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WDC514- Trust

2005-07-31.  Trust

Woods cross #514

Topic: Trust

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


Abraham (Jonathan TR): I am Abraham, I greet you. Truly are you diligent as you work for Michael. You have put many years and much energy into helping the teachers assigned to this planet bring about the effective and renewed progress toward Light and Life. There have been great advances, and yet we still struggle with roadblocks, resistances. It is not surprising due to the widespread confusion and disorientation on this planet.


You each have spent considerable energy deepening your trust and extending your kindness. You have come to a stronger faith as you have lived out your beliefs, and you have learned that spirit does assist you and likewise that spirit precedes your intention, paving the way, establishing conditions whereby you may be effective as an ambassador of light. While there are numerous problems in the civilizations of your world such as poverty and hunger, greed, war, the greatest need at this time is for the human race to learn trust.

It is suspicion that leads to revenge or attacks. This suspicion is derived from fear, and that fear fosters antagonism. Hunger and poverty are merely results. It is of utmost importance for you to be a beacon of trust, to show strength in your adherence to principle in your allegiance to God and your acceptance of one another, extending to forgiveness. While there are many among you who would prey upon your trust to seek selfish ends, I advise that you do not retreat your trust. You can all the while safeguard yourself from danger, from manipulation, being a wise serpent.

But your trust must always remain present. If one before you is poised to trample upon your trust, you shift your trust to spirit. Align in that power center and focus and so situated you are more powerful than one who seeks to take advantage of you. This will be felt; it will be recognized and, depending upon the maturity, spiritually speaking, of the soul who confronts you, there will either be resistance or acceptance. You may be required to stand firm in righteousness many times before another finally opens the door of their heart and enters into relationship of kindness and acceptance, of assistance and tolerance.

Trust is a welcoming feeling but is also a firm standing, a confidence. You trust in the good outcome of any encounter. You trust in the inevitable growth of any soul even while you safeguard yourself from threatening actions.

As this lesson is learned across the globe conflicts will lessen and cooperation will advance. The more people on your world learn to share, the more people learn that all things on your world are for all people and that energy expended to provide for one another is what is most important. You will find many of the problems of civilization will resolve themselves naturally. Trust is like your laws of energy; no energy is ever lost; it merely shifts about in constant dynamic balance.

No energy is ever added to. It’s an internally contained equilibrium. There are times when locations have great energy collection and other locations have absence. This does not remain long; there is a natural tendency for it to balance or at least to swing the other way. Hunger and poverty and conditions like them on your world, hoarding and greed, are merely the ebbs and flows of a form of energy. When human will power seeks to manipulate this energy, good or wrong may result.

Trust is the means whereby good may result. Those who have feel the love that seeks to uplift those who have not. There is no sense of the need to protect oneself when it is one’s brother or sister who is in need. You are energy conduits, and that conduit is trust. That which you have allow to flow. That which you need open and accept. Michael is our universe provider. If any individual has control over the energy dynamics of this universe it is he.

Each one of us is a node in the matrix. It is folly to think that any one of us can have greater control than what we are as a node within the web-work of Michael’s universe civilization and Michael’s matrix of light and energy. I am filled with joy to be in your presence. I am honored to have been asked by Elyon to attend and to address you. I watch your affairs and I hear from your teachers of your successes and your struggling. This is a great mission we are in. It has consequences beyond your lifetimes. I am honored to have you among the troops. I also give honor to Father Michael and Mother Spirit, for their divine wisdom and guidance are flawless. Sovereigns that they are, they are wholly trustworthy. Shalom.


Evelyn: We were questioning whether prayer was effective when it was for big generalities, peace in a war-torn area or something like that. [Our discussion was about evidence that those who knew they were being prayed for were more likely to improve physically than those who were prayed for who didn’t know.] It sounds like the benefit of praying is the exhibiting of trust in spirit or trust in good outcomes, more so than actually causing peace to break out.

Abraham: When you pray for a cause or for an effect upon a region or body of peoples, you are in effect praying for the ministering spirits who tend to that purpose or people. The master seraphim receive your prayers, and they know you are praying for them, through them, for that location or that cause. They are empowered by your support and your wish, your desire. They are truly effective angels, but they are also respectful of will, and when the will of the Father and the will of their younger brothers and sisters are one, they act. Prayer in regard to a personality entails the will of the other, and your prayer positions you as the master seraphim are positioned for the planet; you stand in a threefold relationship: the will of the Father, yourself, and the other.

In a body of peoples it only takes one to ask to complete the triangle. In an arrangement of individuals it takes each one, for you as a resident upon this world know that you are being prayed for, you are being acted upon by spirit, and so assistance comes even while others on the globe may be unaware. But as individuals in this same systematic manner each one must know. There is no representative of a collective. That, I must add, is the reason why it is so important that you take up your role as an ambassador of light upon this world. I hope this addresses your comment.

Jada: I didn’t quite understand what you meant by energy being a fixed amount, or that when there was more of it over here there was less of it over there. Can you clarify that?

Abraham: Energy throughout the cosmos is a constant; no more is added; no amount is removed, for it is all from God, and God is never added to or taken away from. Throughout the universe this given energy merely shifts and flows, mounds up, distributes, draws back in a living dynamic. The equilibrium is what gives the universe stability. This same principle applies to the workings of civilization. That gives rise to both positive and negative effects in your cultures. What actually qualifies the effects as positive or negative is the interjection of human will. Just as you can use the energy of an atom for good or for negative results, so you can use the energies within the structures of civilization to drain away or to contribute to the progress of mankind.

Even when one or a few adversely manipulate energy within civilization the energy is dominant; it will outlast the personalities. It will continue its dynamic equilibrium and shift and adjust. The wise one knows to go with the flow rather than to, in folly, make the grandiose assumption that their determination has the ability to change energy, be it resources, for their own selfish advantage without that inevitable result that the damming up of that energy will weaken and the forces will restore themselves to the natural pattern. One who works in the light of God works as an assistant in the flow, to work in harmony and not to manipulate. I hope this is clarifying.

Jada: If the planet is moving toward Light and Life I thought the energy is increasing. You are saying we are redirecting it. I understand that.


Abraham: I will let you get back to the tasks of your day. Approach them fully accepting the grace of Michael and Mother Spirit. Trust that they approve of your intentions and your actions, for they know your sincerity. In your honesty you work for the light and you spread love. When doubt rises in your minds, return to that assurance of Michael by sitting in sincerity, open your hearts and accept, and this will re-calibrate you and foster assurance. I now go.

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