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WDC350- Honesty With Self & Father

2002-03-17.  Honesty With Self & Father

Woods Cross #350

Topic: Honesty With Self & Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am especially grateful this evening to see you all gather in spite of some seemingly  uncomfortable events. It is quite an exercise in faith to set aside fears in favor of promoting the well-being of the Mission.


Most mortals are always in a productive state. While it is touching that most mortals exhaust their human resources to deal with life’s  daily difficulties, there are times when the mind-set of being productive is not helpful. I realize that waiting upon the will of God seems like a slow process, and even I am guilty of attempting to make God hurry. It is difficult to just wait and be watchful to constantly focus on hoping your will–will be Father’s will.

In this society it seems as though the doer’s receive the most benefits. So many will take it upon themselves to go out of their way  to speed time, to find solutions, to find relief, to find happiness. This kind of productiveness brings disappointment no doubt, because in all your effort, where is God. You are doing what you can–what is He doing? I realize the mortal tendency for impatience is probably the hardest task yet, next to keeping hold of faith.

At this time of purification, when we have exercised our mind and spirit all we can, sometimes we must simply find rest and trust that the answers are forthcoming. The period of peace is on its way. It is understandable that many of your fellows seem to be unreliable as far as depending upon them to help you find your way. This in itself is part of the purification. Not to be more relying on your fellows–but more trusting in God and His perfect timing, in His perfect ability, in His all-powerfulness, in His all-loving way.

In the purification there is freedom. In truly feeling that baptism of the spirit there is the freedom that you are safe within the Kingdom. You can move with confidence, you feel on equal levels with all your fellows. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” The mortal life is not one brutal happening after another, no. It is a series of lessons however, with growth and periods of peace and satisfaction that you are finding your way.

One who perceives themselves as a victim of life is not free, but bound to a life of constant striving to find relief from their pressures. One who feels victimized by life is dis-empowered to overcome difficulties and excel in spiritual growth. There is no luck. There are no shortcuts to God’s favor. Father will not be bought by the show of good deeds, no. Father does listen to His children, especially those that are completely honest with themselves and Him.

In the honesty there is quicker relief from pain and growth for the soul. How can you find freedom in purification without complete  spiritual honesty, without being real with self and with Father? Truth can bring pain, but it is a direct line to understanding, which brings meanings and values, which aids in the purification–leading to baptism of the spirit and finally liberation.

There are times when we must do nothing. There are times when we must show strength and courage to wait for Father, not to waver in faith asking, “Where are you God,” not be dis-empowered and overcome by hopelessness, which leads to doubt in the  very foundation you have committed your lives to. You at this point in your spiritual careers cannot not wholeheartedly say, “God, now that I experience so much pain, where are you,” no. You have learned and experienced enough that you can say, “I have faith that Father knows me and my current dilemmas, and He is working even now, as I attempt to control my worry and fear.”

A mind constantly at work is a tired one; it is overgrown with imaginings and fears that will never come to pass; it is spinning the wheels; it is a discard of energy. We cannot make God hurry, but we can find balance within to counteract our anxieties. This week ponder your levels of honesty with self and Father. Journal on the topic of true spiritual liberty. How might you discover what techniques you may use to hurry the will of God? What balanced activities can you find to aid you in becoming more patient and trusting in the watchcare of our Father.


That is all. No questions. Know that I do truly love each and every one of you. I am always available should you call on me. Know that this Mission work is at a very delicate stage right now, where we will either draw in individuals or push them away. Until next week, shalom.

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