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WDC320- Pure Communication

2001-05-28.  Pure Communication

Woods Cross #320

Topic: Pure Communication

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am grateful once again to be here with you, my friends. I appreciate how you accept me for what I am. You allow me my truth and make it very comfortable for me to be direct. I love the purity of our friendship. We have no hidden agendas. We play no mindal games. We seek not to steal from one another, but to give freely, yes.


As humans grow they develop various techniques to acquiring what they want. These techniques are clouded with falsities and have lost the purity that spiritual brothers and sisters can attain with one another. Last week we discussed assumptions that individuals may conclude if we are not clear in our communication. In today’s world of wheeling and dealing, manipulation and seeking ego gratification, we have lost the art of communication.

As small children we learned that simply asking for what we desired did not work. We learned various techniques to talk others into what we desired. Of course, a wise parent cannot grant their child’s every wish because some of those wishes are harmful, nonetheless, the child pads the communication with impurities. The beauty of simple truth is practically lost.

Many mortals have learned that to request fulfillment of certain needs requires mindal games, such as empty flattery, aloof attitudes,  phoniness. We have lost the courage to state the plain and simple truth. The truth that of course is our own. We expect others to be able to relate with what we are saying and fulfill our needs.

A wife who is angry with her husband may not come right out and state her problems. Instead she may choose to be silent or be short with her words, or deliberately do things the husband does not like. The simple art of communication would enable her to state her difficulty with her husband honestly without padding or game playing.

Those who have been married many years have learned to use this communication manipulation, because they feel they are no longer really heard or taken seriously. In a manner of speaking, mortals train one another into using this impure method of communicating. Regarding the couple we are speaking of, the husband knows and recognizes this communication manipulation, and he has his own impure methods he uses back on the wife. No understanding is reached. Resentments are built. The plain and simple truth is lost. The compassion is lost. There are only defenses.

This week I ask you to look at the levels of purity in your communication. Attempt not to resort to game playing or manipulating to be heard. Instead, truthfully and with kindness, state what you are really feeling and thinking. Do this as if you were not  only discussing the difficulty with the person, but also their Indwelling Father-Fragment. You would be surprised how many individuals will appreciate the simple honesty and your daringness to be truthful.

Communicate your feelings–for example: “I am hurt when you do this,” or “I feel without value when you do that.” Do not blurt out your truth as if to accuse, no. For example: “You always speak so negatively about me.” Instead say this, “I feel hurt because it seems that you speak so negatively about me. I feel without value. I hurt to be without value in your eyes.” The plain, pure, simple, honest feeling truth is opening, expanding, creating healing.

It is unpopular in this day and age to expose any vulnerability. When you do expose this softer side of yourself you speak to people’s basic sense of compassion and make them feel comfortable to be open and honest. You literally open their attention and they are better able to really hear what you are saying. To create this ideal Brotherhood on Urantia the game playing, energy manipulating needs to cease  and pure feeling exposing needs to increase. Communication is an art. To gaze into your fellows eyes and feel a divine brotherly or sisterly connection is connection to the divine.

“Where two or more are gathered there am I also,” said Jesus. Communicating should be a feeding of energy, a nurturing of souls,  not manipulation to have your way, or to change another person, no. When you observe small children at play they seem to be so honest, so in the moment, so happy to be with one another. When children come in from play, it is not long before they are requesting to go back out again. Friendship is a natural divine energy source and a buffer from the brutality of mortal living.


This week, my friends, remember the pure communication of a small child. Be tactfully honest and appeal to your fellows Adjusters as well as their hearts and minds. Seek to feed and nurture–not to rob to gain self-esteem or ego fulfillment, yes. I cannot answer questions this week , but I will be able to next week. Know of my appreciation for you each and the purity of our friendship. I thank you. My love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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