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WDC635- Perfection – Real & Illusion

2008-05-19-Perfection – Real & Illusion
Woods Cross #635


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Perfection, Real and Illusion
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Perfection, Real and Illusion
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. What a joy it is to look upon your sweet faces. I am feeling so at home. We are among loved ones and with that we cannot go wrong. As we are teaching throughout the world, we are finding more people are coming into spiritual realization and finding that life must be dealt with. It is the reason we have been born on this experiential planet. I have found many who are having difficulties dealing with life experiences and are losing sight of the reason we carry on. I am with understanding of individuals who are simply overwhelmed and feeling weak and worthless.


ABRAHAM:  I had a friend who was a sort of general in the armies and he made effort to live a life of perfection. Any failure on his part was unacceptable and he was very much with self-punishment. He had loved ones at home who depended on his ability to provide. They had a wonderful home and many friends. He was well respected by his peers. This general, however, felt that he had wore a mask of perfection. His ego had not allowed any understanding of life’s failings.

He grew tired. The general was exhausted from all his efforts to be the embodiment of perfection. He took his own life. He would rather be gone from this material body than admit to anything that simply needs to be dealt with. This man is fine, have not worry, but we find that a great many individuals are exhausted and seeing their life as failure. I would say that each experience is very important and there are issues you must face and handle.

I could very well have ended up like my friend, the general. Machiventa was so healing for my soul. He taught us that life is a series of issues that are put before you so that you can learn and advance. Father is always calling you through these experiences. You can imagine a child learning to walk, with his arms up holding the parents’ hands, taking a step, daring to take another step and then a smile for the realization of new things. The child is daring to release the parents’ hands. He will fall many times, but he must keep going, trying, advancing and realizing that this is what we do here on planet earth.

There was a great deal of devastation in the world as of late and believe me, these individuals are not alone. The Spirit of Truth shines His light and exposes the injustices of their ways of life. It is a collective falling down and there will be an ultimate good that comes forth. Believe me; I have seen the devastation first hand. These individuals are okay. Have not worry. We have provisions for all. Great changes can come from tragedy, unfortunately.

Life will be life and Father will bring out an ultimate good if you can stand by, take his hand and dare to take that step. Feel the rush of adventure in front of you, knowing that each lesson you learned draws you Heavenward. Life does not beat upon your spirit. It is your responsibility to find the joy and the adventure. Allow the Spirit of Truth to shine His light on issues that may cause you to have stumbling. He is a wonderful teacher, our Master, an inspiration and reason to carry on. Have not worry about failings. Have courage to face what you believe to be disappointing and work toward a resolution. This is what we do. Mary is with us this evening and we are prepared to take your questions. Feel free to talk to either of us. Proceed.


MIRIAM: I have a question from Elana, my sister. She was wondering if you, Abraham, had any guidance to her on her upcoming knee surgery or just some pointers for her this summer.

ABRAHAM: Elana, my daughter, I am with sincere joy to speak with you. You are indeed a ray of sunshine. I am certain that you have made the correct choices as far as your physical being. You are with intelligence and you can trust that you are in charge of your physical, mental and spiritual self. I trust your choices. It would be also a wonderful time to make peace with some of the past issues that seem to haunt you at times. Sit in the peaceful air and breathe in life anew. Know that life is not about tradition anymore. It is about experience and making your own path. I am with all the confidence in the world for your choices. It is a good time to ponder. Overall, my dear, you do well. Another question?

MARY: I would like to know what it meant when you said something like ‘you would be worried if you were us.’

ABRAHAM: I understand. Yes. I spend time with many of you in your busy lives. You have so much today that you face. Communications are everything. You can know what is happening around the world in a minute. In my era we had times of war and upset, but overall life became fairly easy. I don’t want to say mundane or monotonous, but predictable. We didn’t in my era deal so much with drug abuse, politics, homosexuality, gangs, guns and the never-ending blasting of information in your face. I am exhausted talking about it. [Laughter.] I would like to say I am inspired by your courage to keep trying to make the world a better place. I mean to say you are handling what comes before you very well and my not having your experiences; I would not be adapted to your way of life and have attained any skills to deal with so many issues. I do feel inspired by each one of you who face these difficulties and know that an ultimate good will come forth. You all keep trying and I am so inspired. Good question. Have you another?

BARB: I would like to know my spiritual name and if you have any words for me.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I am touched by your courage to speak up. I am inquiring about your spiritual name to others, who appear to be working on it. I am believing that you are a sincere seeker of truth. I am inspired at times by your tenacity to keep a firm hold in what you believe in. You are very modern. Like I said before, traditions have gone by the wayside and new ideas are coming forth. I would suggest you continue to search for truth within and without. You are a light to many and your happiness makes others happy. I am hearing your name as Shyanne and understand that to mean there is a solid connection between Father and daughter. This is your time. You are overall doing well. I am happy to speak with you. Another question?

