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WDC381- Divine Assurance

2002-10-20.  Divine Assurance

Woods Cross #381

Topic: Divine Assurance

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. It is always a feeling of returning home when we meet. At home there are levels of comfort and safety that are not really found anywhere else in the world.


I am amazed at times to see how you each are really intertwined with one another’s lives. This is good. This is the feeling of home. As you begin to move away from the material life however, you will be more so embracing that home feeling throughout your eternal career. It is wonderful that always goodness and light outweigh personal differences. Well done.

As you each move further toward attaining self-mastery are you filled with that divine assurance, that inner knowing that God is everything. “He is always with me. I move with confidence toward more truth, beauty, and goodness every day. Every day I am becoming.” Divine assurance helps us to recognize the ongoing growth and the comfort that we are never stuck or without choice. Self-mastery is for the most part about embracing all that is true, beautiful and good. It is about committing to living the divine life, not just talking about  it, studying about it or wishing for it, but truly striving to become that which God would have you be.

Divine assurance does not have us believe that Father wants us to be an ascending puppet, no. He desires us to experience life as all other evolutionary creatures before. This is the way of the universal plan. Father does not tempt, nor coax us into doing good so that we may be a reflection of Him, no. By His natural law does He allow us to choose what we will, learn what we will and definitely does He desire us to grow toward Him, yes.

It is well known that most of Father’s children desire to do good, but through the natural outworking of the mortal life there  are mistakes made. It is completely understood. For the purpose however of attaining self-mastery, it is necessary to be completely committed to living a spirit-led life. Granted, at times mistakes will be made, but I am speaking about a loose commitment. There are many things that would attract your attention away from a full commitment to the spiritual life. Pain, physical, mental or emotional, would certainly strain ones mind to fully focus on their commitment.

Weak practicing of the spiritual life would perhaps cause one to waver between faith and doubt, and therefore commitment would not have the same meaning. In other words: “It is acceptable from time to time if I should knowingly sin. Father will understand and in time I will forget about it.” This is not going forward with self-mastery, no. This is not receiving divine assurance, no. This is walking a fine line between darkness and light, which always leads to confusion and spirit poisons. This loose commitment is leaning away from that comfort, that feeling of home, that confidence of really feeling God is your Father.

Mistakes are understood. Bad choices are understood. Intentional knowing that you are crossing that line of divine integrity is to feel  undeserving of God’s watch-care and becoming a servant to that which occupies your mind. If one is accepting of practices without integrity then that is what one will serve. That is where you feel that orphan-hood, that is the source of self-unworthiness. Last week our lesson entailed those things that you fill yourselves with that promote self-mastery. Whatever you allow to fill your mind is for the most part what you serve. It is what drives you. It is what inspires or depresses you.

To be committed to serving the Father out of pure love for Him is to broaden your horizons far beyond what you thought possible. This is where we find our assurance that God is with us in all we do. He knows our struggles, heartaches, concerns and desires. In the assurance we become working partners with our divine Parents. Working together, not like perhaps a typical earth family, where a child may do something pleasing in the parents eyes for additional privileges, but truly enhanced spiritual power is yours because you are co-working with the Father. Truly it is natural and attainable for all.

This week think about your commitment to the spirit life. What is considered a loose commitment to you? Think about what is acceptable to Father versus your own understanding. Some here may still hold the old traditions from past church experience and maybe that is a bit too rigid. What is co-working with God? What is divine assurance to you? Just a few questions please.


CALVIN: Abraham, we welcome Gib and Lou Ann back. Feel free to step in with questions.

DIANA: Abraham, about this idea of assurance and the knowingness that I am completely taken care of and that Father wants my highest and best possible good–I have struggled with this, as you know. My beliefs seem to keep me stuck in not thinking that this is possible for me in certain ways. So I like this idea of assurance.

ABRAHAM: Yes Diana, we, beginning out as babes in the universe, learn that there are rewards for those who do good. It  becomes inevitable however that we discover good does not always reap good and always doing good is not always possible. We are not born with all we need to know and the road to perfection is very, very long. You, my daughter, have worked a great deal and believe me, you have really done well. You are moving closer toward having that divine assurance as a part of who you are and what you believe in. Thank you for your comment. Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I haven’t been here for a little while. It is good to be back. I have been reading the story of Jesus’ life. It just knocks me out–here He is God on earth doing our thing. After He got baptized and went up and hung out for forty days, just kinda thought over the whole deal, the reality of how He checked in with His Father, the reality that we can do that very same thing every single day, single moment if we choose to. With that mind thought–it is just wonderful. As you know I fell on my knee recently and tonight you were talking about being in pain, we can have a painful moment and reach Father. You can reach to Him in joy too. I am just in this grateful thing lately. We are truly blessed.

ABRAHAM: Thank you, Miriam, for that beautifully touching expression. I am in agreement that Father shares our joy and our pain if we can allow Him. Life is most definitely supposed to be filled with more joy than sorrow, and definitely sharing a life with our Father insures that will indeed happen. Well said, my daughter. One more question or comment.

SARAUNA: Abraham, maybe you can explain to me a little bit more about what you said regarding being a reflection of Father?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. My meaning was that Father does not dangle the good things in life to draw us to Him so that we may do His bidding or be a reflection of Him. He does not bribe us, no. He does however allow the natural and divine plan to work so that we have choices, we have free will, we have the opportunity to experience, become educated and through our own love for Him, make effort to be closer to Him, thereby becoming a truly beautiful and pure reflection of Him. Does this help? (It does. Thank you.) He works not like man. He is not  with ego or a parent who would offer us an reward if we should do His bidding. He has made the path and has lit that path, but indeed does not force us down it.


With that I will express my gratitude to our Father for His ways of love, caring, strength and power, which helps us all to make our house  a home. Know that my love is ever growing for each one of you. Until next time, shalom.

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