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WDC487- World In Ease Seeking Era

2005-01-17.  World In Ease Seeking Era

Woods Cross #487

Topic: World In Ease Seeking Era

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


JANUARY 17, 2005

ABRAHAM: I am ABRAHAM. Greetings, this moment of silence you take before I begin is the most peaceful time some of you get all week. As you mature in your spiritual life you find those moments of silence productive.


The world is fast paced now more then ever. It is indeed an era of ease seeking; only it seems it takes so much hard work. In learning to be your authentic self you would do well to consider the physical body. Much of how you feel physically affects how you move in the spirit. You are material creatures. You have to consider the material.

In this era of ease seeking society is always looking for an escape from pain or the unpleasant. Much of your perception of life does come from what you see in your environment. Mental disturbance is a creator of physical pain. Those individuals that see the good life as a life of ease are surely missing the lesson on why we must experience the mortal life.

Individuals from worlds settled in Light and Life admire those who experience the mortal life on an evolutionary planet. Man must work his way up from the animal mind to the divine nature. It is experiencing the difficult road of life and overcoming obstacles that bring man closer to the divine nature. If one is ease seeking, then one seeks to escape pain and therein the value of experience is lost.

This society that you live in today has become soft, meaning that when difficult times occur there is a tendency to find immediate relief, never mind being observant and learning the lesson, finding solutions, etc. Individuals seek comfort and immediate relief. Father and His associates are not about bringing man comfort, but about bringing man closer to the divine nature. This is the map to where He is–in Paradise. Pain of any kind is certainly uncomfortable and you need not have a life of misery to advance spiritually, but definitely an attitude of ease seeking will delay growth.

Your medical community has created a drug for every ailment. Most ailments come from how you view your life, how you take the time to relate with God. I mean not to say that pain is your only teacher. I mean to say an ease seeking or fear ridden attitude is not serving. Escape does not solve problems. Escape can sometimes bring temporary relief, but always is a courageous countenance the best way to receive interpretation of life’s happenings.

Let us look back over history and ponder those individuals who worked diligently just to live. There was not much time to take for daily stillness, but then again there were not the distractions that we have in the world today. Life is hard work. It takes diligent effort to gain value from experience. Ease seeking or escape is not going to bring advancement. Do not let this understanding bring you anxiety, no, let it empower you to embrace work and effort.


That is all. No questions this evening. Know that each one of you is capable to receive any answer to any question. My love goes with you. Until next time, shalom

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