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WDC354- Striving Toward Perfection

2002-04-14.  Striving Toward Perfection

Woods Cross #354

Topic: Striving Toward Perfection

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your compassion is truly touching. Your lives have not only become entwined in this small group here, but  also for individuals who live around the world. Believe me, your concern is a commonality throughout believers all over this world and beyond. Your loving thoughts are certainly felt and do create an energetic action.


How wonderful it is to be among individuals who are not solely driven by emotion, but engage in intelligent solutions to much  larger difficulties outside of their own environment. Although certain issues may weigh heavy on some of your minds, I am also recognizing that refreshed childlike attitude to be present. In that frame of mind there is so much more freedom to go farther than you might think possible.

Last week we discussed the burden of striving in the mortal world and how this can lead to imbalance. In that childlike frame of mind we are in a state of listening and striving to do Father’s will. I do realize striving for a spiritual life while in the flesh can lead to an over striving to become perfect.

Many seekers of spirituality believe that each day they are becoming more and more perfected. While this is true to a point, there are  natural setbacks, there are mistakes. This is perfectly natural. However, we find that there is some serious self-disappointed individuals that become quite discouraged in striving to live a spiritual life. This is in part why everyday organized religion is not lasting.

The churches set the standards of perfection and there many times is little room for mistakes. Some organized religions would have you go against your natural human tendencies for the sake of grasping at salvation. Most of these standards are erroneous and tend to lead  individuals to hopelessness, that they will never be worthy of God’s love or a place in the Kingdom. This dilemma we are finding among some of our students who feel they fall short of the spiritual mark. There is more self-chastisement than self-understanding or allowance for mistakes.

The desire to strive toward perfection is inherent in most mortals, no doubt, but when the bar seems to be set a bit too high there  is disappointment, leading to hopelessness and an attitude of ‘why try.’ This is verging into the territory of the ego. The ego wants to view itself as perfect, even superior to others. It does not make room or understand mistakes or fallibility. The ego in part would have you hide or deny any wrongdoing, even though it may appear to be innocent.

Why do we strive for perfection? Said Jesus, “Be you perfect even as my Father in Heaven is.” This was not said to guilt individuals into doing right, no. This was not to be a constant reminder of how you are imperfect, no. The Master spoke to the individuals of that day and age in a language they could understand. The Master does ask us to strive toward perfection, but you are not there now, but there is allowance for mistakes and this most all the time leads to growth.

You may make mistakes. You may even feel some self-disappointment, but the child of God realizes their Father is a loving God and does not seek to condemn you for your wrongdoing, no. He seeks to aid you in your growth. He seeks to lovingly correct. He seeks for you to turn to Him to build that bond between Parent and child. In all your imperfection be not discouraged, as if you cannot be taught or are hopeless and allow that ego to cover over mistakes with denial.

The Correcting Time does not ask that you be perfect, no. It does not seek to burden you with an increased self-unworthiness. The  Father and His universe is completely safe to make mistakes. Do not feel your self-disappointments through the ego, but through that child of God self. The ego brings guilt that pushes you from God, that makes you hide from Him, as if He will certainly punish you harshly. The child of God fears not facing His Father face to face in hopes of receiving loving correction and encouragement that he is still worthy, he is still loved, he is still the Father’s child.

Many of you as children were harshly condemned for even the most simple mistakes and naturally you did not like  the repercussion therefrom, no. Harsh punishment only leads to hiding or keeping mistakes secret. This harsh punishment made the child feel a sense of love loss. Would this lead to encouraging the child to strive toward being enlightened, to make correction, to attain growth?

Would the Father in whom you have dedicated your lives to lead you down a negative path to self-correction? No. Father is like a loving friend who stands side-by-side with you as an ally, not to condemn or even keep you humble so that you may better listen to Him.

This week journal your thoughts on what entails a perfected life. Are you free enough to strive for this or are you bound by feelings of a hopeless inadequate self? Contemplate the power of the Spirit of Truth. In all His power He definitely works gently to naturally bring light into the darkness, yes.


No questions this evening. We have a great deal of work ahead of us, children. We definitely need to find the courage to be persistent even in our imperfection. We always are making effort to attain self-mastery. Be encouraged that you have the help of an entire universe.  My love is with you always. Go in peace. Until next week, shalom.

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