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WDC316- Abundance of the Whole

2001-04-30.  Abundance of the Whole

Woods Cross #316

Topic: Abundance of the Whole

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How blessed I feel to be included in your lives.


You each add to my experience and overall abundance. Our Correcting Time is designed to utilize the whole. No one person or a few people will carry the Mission single-handedly. No special honors will be given to the seemingly devoted. No transmitter/receiver can take credit for delivering the Teaching Mission to the hearers. Without the participation of the whole our Mission would either fail or be delayed.

The gift of your energy and good intentions bring my words to you. Your integrity and thoughtfulness of using these lessons to benefit the whole is what brings us success in expanding the Kingdom. Even those individuals who feel they have the smallest of parts are crucial to the progress of this epochal era. Your willingness to really work adds to the abundance of the whole. You add to the growth and expansion of the God in time, the Supreme Being. You are a co-creator in natural evolution.

Many individuals find it too difficult to put themselves out in service or have not the feelings of confidence that they can actually handle difficult tasks. Some choose not to put themselves out there in experience, and then they wonder why their life is neither here nor there–nothing happens. They put forth no love–they receive no love. They make no effort to give service and find themselves alone when in need.

You that have chosen to live this mortal life to the fullest and drink the cup, come what may, will give and receive. You  will experience and participate. You will be a designer of destiny, an architect of the future. The Reserve Corps of Destiny may have to work a bit harder. You may have to take on a bit more responsibility. You have to exert less self and promote more Spirit.

Abundance is not gifts from Heaven to the favored. It is not being bestowed with the way of ease. It is not Father enticing you to do His bidding, no. Abundance is knowing you have responsibility to the whole, which you have to make effort towards the overall betterment of the Kingdom. We work for the good of one another. Your abundance is my abundance. My growth is your growth. You add to  my experience and I to yours. Your joy is my joy. I know you each realize this life does require a certain amount of effort, but always should joy and happiness outweigh sorrow and tribulation.

This week when you are called to do a difficult task and you are apprehensive, pause for a moment to consider the  spiritual ramifications of participating, be observant, consider the possible outcomes, look with the eyes of the Spirit. Is your participation bringing personal growth, growth to the Teaching Mission, growth to the Kingdom, perhaps growth of another?

Father’s assignments are filled with intrigue and mystery and they are either fearful to you or adventurous. You can participate and  perform your responsibilities and add to the progress, or chose to wait on the sidelines and let life just happen around you. When you chose to forsake your own needs in favor of participating in other spiritual tasks, or tasks of any kind, then always does Father see to ministering to you. He does not let you overlook those important things that help you to move in this mortal world.

As you choose Father’s work, He chooses to work for you. This is not to say He does not work for you should you choose to just stand-by, but the lessons are altered and you learn the same thing in a different way. I understand it is easy in this mortal life to become set in  same habit patterns. It is difficult to move from your level of comfort. As you become more spiritized and comfortable with your status of a child of God, you gain more self-confidence to be seen, to be of service, to go forth and be assertive with your spiritual responsibility.

As you mature spiritually you do find that you have not traversed this life alone. Many have added to your experience and helped you to become what you are today–good or bad. All the experience was valuable. Be not afraid to go into experience, but be observant–take notes and help Father show you the values, meanings and abundance from the average mortal life. I do understand there are times when one feels closed off or not in a position to be outgoing, and this is acceptable. Take your rest and worry not. You will regain  your momentum and once again feel like plunging headfirst into experience, yes.


That is all. No questions. I will take questions next week. This week I ask you to find a quiet time to journal and hear for my words. I would wish to have a short time with everyone for a personal greeting and to practice the transmitting/receiving method, yes. Know that my love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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