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WDC555- How We Can Add To The Kingdom

2006-06-26.  How We Can Add To The Kingdom

Woods Cross #555

Topic: How Can We Add To The Kingdom

Group: Woods Cross TeaM

Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina


ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. Greetings. My gratitude to each of you. It is a blessing to know your dedication to Michael supersedes the trivial. I am aware of all the small things done to make this meeting happen. I am grateful to you each who believe there is no task too small to help the Correcting Time move forward. Father really is in all the details.


Last week we discussed what we can offer Father, or how we can add to the Kingdom. I enjoyed your views on this topic. I would perhaps offer a few of my own. Any time one is sincerely desiring to allow Father’s will to unfold is certainly adding to the Kingdom. Even during times of difficulty, when you can remain committed to drinking the cup that is before you, I believe that is an offering to Father. I am not talking about sacrifice, no. I am talking about the courage to stay true to your commitment to serving our one God.

We can remember the Master in the garden with His apostles, who could not keep watch with Him even for a moment. Jesus was coming into the knowledge that the cup set before Him was indeed going to be the most difficult experience He had had on earth so far. The Master’s mind was in a whirl of human emotions and spiritual logic. Indeed the idea to seek escape had crossed His mind. His mortal side wanted very much to be free from upcoming events and the pain of separation from His mortal fellows.

Throughout the mortal life we have choices to escape and postpone pain. It is natural for mortals to seek the way of ease. It’s not anything to feel guilt over, no. It is all understood by Father and incorporated into His plans for you. Should you choose to pass on certain experiences, knowing what you know now, you understand that these experiences will indeed come back around.

As the Master lay face down in the garden, longing for mortal support, He knew that to take the road of escape robbed Him of experience that added to the sum total of who He was to be. It took time for His mind to find reconciliation to the spiritual logic. He was a being of faith, no doubt, but His mortal side still felt the pull of emotion and believe me, this is an energy hard to tame. The Master however understood His commitment and had long before promised to drink the cup, no matter what. Through pain, through confusion, through the unknown, it mattered not. His dedication was to Father and therefore, He chose not escape, but the fullness that experience had to offer.

Do you need to experience great emotional pain to have growth? Of course not, then again, we can see that a great deal of emotional upset is generated by our very own mortal being. It is understandable to have thoughts of escape and it is honorable to choose not to act upon them. Many mortal difficulties simply require you to be observant. Be in the moment with what is. It is always recommended that a mind not so busy to be open to Father and allow Him to interpret the moment.

Most of mortal anxiety is simply fear of the unknown. Father is more than happy to aid you in gaining a spiritually logical definition. This is why we have recommended the good practice of stillness. As mortals we cannot help much of the time look for escape when trudging through the muck of our difficulties. It is well understood and not to have worry. Instead, be observant and with a quiet mind.

We can look back in the story of our Master and see the outcome of His mindal reconciliation led to Him being granted a ministering angel. This is not uncommon. There will be many times when you have chosen to face experience that there will be a confirmation from On High. You’ll know it when you get it. Many of you already know it. A step forward in faith shows Father you are willing to do His bidding and indeed does He grant us what we need to accomplish anything.


This week let us ponder the thoughts of escape. How does delaying experience serve us? How does the choice of following through with our commitment to drinking the cup bring us fulfillment? Find some examples of spiritual logic. What does that mean? My heart is getting bigger and bigger each time we are together. I am with the utmost feelings of love for you each. Until next time, shalom.

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