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WDC651- Flexibility in Mind

2008-11-17-Flexibility in Mind
Woods Cross #651


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Flexibility in Mind
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham, Mary
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Flexibility in Mind
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Mary
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am always inspired by your flexibility with the ups and downs of everyday living on this experimental planet. Mortals have been proven to be a great deal more adaptable than was once predicted. There are many on my side of the veil who are learning from the evolution of your people. There is a great deal of studying going on to be recorded for future universal endeavors. I am honored to be a part of this history and being able to further the research.


ABRAHAM:  If we have learned anything from participating in the Teaching Mission it is flexibility in mind. We have always attempted to forecast Father’s will, but we have rarely been on target. We know that plans can change in the blink of an eye and we are made to empty out knowledge we had once counted on to make room for new ideas. I know that mortals cling to security and find comfort in being able to predict life. How fortunate are we to find out that is not possible. We have not learned everything there is to learn. We do not know how to handle every situation that arises and we will always be in a mode of learning.

MARY:  I am MARY. Greetings to you, my friends. As you may have guessed, we have been busy with changing world events. There are many things we as teachers are prepared for and on the other hand, there is a natural flow to life and events we are not prepared for. We are also working with evolution. In an evolving world where things are always changing, we are to identify issues in which our superiors will train us on how to handle them. I can appreciate the fact that I have a valued perspective, as does every team member. I feel heard and also maintain open mindedness to hear everyone else. We all work for the best of the whole considered.

I am with continuing gratitude for my days with the Master because He taught me balance in being a contributor. Every person, I should say every mortal, likes to feel needed and a part of the whole. The Master did not assign us levels of personal importance. There was no seniority. There was not a man more important than the next. All who desired tasks were given tasks according to their levels of training. This did not place labels of importance on anyone. The Master taught that we were all a member in Father’s family working for the good of the whole.

There was many times I had clung to my old comfortable knowledge and continued to act there from when going about the ministry. Even as I realized my old ways were not serving the new issues, I kept maintaining my old habits. I thank Father for the presence of the Master who woke us up from our tendency to stay in our well-worn rut. The seemingly harsh lessons were a good wake-up call to open the mind, allow the old knowledge to be filtered through new eyes and when we were ready, receive new information.

You are blessed in this day and age to have the Spirit of Truth, who is able now more than ever to bestow upon you updated information. When we remain flexible in mind and attitude, our eyes will naturally see new ways. It is more a matter of letting go than forcing through. When our minds and habits are rigid, then we are made to feel trapped and hopeless in a way because we are not seeing new possibilities and a Father whose abilities are unlimited.


MARY:  This week lets spend the time allowing those cherished ideas to be left out in the open, meaning be not so ‘on guard.’ Those ideas that take up space for no reason can be whisked away and room made for new training that is to come. We are all working with evolution here and must be flexible in mind and attitude. Find time to relax and put your lives, your concerns into the hands of our most capable Father. Know that those things you should know, the Spirit of Truth will make a way for you to know them. We will talk more next week. At this time we will take our leave. Abraham and I express our ever-growing love for you each. Go in peace. Until next time, shalom.

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