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WDC548- What Does the Master Ask Of You

2006-05-01.  What Does the Master Ask Of You

Woods Cross #548

Topic: What Does The Master Ask of You

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: AbrahamMary

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. Greetings. I am always encouraged by your searching for higher meaning. What a blessing to be among those who can work through the mire of everyday mortal living to the faithful possibilities of an all powerful Father. I enjoy being in your company. It is natural for various personalities to have differing views. It is God-like to remain open to change in any form.

MARY: I am Mary. How grateful am I to be among such welcoming hearts and minds. I believe I am here to touch upon possible responses to last week’s question, “What does the Master ask of you?” During my days in the flesh this was a most difficult question for me to find understanding to.


As a person newly born of the spirit then, I was indeed over abundant with enthusiasm and seeking after Kingdom tasks. Secondly, I was naturally an emotional creature and tasks that appeared to be seemingly heartbreaking were at the top of my list. For example, I do remember taking great pains to find a sorrowful looking child a pair of footwear. The sadness in her voice coupled with her big brown eyes, pulled at my emotions to put this task as a priority in Father’s growing Kingdom., needless to say that I was more emotional than logical.

Did this make any difference to the Master? No, it did not. The Master would have me serve at whatever my intellectual capacity would allow. My emotions did indeed put pressure upon me to go forth and take the Kingdom, mostly in a manor that was somewhat self-serving. Again, not anything required of me by the Master. I do believe the most difficult thing the Master asks of us is to do nothing. He asks us to be still and observant, waiting upon the will of the Father. With a busy and enthusiastic mind, this is most difficult.

Look at your world today. There are the million different causes one can serve. There are a number of various reasons one can serve a cause. A cause may be dear to the heart or believed to have close significance to your own experience. For one, an abused child may grow up to be driven to serve in raising awareness of child abuse. Feeling driven for the right reasons is definitely good. On the other hand, there are times when we must wait upon the will of the Father.

How many times did the Master say? “My hour has not yet come” Think about His emotional state and enthusiasm to go forth and create good change, and yet was He instructed to stay put and continue His woodworking, His care of family. The Master was well aware of His calling and yet, the timing was Father’s. How did the Master find the patience to wait upon the will of God, to simply live each day, loyal to each moment that life had brought to Him?

There was a great deal of things to be prepared before the Master went about the ministry. Imagine His wavering in trusting the Father’s plan and going forth with the mission how He saw fit. Such was the plight of Eve, our Creative Daughter. Certainly she was dedicated. She had knowledge that does not require faith, as such in the case of you agondonters and still doing nothing or remaining patient with the Father’s plan, was out of her reach. Eve had a kind heart and time spent away from exercising spiritual muscles can lead to impatience. Eve was intelligent and known for her organizational skills and doing nothing, so to speak, took its toll on her mind. Not to discount her responsibility in this scheme, but to show even the most faithful of children can be weak if not committed to making the most of every day.

Many of Father’s children even today wait upon the Master to come from the sky and take back His chosen children. Even with these beliefs, would you not want to make the most of every moment? It would be torture in mind to wonder if you are among the chosen. Perhaps you would come to the conclusion you are not even close–why try, or would you be active in what you are handed today? Is today enough? Would you be able to be still and wait upon instruction? Are your spiritual muscles up to par against the needs of the ego that craves to be noticed and accredited for good works?


For the most part, in my personal opinion, I believe the most difficult thing the Master asks of us is certainly within our grasp. It is within our intelligence to wait upon the will and help Father to set the motion of what is to occur. I find it an honor in every moment of existence to be a part of such a loving and logical universe. We thank you for your time. We thank you for allowing the unfolding. Godspeed. Until next time, shalom.

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