CALVIN: Either one of you. You talked about the Spirit of Truth the last two lessons. I am still sometimes so at a loss as to what is truth-bells ringing or suspicion. Things just don’t add up or something, so I have erred so many times on the suspicion part. Maybe you have some words to help me to trust better.

ABRAHAM: Certainly, I can try. The Spirit of Truth is the Master. He has a tremendous love for His children and sincerely desiring for correction. The Master seeks not for perfection, but He also will not tolerate injustice and He tends to bring issues to the masses or to you personally. I do see your problem is over many years and I am with the belief that you have not confidence in yourself and see not worth. ‘Why would anybody love me?’ and this is where the suspicion comes in. It is self-sabotage, no doubt. I seriously would brush it away. Don’t even think about it. I receive instructions to say, let it go.

You are a growing spirit and I have seen you reach and embrace truth. I would hang onto your maturity and your many years of lessons and see how productive your moments of suspicion were. Do you understand how when a person may grow out of something? I believe you are experienced enough to brush these feelings aside and rely on your years of experience. Which was more productive, your suspicion or faith? I am so honored to work with you, my son. We have been together many years. You have taught me a great deal and I am very much enjoying our friendship. You are doing well. Have not worry.

ANNETTE: I am so happy to chat with you and thank you for all the lessons. I have question about physical pain. One part, how can I deal with it and the other question is about my eyes and if I have to go for another surgery. This is a very risky surgery and otherwise I have to live like I am now. Could you help me with this?

ABRAHAM: Of course, I understand. I very much understand physical pain. I am understanding some of your pain still stems from your mind and the emotional hurt you have experienced over these past few years. You are wondering sometimes if you had done something else, would your life have still been intact. I say to you, my dear, that you had done nothing wrong and you are sincere and faithful. You cannot change the fact that others will choose a path of darkness. You cannot change that. You can however accept the fact that you deserve good things. You deserve to set your fear aside and truly live.

Dare to step out and not worry so much about daily needs. Dare to step out and find real love. Allow yourself that and I can say that your physical pain will diminish a great deal. Your vision however, I would recommend that you follow through with your physician. If you are not with comfort, there must have been a mistake. I would definitely recommend you seek medical attention. You do not have to live with such a burden, my daughter. You have so much to offer the world. You are a great teacher. Have not worry. Allow yourself good things. That is all. Another question?

SARAUNA: Abraham, I know this might sound strange, but often times I think of you and Mary and I try to understand how do you see your horizon, like your horizon of the near future or what you look toward—in a way that we can understand—what you see.

ABRAHAM: That is acceptable and understandable. My outlook is seeing a great deal of souls buzzing with energy and happiness. I see people all the time with faces of surprise when they have learned something new. We are very much with a horizon you can understand, very much like yours. We have work. We have fun. We have rest. We have time for education. We have time to volunteer. Mostly in our realm we are driven by an inner desire I cannot explain. There is no clock on the wall. We need not rush off to any appointment. I can awaken from my rest and I see a great deal of colors, beautiful yellows, bright blues and flowers and beautiful trees. I am always with the feeling of new growth. New growth is always happening. I am energized by that. I thank you, Sarauna. You are a sweet individual. I am growing weary. I shall take one more question if there is one.

TECTRA: This might take me a bit to get to my question. A friend of mine was over last night. We had a wonderful dinner. She is an Urantia Book reader and works with people, an energy worker. She was asking me to ask you about entities. I know from the Urantia Book that when Jesus sent all these beings off the planet and that we have free will, but what about people who have no idea about the Urantia Book? Can something be created in ones mind that creates some kind of negative energies that turns into something? Do you kind of get the gist of what I am saying?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Yes, it is the question and answer all in one. I am impressed. I do believe when it was said, if you should truly desire to be in the presence of evil, yes, yes, that can be created. Not entities so much, but more of the animal mind. It can be very dark and if there are entities, but not evil demons. There are many different branches of service in the spiritual realm. Fear is why many don’t make themselves known, because mortals do have such a fear of evil. We would see a great more activities by midwayers and such had we not this animal fear. I do believe that with the first breath of fear, the imagination can open to a scary realm and you must believe what is more powerful. What is the foundation of your faith? Is the evil able to overcome Christ or even angels?

No. The fear is a trap in ones imagination and of course, we all know where that can go. I am enjoying your question. I thank you for having been such a wonderful support to us. You are indeed a light to those who know you. Well done.
I am with the desire to stop for worry I may make mistakes. I do want to tell you that Mary and I are so touched by your level of faith and devotion. You have not any idea how far you have spread the positive gospel. It’s wonderful.

MIRIAM: Abraham, you said last week that you didn’t want us to take for granted how much you loved us and you showed us that. I know I speak for everyone here; we are so grateful and love you both so much. It is HUGE what you do for us everyday. So thank you.


ABRAHAM:  I thank you. We enjoy your personalities. We are like proud parents. I am with great love for each one of you. You are resilient and always going forward. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.

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