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WDC311- Allowing Liberation

2001-03-19.  Allowing Liberation

Woods Cross #311

Topic: Allowing Liberation

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham, Alana

TR: Nina, Susan


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What an energizing spirit we have here this evening. I can literally feel life flowing. I am always amazed every day at Father’s careful attention to the small details in life. I am with a full heart to know He is overseeing my every need. I feel peace knowing He is my source of all I need. I feel truly liberated by Him because in Him I can do all things.


Sacrifice, Liberty

ABRAHAM: As a mortal man I was trained according to the customs of that day. I was made to believe in many manmade laws. I held closely to superstition and had a great fear of the unknown. I was taught that  life sacrifices were pleasing to the gods. Pain and punishment seemed to be my key to the Kingdom.

Meeting my mentor and friend, Machiventa, truly liberated my mind from many misconceptions. I felt not bound by man’s laws, but leaned more towards learning about God’s. To have spent time with such a  wonderful teacher taught me that I need not sacrifice anything or bribe the gods for favor. To know Machiventa and to understand the Kingdom truly liberated me.

Many churches have taught it’s members to not trust in themselves. They have taught they are bound by  the anima]-self, and if they do not perform certain acts, then surely they will not be received in the afterlife. To really know Father is to be truly liberated. Many experiences you had as a child have bound you to take certain actions in life events. As one experiences and matures spiritually do you find spiritual freedom. In spiritual freedom the mind and heart are opened to divine information.

A couple, whose marriage is sanctified in a religious institution, may find out years later the marriage was a  mistake, and they live in daily turmoil and unhappiness. The religious laws of their church keep them bound in their unhappiness, but is this really God’s law? Does Father wish for you a life of inner turmoil and unhappiness? No. Father does want us to have experience, be open to his divine leadings, use all your mortal resources. In trying times and when you have still not succeeded, then does He want you imprisoned to an unpeaceful life? No.

Spiritual liberty is yours for the taking. It is not about religious traditions and life sacrifice, but about  being free to experience, learn, make mistakes, make corrections. This week I ask you to go within and ponder those things that keep you imprisoned, that keep you from feeling free to experience the universe firsthand. The rules of integrity still apply, but they are not to bind you but to cause you to be responsible as a cosmic citizen.

We have discussed the integrity of spiritual liberty and being at ease to enforce spiritual liberty in your own life. I would also like to add allowing others to also experience spiritual liberty. Several debates have always come  from differences, whether it is politics or religion. You have every right to your thoughts and opinions and to seek out your own inner guidance, as does your fellows. Allowing a brother or sister their liberation to think and feel as they will keeps the lines of communication open, in that there are opportunities for spiritual ideas to take root and grow.

Should you always shake a finger at your fellows saying, “You are not understanding this topic. Please look at it my way.” causes defenses to arise. Really no one has any right to minimize your experience, your opinion,  your personality, your way of thinking, and with the law of spiritual liberty you have not the right to take it from them. Yes, this does tie in with the lesson of acceptance.

Even the celestial overseers did not stop a onetime brilliant Son from his act of rebellion and right to free  thinking and self-love. The celestial caretakers allowed events to naturally evolve. They allowed him his liberty to keep the lines of communication open. Of course, those sons rejected it, but all played out to contain meanings and values.

All of us, from the lowest to the highest, wait upon the will of God. Allowing spiritual liberty and  natural evolution gives Father a chance to minister. It gives ascending souls the right to experience and choose for themselves. It keeps a natural flow of spiritual current pointing towards the good. I have time for a few questions.


SIMON: Abraham, I have a question regarding more specifics regarding my commissioning and what I can do to bring about the concept of the place Dalamatia?

ABRAHAM: I am told to stay away from that subject. I have no doubt, Simon, you are spiritually led  and understand where your focus needs to be. You are receiving experience that leads you to spiritual maturity and I will stop with that.

CALVIN: Abraham, I would just like to welcome some guests for the record. We have Warren Smith here for the first time. He was first with Rita’s study group. Then we have from Costa Rica, David and Susie Butterfield.

ABRAHAM: Welcome. Have you questions?

SUSIE: Abraham, I don’t think I have a question so much as to say how blessed I feel to be able to speak to you and how I have appreciated your lessons and how grateful I am to have been given the gift of the teachers. If you have anything to say to further me along my path I’d be grateful.

