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WDC469- Remain Grounded

2004-09-07.  Remain Grounded

Woods Cross #469

Topic: Remain Grounded

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Your loving energy is literally something I can rest upon. Your unity and support goes much farther than you know. I can say with authority that your willingness to stay the course is much appreciated. The fact that you need not that dangling carrot of spiritual promise to keep you interested is certainly an attribute to be sought by all. At this moment in time, what really matters, what is lasting and fruit producing?


My friends, you live by faith and hold fast to common sense. This moves our Mission forward. Your minds are not in the clouds, while the tread of logic is barely visible, no. You are not so firm in the written word that your tread is well worn and living revelation is not to be found. You are most definitely clearing a path for those ages to come, grounded in faith and common sense. Indeed something for all to strive for.

This Correcting Time must be based on those who seek not recognition for self, not special seating next to the Master, not names written down in the historical books. The Correcting Time moves forward because you each desire to be corrected individually and also  serve anonymously.

I wanted you to know how I felt, to know of my appreciation. You make my ministry to you so easy, for that I am grateful. For your  varying personalities—I am grateful. For your willingness to learn and serve—I am grateful. This Mission requires not bright and beautiful fireworks for it to be noticed by the masses, but simple good works by good people like you.

This week I would request that you carry on with the care of the total self, again being cooperative with Father on living an optimal life. Allow us to focus on the de-cluttering of life. Again, what really matters? It is not sinful or obsessive to have some sort of life organization. As the business of the material is tended to, the spiritual life is a bit more giving, more freeing. Our lesson is kept short to allow time for any questions. Proceed.


SIMON: Abraham, there is a variety of things that can be done and it seems like both can move along at the same time, but sometimes one thing has to be given up for the other. I am always going back and forth on this idea of balance and choices. I wonder if you would comment on that?

ABRAHAM: Good question and again, I am drawn back to the question of what really matters. I realize that much of life knowingly or unknowingly is devoted to self-protection. ‘I must feed my family, therefore I must work.’ This is indeed understandable and Father does want for your abundance. ‘I must have each and every name brand item because my neighbor does’ is not understandable. Many work for what personal message it tells others. ‘I have a great deal, therefore I am successful. My children are sterling scholars, therefore I must take credit.’ That is totally ludicrous. As you have experienced yourself Simon, should you go towards the thing that is most spirit leading, you will find that other things take care of themselves. Father comes first certainly, without a doubt, yes. Souls are next. Never would  we intentionally cross another for our own personal gain.

Many individuals do not put themselves in others places and have not understanding. They care not for the feelings and esteem of others. Let me reiterate that organization is perfectly acceptable, Journaling is a wonderful tool that aids in clearing the mind and presenting many possibilities. When you are confronted with various positions, take that time to spend with Father and write out your thoughts. Allow time afterwards for any incoming information. You may not find your desired solution, but certainly you will find calmness of mind and balance in emotions. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you so much.) Another question?

TECTRA: Abraham, so many in our day to day world get caught up in worldly affairs, business. I know I can’t help them. They can only help themselves. It kind of hurts my heart that a lot people are not seeing the big picture. Are there any words you can give on that?

ABRAHAM: Worldly affairs such as political elections? (No, more like distractions.) Understood. You do, my son, set a wonderful example of allowing the spirit to truly live in your life. We can see that. Many are in bondage to one thing or another. You are correct in that many do not know what they truly seek and are with emptiness, with dissatisfaction. You do well to share your experience, share those actualities in your life that are available to all. I mean to share your love of nature and how that brings you peace and clarification of mind. Share how that fills your spirit and strengthens you for coping with the business of living. To perhaps suggest various books, workshops or something metaphysical is not as appetizing to the average mortal. Start small and as you build friendships, you can interject your favorite  theories. Spirituality must be something that is useable and available to even the most insensitive of people. You do set a great example of non-conformance to those things that would enslave man. You live your life on the fullness of God and His living Spirit. Your example is helpful to all who know you. Well done. Is there one more question?

ANTHONY: Abraham, I guess I would like a personal message relative to one of the things you’ve been saying about sharing and being a good example. I think that most of my friends would not want to be like me, because they are more interested in material things and more interested in the beliefs they are satisfied with. So I let them be.

ABRAHAM: Understood Anthony. Good practice. We must all realize that in time we will all pass the same mile mark. We will  all experience these same lessons in one form or another, and what your associates believe about you is like leaves in the wind. They are seriously not any affect on you. What you believe about yourself is of course in your everyday actions. Your ability to live out your faith is to be commended. Your practice of not throwing your pearls before swine is also wonderful. You do have your ways of planting seeds here and there and as time has passed, I can see you feel more at peace. You have not been slothful in any way of sharing the good news. Father wants for your peace and happiness and as the years pass I can see this in you more and more every day. Well done.


With that I will close. Know that I am growing in affection for you each. I appreciate your willingness to be spirit transformed. Your desire to do good is truly apparent. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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