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WDC356- Ministry Tasks

2002-04-28.  Ministry Tasks

Woods cross #356

Topic: Ministry Tasks

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I always consider each week with you such a blessing. I indeed learn so much from your interaction,  your courage to share. Real life is not only touching, but also educational. What a blessing to have one another and a place where we always feel welcome and loved.


As we become comfortable moving with the natural flow of life we receive enhanced spirit communication. This planet, experiencing all that it has, is moving along as it should. The condition of the world now is quite typical for having experienced what it has up to this  point. Evolution is a mighty lesson that is seemingly slow, but it is the way of the universe, yes, the natural flow, Father’s overall design, yes. Just as it is with the evolution of the individual, it does indeed take a great many experiences to advance and put into practice the meanings and values learned, yes.

You can see from the history of the world that many mistakes were made due to ego and the desire to be powerful or at the very least–just noticed. In the average daily happenings of mortal life we can see how many individuals are driven to do those things that get them noticed or to gain power. They know not the love of a real Parent and that they have a place in this magnificent universe. If each child could know this love for them, and that their place in the Kingdom is secured, there would be no need to create such life-drama. There would be no need to act without integrity to gain attention because the child would already have that energy of love going to them.

As you are aligning yourselves to the natural flow of life, and your spirit communication improves, you will find yourselves with ministry tasks. Children, our Teaching Mission is rapidly developing branches that is providing spiritual nourishment to various peoples of the world. While you may not stop wars, hunger and poverty, even crime, your ministry tasks are touching the hearts and minds of everyday average mortals like yourselves, and that alone will be our harvest that can create change on a much larger scale than you could  possibly conceive of.

Your training as Kingdom ambassadors has taught you that you serve with an eye single to the glory of God. Having the experience you have had has brought you to an evolutionary state where you are gifted in various areas that will assist you in your Mission tasks.  This training is why your tasks are not complex, no. They are strangely simple and leading you closer to your Father in Heaven, yes. A Mission ambassador can perform no greater task than to live their lives as if the Master worked side-by-side with them.

When your fellows see you, they know that you know Father, His Son and the Divine Minister. Your fellows know this because of the way you live your life–not because you proclaim you live a spiritual life, not because you crave attention, not because you have an attitude of being chosen by God. You will attract your fellows attention because they will perceive you as real, as common–just like them, and they can attain that peace and joy that you know because of the way you live your life. Your fellows will see that even in adversity you still cling to faith, even in sorrow you still have a positive outlook on life. Your fellows will be inspired also to forgo the dramatic struggle in favor of embracing the natural flow of life.

In serving– you are served. In healing–you are healed. In believing–you are supported by an entire universe. You know your names will not be written in the books of history and we all agree that they do not need to be. We serve because we love. We serve without expectation. We engage in Mission tasks because we believe. If you can only impart one small message to the people you come into contact with, it would be wonderful if they knew they are deeply loved and cherished by God, they are watched over by a Supreme Caretaker that is unlike any human, and therefore serves them without condition. There is nothing they have done so bad that could take from them  the love of God, no. Most importantly you can deliver the message that God believes in them. God trusts in their abilities to follow their own spiritual path. There is no one mortal that is loved more than another, no. They are equal in the eyes of Father.

This week, as you continue to be watchful and allow a natural unfolding of life, be prepared to receive searching individuals. Be ready for your Mission tasks even though you still have a great deal to learn. In teaching–you are taught. In healing–you are healed. In freely loving–you are loved. Remember this can also go in a negative route. In judging–you will be judged. In demanding conditions–you will find  yourself limited. In embracing the need for ego gratification–you will find yourself without spirit communion, yes. In the mere act of service you can literally feel the hand of God on your shoulder, ever bestowing on you strength and confidence to move through the world with focus and courage to be about the Father’s business, yes. A few questions.


HARRISON: Abraham, I want to thank you for the message you sent me earlier. It was wonderfully timed and resulted in a very excellent meeting. I was able to follow your instructions and receive the benefits from that. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: You are so welcome, my son Harrison. You indeed are quite gifted at emanating such a beautiful faith. You have the gift  of the Master’s tenderness, while you speak with such knowing, such confidence that God is real and definitely all things are well. Well done. Another question?

SIMON: Thank you for this weeks lesson in focusing on sending out the right message. About Mission tasks–do you have any  specific direction for me?

ABRAHAM: Yes Simon, I do believe you have already begun training in this area. I believe this position of healer is truly wonderful for you to fulfill, because in that I see you as a wondering child who is quite humble and knows not what to think about the outcome of the work. This is limitless, my son. Your healing talents can work on those who not only have physical ailments, but also emotional and mental, yes. I feel in this task you are showing great faith to your recipients. Feel free to ask others to engage in these healing tasks. Have not worry or feel you are not suited for this position because this ministry will lead you into other areas to be trained in. You do well, Simon. Another question?

WILLEENA: Abraham, in the journey of my there has been several rounds of going to deeper, darker places of my psyche. I find myself in another round of similar experience, only in a different regard. It is not in the emotional healing that I had to go through. It is now on a level of opening doors to having connection with Spirit, Father, with teacher guidance. Can you offer me some words that will support my progress?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I do perceive you as a daughter with tremendous faith and I am not in understanding when you say you feel not the closeness with Father. I do believe you have always been extremely close to Him and the Spirit world. You have always been harsh with yourself and not in allowing for fault or flaws. In this you have also believed Father is judging you in the same fashion. Of course, He is not. He would never be as hard as you have been on yourself. In being able to allow yourself room to make mistakes you will find Father to be a bit closer and receive His guidance more clearly. You must come to believe that He sees you as a bright and brilliant daughter of His–nothing less. You are a growing child in whom He craves to teach, comfort and lead you to Him. Overall, Willeena, your progress has been amazing and you are definitely trained to serve others who find themselves with a similar history to yours. You have a  distinct motherly spirit about you that emanates a grace and faith that makes others feel comfortable to be exactly who they are around you. Is this answering.

Willeena: Absolutely. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: One more question?

ANICIA: Abraham, I want to thank you for being present in my life and for the opportunity to receive your lessons. I am not quite sure how to state this but for the last six months I have been trying to fit into society. I don’t feel like I have been coming from a genuine place in my spirit and emanating the truth of who I am. I have been working, focusing on fitting in. Now I am really uncomfortable with some of my interactions. I am looking at what I am doing in my life. So I guess I am asking for some assistance in my purification and getting back on track with my service in life and who I really am.

ABRAHAM: Understandable and completely natural at this stage in your mortal journey, my daughter Anicia. Some of the experiences you have now are training for future Mission tasks. You have wonderful intentions, and yet you have difficulty following through with them. This is completely natural. To fit into the common society is non-realty. It is only illusion, only definitions that individuals have  made popular. This refers back to my lesson on allow the natural flow or unfolding of life. There is tremendous struggle in the world to be loved and accepted, and especially with the youth of the world. They are practically willing to do anything to gain this love and acceptance. It is confusing because the majority of individuals live on a surface level, where you are courageous to go beneath. You need not be in such a hurry, my daughter, but just be observant and absorb the lessons you receive right now. This would be a wonderful topic to bring up to your more experienced sisters. Yes, there is a great deal of wisdom to be had from the sharing. You are not lost, no. You are very much watched over and guided. Have no fear. You do well.


I must take my leave, but know that you are always in my thoughts. You are always in my vision for good. Know that I love you. Go  in peace. Until next week, shalom

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