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WDC330- A Moslem’s Questions

2001-10-01.  A Moslem’s Questions

Woods Cross #330

Topic: Procrastination & a Muslim’s Questions

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Unknown


SIMON: Yes Abraham. I appreciate your lesson. I have been thinking about the difference between procrastination and putting faith into action. I think you know what I am talking about.

ABRAHAM: Procrastination could mean many things in service. (Perhaps I mean holding back, allowing Father to do His will through others or through waiting for the “time to be right.” Sometimes I see that as procrastination in my action to do something.) Understood. There is procrastination and there is patience. You know within the feelings of ‘you should do something,’ but perhaps have fear or are apprehensive versus these feelings of ‘I will do something because it serves me.’ I have not doubt that you can examine your mind to find the real intention. Many times must you just step out in faith without thought and do what you are most believing in. Sometimes actions are taken from an animal instinct side. I would suggest that you see where your inner feelings are leading you, and if these feelings persist, then I would say that it is time to take action. If you feel driven toward something, allow time, journaling and stillness to find the origin of this driving force. Is it pure? Is it serving the whole? Is it for self gain or a form or ease seeking? Yes.

A Moslem’s Questions

CALVIN: Abraham, I welcome Yrma. She shared quite a bit about the Muslim faith.

ABRAHAM: Greetings, my daughter. Feel free to ask any questions.

YRMA: I have a lot of questions listening to you. Why you are here especially this night with these people here and not with the other ones that are trying now to get together with you?

ABRAHAM: I have several groups and individuals that I am involved with. I am assigned to assist in this Correcting Time of Urantia. I am training individuals to go out amongst the people to help this world go towards Light and Life. I am not the only teacher. There are many and I can assure you that everyone who would have spiritual help will most definitely receive it. I do have great love for my students and they are of many faiths, many nations. No one is forgotten. In order to serve the masses I am to teach a few. Is this helping?

YRMA: Yes. Can I ask another question? (Certainly.) Are you the Abraham that everyone claims as Father Abraham? (I am. Yes.) As a Muslim person you know how we follow your teachings through all this time (Inaudible.) . . . the relationship between Mohammed and you. You must have been pretty close because you was the person that gave instruction to him. How was your time when you were teaching him? What was your feelings? I think you know what I am trying to say.

ABRAHAM: Yes. I still have great love for Mohammed, but those teachings that I gave him was from my mentor and friend, Machiventa. Mohammed was very bright and open to receive new things, and I do believe he carried out instructions to the best of his ability. However, down through the ages some concepts were distorted, as was also in the Bible. I was a man of stern tradition. I was inflexible in my thinking until my own teaching began with Machiventa. We must each remember that along with Machiventa’s instruction were commingled my own traditional beliefs, and for that I am regretful, but I understand now that it is all part of evolution. Mohammed continues to teach to this day, not only Muslims, but many of the world’s religions. He is also with new and growing understanding, just as I am. He is also saddened by negative events in the world. He aids, as I do, in the overall correction and rejuvenation of the planet. Is this helping?

YRMA:  Yes.

ABRAHAM: One more question.

The Advisability Of Creating A New School to Help Understanding/Healing

ABRAHAM: My son, right now when emotions are high and feelings are so sensitive, is a time when many wish to help and bring  about healing. If you are to do anything such as create a school, then I would wait for at least a year. New ideas or religions should not be built out of emotional response. You are quite dedicated to this Teaching Mission and the sharing of your experience with others is quite a ministry in itself. Your attention to your family, neighbors, community is quite a large job. My son, most people want what you want, and given time, we will see it come into fruition. Be patient and live your life as an example to others that God is real, He is working.


You are gifted in promoting faith and that is quite a lot. Set your sights on practical spirituality. You can make a huge difference one person at a time. Allow Father to show you the grand design and work therefrom. Is that all Miriam? (It is and thank you and I love you, love you, love you.) And I love you–all of you, and I thank you for your support and faith. I hold each one of you dear. Carry on. Until next  week, shalom


Confirmation of Woods Cross as source is needed.

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