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WDC332- Questioning Mind

2001-10-15.  Questioning Mind

Woods Cross #332

Topic: Questioning Mind

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. It seems the atmosphere here this evening is very open to receiving. Your questioning minds create an energy that brings forth new information. The mind that questions not is closed to receiving. Perhaps put another way would be to say the mind that believes it knows the answers receives not new information. Your humble outlook purifies my message in a way that involves Thought Adjuster participation.


Inquiry, Mind

I would have you know that ‘the many’ of you Urantian’s have looked Heavenward with that questioning mind. I can say with the assistance of the Supreme Being, up to date information is forthcoming abundantly. Know that as the world seeks comfort, the lessons on giving comfort are also occurring. I understand this week has been quite trying for many of you and it was difficult to find those reasons to celebrate and worship.

With the new spiritual benefits from the Supreme Being there will be some confusion. Many individuals fear these new gifts, some misuse them. We must remember, as the Correcting Time force, that we have to maintain balance, integrity and realness. We must not be tempted to move towards mysticism. We must remember that we are in service to Father, and not that self–who seeks a higher seat at the table.

We have found that especially with long time spiritual seekers that there is somewhat of an arrogance, as if they have earned seniority in the Kingdom. One that knows this path needs to be cautious of seeking the admiration of those who are not so familiar with the path. One that believes they know the path must not be so comfortable so as to not expect a few bumps along the way. It matters not how long you have been searching. Information will always be new and evolving, evolving in a revelatory fashion.

What might be right for you and your spiritual journey may not be for another. You long time sincere seekers, do not be so surprised when the path makes a sharp turn and you stumble and fall. It will always be this way. That is why a questioning mind is like a lantern. You are always searching the various avenues, trying new things, keeping what works, discarding what doesn’t. The point is that you continue on, build those muscles of faith with the weights of adversity.

Even after meeting my mentor/friend Machiventa, I continued on in the fashion I had been raised to believe in. It took a great amount of self-willed release to receive new information. Of course, I sought a higher place in the Kingdom. Of course, I sought the respect and fear from my fellows. With the gently persuasive words of my mentor and friend, I gradually came to see a new and better way.

Machiventa did not pursue me, relentlessly pounding information into my head, so that I may see the light, no. He gave me small bits of understandable information and stepped back, allowing me room to decide for myself. I could see the benefits of his way, but found it quite difficult to let go of my own. I did find through experimentation of his methods that he was indeed correct, and I did implement his ways into my everyday living. I certainly believed I was well on my way within the Kingdom and had gotten quite comfortable with myself. I took on the belief that I was above spiritual regression, but soon found out different after Machiventa departed from Urantia.

I became quite fearful that someone would take my beloved Sarah from me. I was paranoid and on the brink of mental breakdown several times. I realized I had lost that questioning mind. I believed I had the answers I needed to get by, to survive. The arrogant mind is a dangerous weapon, for it cannot distinguish dark from light. Time and experience, coupled with living revelation, brought me back to a humble place where I began to open up to spirit direction. My mind was brought into balance, back into reality, yes.

I do not feel remorse for this experience because I understand it is part of the Agondonters journey. It is to be used as education–not as a source of embarrassment to keep me humbled. It just is not that serious, children. It is only a lesson, only a step up towards the Father. Do not be surprised when the spiritual poisons befall you. Use these events as a time to return to the questioning mind and the circuits of ministry for higher understanding.

This week contemplate what benefits you have witness as of late coming to this world as a result of the Supreme’s growth. What  is revelation? Has comfort on your spiritual path caused you to stumble? What changes can you make to be aware that the ego seeks to stifle the questioning mind. A few questions.


WILLEENA: Thanks for this self-revealing lesson, a huge gift for us. I have a question that I hope is appropriate. Are you aware of my brother Gary’s immediate circumstances? (Not fully, no.) Would it be possible to do a private session?

ABRAHAM: Certainly.

HARRISON: Sarauna is out tonight. She is ill. I wonder if you have some encouraging words for her?

ABRAHAM: Tell her I am putting a cool cloth on her forehead, feeding her chicken soup and hugging her all at the same time–in a spiritual fashion, yes. Another question?

Universe Broadcasts, Supreme

SIMON: Yes Abraham, we have had some events this week which I would call lessons on possessiveness and also I am curious about what we had heard last year about universal broadcasts? In regard to the growth of the Supreme Being, will we be having more opportunity to hear more of these universal broadcasts?

ABRAHAM: I would first begin by saying you have each experienced some delicate matters this past week that are really not fully  understood yet. There are certain steps that everyone must take in order to reach certain destinations. Every mortal will most likely experience every emotion, every spirit poison from one end of the spectrum to the other. Experience is your most valuable teacher. Have patience, these things will be put into perspective. Regarding the universal broadcasts–there has been almost one a month since this announcement. Many of you have received. Many have heard, but are confused. These broadcasts appear to be so uneventful, so without mysticism or show of psychic possibilities. They are with a feeling of complete normalcy, but yes, these broadcasts are perhaps likened to your news media. They are not so much fantastic announcements, but just up to date information on universal happenings. You can see trends that reflect these broadcasts if you look carefully. Have no doubt that these will become more apparent as you become familiar with the benefits of the Supreme Being.

LUKE: The lessons we have on humility and as we have spiritual growth, understanding, and the arrogance that we all experience, is it like that where you are? Is it still some thing you need to consider?

ABRAHAM: I still struggle, yes. I have better tools wherewith to work on the temptation to become arrogant in my thinking. The once brilliant sons, Lucifer, Caligastia, were a prime example of this battle with self. They were very advanced in status and still were overcome with an unhealthy amount of self-love, self-admiration. I do not ever feel chastised for my arrogant thoughts. However, I feel the abundant, unending love from a universe Father and His Sons that fill me with such a gracious love that I really need not seek anything else. I crave not. I want not. With a balanced life I am full. I am with understanding and tools to battle that side of me that seeks undue credit. Good question, my son. Is this answering?

Luke:  Yes.


ABRAHAM: Very well. I would thank each of you for your patience and dedication to learn and serve in this well looked after Kingdom of our beloved Father. Know that my love goes with you. Until next week, shalom.

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