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WDC465- Playing Games of Life

2004-08-02.  Playing Games of Life

Woods Cross #465

Topic: Playing Games

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am enjoying the thought provoking energy this evening. This is our home with one another and indeed we feel safe. Many are with the thought that the family is required to love one another without condition. In the Kingdom of Heaven the family loves each of its members under any condition. It is wonderful to see an equal disbursement of respect and trust.


Anyone who has experience life in the flesh knows all too well that existence is seen as playing a game. Even in my day most of life was a competition. Many were made to feel they must fit the mold or be cast out. A servant could in no circumstance be more intellectual than his master. There was very little equality between the classes. Would a servant voice his knowledge to a King? Probably not without a fatal outcome.

Down through the ages various races have known the outcome to having the courage to speak out. To appear out of line was to face severe rejection. Women also have known this struggle for equality through finding their place in a mans world. I am positive everyone here could bring up an image of a brave individual who dared to stay the course of their heartfelt truth. These brave souls are those who have not sought fame or fortune, just simply a place for truth, a place for peace.

Michael has called you each and has endowed you with spiritual skills. You are committed to serving in this Correcting Time and to step aside from your true being is indeed a waste. Michael has asked you to serve your fellows as you pass by. In a very simple mortal way He has called you and trained you to serve. He did not say to be all things to all people. I believe much anxiety comes from where you believe your responsibilities are. Have you a family to tend to? Then tend to them. Be not out on the street corner spreading the good news. You have a legacy to build upon right at home.

There will be enough time to serve in many capacities. The Spirit within has given you gifts that drives you to fulfill your calling. This is something you are good at. One should never believe their ministry is too small. As we look back at those inspirational people who changed history, we see that it is never simply a personal gain for themselves, but through their love and compassion for others, it was for the many. This is service. This is answering the call.

In this world of earthly power it would seem that the more one compromises their true self, the more they would be accepted, possibly more progressive. The ego is masterful in the way it would temporarily make a person feel valued. At times you feel if you appear less it should make others feel like they are more. On the other hand you can drum up some skillful language making others feel less while you are feeling increased.

Father loves you as you are. He has given plan and purpose, skills and knowledge. He is asking that you bring His Kingdom to life here on earth through simple truth, beauty and goodness. In this world of Correction the servant would not dumb-down to appease his masters ego, no. A servant would humbly and happily share his highest light with him.


Is this life just a game and are you playing along? What fears might you have if you should be your true self and answer the call? The Master did not say become less so everyone will become more, no. He spoke of self-forgetfulness and true Brotherhood that would bring equality. This is something to be joyful over, something to feel relief from everyday demands. Forget not the universe stands ready to assist. This is all for this evening. Know that I am ever growing in gratitude for you each. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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