ABRAHAM: Most certainly, my daughter. I also return your kind words and my gratitude to you for  your dedication to this work. I believe you know that your experience has trained you for the spiritual gifts you have today. I am told that you have taken in a great amount of spiritual information. Sometimes this can lead to imbalance or disappointment, so I would also ask that you balance that information with humor and reversion. You know within for yourself what is right and true. Do not be thrown from your path by the lures of mysticism or pastures that may look greener. Overall, my daughter, you do wonderfully and your sweetness of spirit leads others to want that same closeness with Father that you have. Have you a desire to transmit/receive? (If it is Father’s will.) I will take one more question?

DAVID: Would you take a statement? (Of course.) Abraham, I have read about you since childhood. I  never dreamed I’d see the day when I had the opportunity to speak directly to you. Thank you for your presence and I want you to know that I have always felt you to be part of my spiritual lineage. Thank you especially for the opportunity to with you tonight.

ABRAHAM: My son, we have already spoken many times. You know me as well as I know you. I am  also honored to work with you and I am inspired by your faith and dedication to a life in the spirit. Yes, well done. I am understanding another is to say a few words, so I will take my leave and leave you with my love. Until next week, shalom.

ALANA: Welcome. This is Alana. This is beautiful opportunity for me, for you have been dedicated lovers of God, givers of love for a long and well recognized period of time. This has been as well an opportunity to bring this beloved transmitter/receiver into an experience wider, broader than previous and she is learning. She  is learning by your grace and by her willingness to surrender to the grace of God, and she is learning like yourselves in conjunction with your lessons from beloved Abraham. She is learning that to surrender is not to sacrifice and I would give you words from our beloved Legion as well.

As you may know, his favorite word is discipline–(Laughter.) Yes, and this has created a similar ripple of  emotional response in the group down south, as well as resistance in our beloved transmitter. He would have you know it is the discipline of love of which he speaks, which is the discipline of joy, and that discipline is a choice. Your spiritual liberty is founded, grounded if you will, based in choice, and therefore discipline is not punishment, is not desperate sacrifice. Rather it is the choice to realize, to actualize your capacity for love that is inborn in you, that is given to you by the Father, that is the liberty to love that resides within your heart. A discipline of love is equally the willingness to discipline the tongue to speak with love.


ALANA: I gladly will send messages to you in cooperation with Abraham, for there is no greater blessing than to learn.  Then to surrender to God is to surrender to God’s love for you and God’s joy in you. This group has already the heart room. Is this group already and so I would as a parting gesture guide you now in the construction of my heart room:

So I ask you now to focus your attention deep in the center of your heart, the stillness within your heart, and I ask you to allow me now to breath love into you through the opening in your heart, through the opening in your  throat, through that space between your eyes. I blow love. I blow love. Breathe, breathe it in and open, open your hearts.

Open the space at the top of your heads and allow Michael’s love, Michael’s light to pour down into your skulls, down through your throats, down into your bodies, filling your heart space, filling your bellies, down, down through your legs, Michael’s love, Michael’s light down into your feet, out through your toes across the floor to the ones before you. Breathe it in. Breathe in my love. Allow Michael’s love to pour down into you. Now I would have you open the sides of your bodies and allow this love and allow this light to spill out either side of you–out lines of light, a flow of love, out either side of you as we construct the walls of the heart room. Breathe it in. Allow the love to come in and flow out to the ones before you and the ones to the side of you. Constructing the wall of love and light that rise, rise up.


And as a parting gesture, I ask you to bring to the center of the heart room into my heart those you would have, you would give more love. Step into the heart room and I shall blow love upon you. Welcome those you love into the heart room. Blow love upon them. Now I ask you tenderly, gently allow me, allow me to approach you,  approach you from behind. I would open your backs and blow love through you. Open those back. Open them now–those backs you protect, those backs you would have be protected and I shall blow love through them. Feel your bodies now filled with love flowing through, filled with light flowing through creating the wall of the heart room–filling the heart room with love, with light. And I ask you now welcome those who you would forgive. Welcome those you have not forgiven. Welcome those upon whom you have place judgment. Welcome those you fear and we shall blow love upon them. Now open your hearts and we shall blow love upon them. Thank you. I shall hold you in my heart room and you shall be brought into my heart room time and time again in remembrance, in remembrance of our Father’s love, Mother Spirit’s loving embrace, Michael’s care. Thank you.

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