia text teaches us and mortals wanting to know where we are–if that is a good thing and encouraged by the teacher or discouraged. We seem to have two different viewpoints. It is not to say one is right or the other, but maybe it would be good to further discuss that. We have experienced both in this Teaching Mission. I can really see what you are saying in this lesson as  we express our understanding to stay open and flexible for a greater understanding and even being wrong in our experience or viewpoint. I will leave it at that.

ABRAHAM: In the beginning days of this stateside Teaching Mission we were a curious bunch to you,  our students. There were all kinds of mortal ideals and expectations. The seeking of spiritual names was popular on a sort of mystical level. To begin our Mission, these curiosity questions were answered and with time, education and growth we had hoped that our students would focus on the assignments, and not so much on finding ego fulfillment or proof that we truly do exist. The seven psychic circles is not a grading system for mortals. It is not to show how well one is doing, so that one can quit searching. It is not a level of acceptance into Father’s family.

Understanding the psychic circles is so much more than you could imagine, and usually you do not find out what circle you are in until you are no longer asking–to not seek out of curiosity, but to just accept you are a cosmic citizen and ever-striving Paradise-ward. We are hoping for the mindal advancement and faith in our students to come to a place where curiosity questions are not asked. We hope for the deep mind training it takes to ask the really important questions like: “How can I be a better parent? What can I do to serve in Father’s kingdom? How can I deal with my neighbor who is against me?” You can always ask what circle you are in, but do not be disappointed or discouraged if it is not what you thought. Is this helping?

Calvin:  Yes. Thank you for a updated viewpoint.

CALVIN: We have a new friend here tonight, Dave.

ABRAHAM: Greetings Dave. Feel free to ask a question any time.

SIMON: Abraham, I appreciate the lessons and the deep mind training that goes along with it. How can I be a better boss and work better for Father in this Correcting Time?

ABRAHAM: I do perceive you to be a wonderful employer. A good boss always expresses faith in his employees. He allows them to do those important tasks that you would usually do yourself because you want them done right. To let an employee know that they are important and you have faith in them leads to their loyalty to you. To work along side by side with your employees is a show that you are one of them and not above them. In turn they feel as if they are part of a family and not just another cog in the production machine. Their quality of work is better because they know that they are working toward something bigger than themselves. Is this helping?

Simon:  Yes. Thank you.


CALVIN: I guess I will ask about the spiritual names–have you found it has been helpful for to know those names or in our curiosity seeking–in the way? It seems like an important issue. What is your assessment on how we have done with those?

ABRAHAM: I believe the names were helpful in making individuals feel like they were known personally by God. They have been the source of curiosity seeking, and on the other hand, they have been as a gentle kiss on the forehead by Father. As we have evolved in this Teaching Mission we are seeing the names are not being asked for out of mystical seeking, but out of a desire for closeness to Father. The fanfare for spiritual names is declining. Yes. One more question.

INERIA: Abraham, it is good to be here. In the last 6 months I have lost 7 members of almost immediate family. Is there any rhyme or reason for that or is it just the way it is?

ABRAHAM: Greetings Ineria. I am happy to see you here again. I am not able to explain your loss, but only to remind you that to the mortal, death is overwhelming and final. To lose so many family members all at once is unusual, but know, my daughter, that this occurs in several families all over the world, and while it is  seemingly tragic and sad, Father does minister to each family in a way to make them see the true value of living. He wants you to see that death is only a transition, but the life that was here for a time was filled with value. No, death is not an ending for those that die like it is for those still living the mortal life. In each family tragedy there is an abundance of lessons, and most of the time, a deepening of relationships with those you still have. You do take stock of your life and hopefully you will not only find regrets, but lessons and love and Father’s steady hand of guidance. Do not worry, my daughter. All are safe and carefully tended to, just as you are. Have not regrets for this mortal life, but make the most of each moment as if it were in dedication to our Father and those you have lost. You know this is what your loved ones would want for you.


With that said–I will take my leave. I would express to you each that I am growing with more love for you as each week goes by. Until next week, shalom.

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