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WDC656- Embodiment of Meaning

2008-12-08-Embodiment of Meaning
Woods Cross #656


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Embodiment of Meaning
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Embodiment of Meaning
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. As always, I am always grateful for your open attitudes. It is easy to work with individuals who have vision. Everyday I am with students that are completely set in their old ways and find life to be predictable and without joy. Your life is what you and Father make it. These students that are so stubbornly set could have new possibilities should they dare to venture forth, but ease seeking keeps them bound. Fear of the unknown is misery to them, not exciting.


ABRAHAM:   I believe that in one way or another there is some sort of a cost for everything. Individuals get some sort of reward or punishment for their actions—not ordained by God mind you, but of course self-imposed. There is a great deal of pressure in today’s world to have a lot of material items. Material items cost money. To raise this money one must expend energy at employment. The more one serves materialism, the more one must expend energy, most of the time this brings feelings of emptiness. Many measure their success by materialism and this may satisfy the person on the surface, but deep down there is no meaning. When there is no meaning, there is no joy.

What is your life costing you? We each know people who have ill health because of stress. Some of these individuals are willing to pay the high price of health for the reward they get for the ego. For example: a man who does really well at his job feels very important because he solves many problems on a daily basis. He hears nothing but praise from his superiors. In the meantime his physical being is stressed out and his heart is pumping overtime. To counteract that he begins to drink alcohol heavily and this starts to disrupt his family life. It means more to this man to hear the praise from his superiors than to feel good physically and take care of his wife and children. Do you see which would serve the ego more and which would have more meaning?

We have come to a point in our Teaching Mission that our ministry is the embodiment of meaning and a source of joy. The ministry is not difficult and generates energy instead of takes away from you. We can see that those things the ego values has a high price to pay, while things with real meaning bestow upon you a soul satisfaction. It is easy this time of year. I cannot blame you, none of us do. None of us judge you. It is easy to be pulled into that material want or that ego gratification.

Throughout the week let’s look for the deeper meaning in simple things, things that you may not understand, but there are doors open for opportunity. Take time this week also to sit in the stillness and regenerate your spiritual battery. Lose not the sight of those who keep us strong. As promised, I would answer a few questions—starting with an assessment for Harrison and Sarauna.

Children, I am grateful to you for these many years here in this group. Your service has been greatly appreciated. You have done well. I appreciate you unique personalities and also the team perspective of you as a couple. It is really quite sweet. You are indeed kindhearted people and have the best of intentions, that I know.

I can assure you that no matter where you go the ministry you serve in goes also with you. You will still have Teaching Mission tasks that you will perform. Individuals you will talk to about spiritual truths, not so much the Urantia Book itself, but about basic everyday truths. You will know that you have to meet people on their level. There are projects you both have been meaning to start and the time or window of time is opening for you to get started on them. As I look back over your long history I can see you were always courageous and daring to move forward and try new things. There is nothing stopping you from having that same mindset today. Mary and I give you all the support we can and want you to know we will definitely keep in touch.

You know Father would want any of you to live out your dreams or even live within your means. He will be there no matter what. You that have dedicated yourselves to serving in the Teaching Mission will always have tasks and assignments. Our Mission practices are beginning to move to the next generation and we will find that the attributes of Light and Life are simply normal and how things are supposed to be. Follow up questions?


HARRISON: Abraham, I would appreciate reminders of things that I can do improve my communication with Father, with Mother, Michael, with you and Mary.

ABRAHAM:  Certainly. I see you best communicating with Father when you are helping someone else. When you are not thinking of yourself but simply doing some chore for somebody else. Maybe it is working on their car or simply listening to them. You are at your best when you are feeling useful. You have experienced a great deal of stress in these past few years and your spiritual understanding is a bit jumbled up in your mind. A new adventure will help you to sort it all out. You will find that peace you have been longing for. There will be time to talk and listen, cry and laugh. Explore life’s meanings. All you have to do is allow the unfolding. Is there another question?

SARAUNA: Abraham, I know that this feels like something we need to do, but I just feel like the whole world is jumbled and unsettled. I just want to be sure, as sure as we can be in these times, but at least going in the right direction. Letting go sometimes is a difficult thing I am finding. Do you have a tip or two on that?

ABRAHAM: The decision is always up to the individual. Father moves along with the details. You can never be sure of any decision. You can only try to envision a plan through the eyes of the Father and see possible errors. Plan out certain strategies, but you can never make a big decision and have some certainty within the spirit. I can say that if you look back through your many years you can see how resourceful you and Harrison have been and many times opened a wonderful life for you and the girls. A good method that I use for making decisions is—if doors of opportunity keep opening, then I keep going through them. If they keep closing, then I rethink the plan. Does that help?

SARAUNA:  It certainly does. Thank you.

ABRAHAM:  You are welcome. Does anyone else have a question?

CALVIN: Abraham, in your lesson tonight and lately you talked about detachment from the ego. I can see areas of my life that I do that with more. I have made some progress I think. Any input on that I would welcome. I have had some things in mind that I know that has been in there for a long time. It is hard for me to realize that is a fantasy or inner direction.

ABRAHAM:   Certainly. Isn’t experience a wonderful teacher? We find in these accelerated times that what we do comes back to us faster then ever. Meaning that we could almost call these times reflections from the Supreme Being. We can act at times without some integrity and then hours later it is shown back to us and it is seriously distasteful. The ego is showing itself to be this way. We do not focus so much on keeping the ego at bay, but through our many years of training we have come to identify the habits of the ego and are able to steer ourselves in a more productive direction. Time and experience are wonderful teachers. I can see how they have assisted you and your life. Is there something more specific I can answer to?

CALVIN:  No I think that is pretty clear. Thank you.

ABRAHAM:   You are welcome. Another question?

SIMON: Yes Abraham, I would like an assessment and integrating the joy of living and how I can tame my ego.

ABRAHAM:   Simon, you are indeed a man of adventure. I love your exploring spirit. I admire the scientist in you. I see that these days you are much more happy and I believe it is due to the lessening drama in your life. Well done. As I told Calvin, age is a wonderful thing. Time and experience are excellent teachers. We learn that the less drama there is, the more reality show itself, which creates more meaning and more soul satisfaction. I see you right now as happy, not perfect by any means, but happy and I am happy for you. You, as we all do, have much personal work still to do, but that will happen when you are ready. I believe these days you are embracing reality much more and finding joy in the life that is here, not the life that you can assume there is. Well done.

SIMON:  Thank you.

ABRAHAM:   You are welcome, Simon. Stay with your studies of science. You will do a great deal to help many to understand how science and spirituality work together. Are there more questions?

ANNETTE: As a Muslim I have just had connection with God. I was very happy with my spiritual connection through God. Now after I have the connection with you, Mary, Mother and Jesus Christ, I get confused wondering what the truth in everything is. It is too much for my brain to understand. Now I am back and I am lost. I know the truth here. What do I have to do to find my path so I can feel without this confusion? It’s hard for me to find answers. The Urantia Book is difficult to understand. Can you help me?

ABRAHAM:  My daughter, I do understand how confusing integrating many spiritual truths can be. We wanted to make the Teaching Mission a plain as possible so that it could embrace many religions. The prophet Mohammed wrote many beautiful sayings. He was a speaker of truth and there are many lines that he has written that give you comfort. There are many things that had given me comfort, especially when I was a child. I know that your spiritual education will always move forward, will always grow, but never does Father want you to be confused and frustrated, no. Father wants you, above all, to have a wonderful connection with Him. The rest should be set aside and taken in small bits, here and there, small lines.

If you are going to read the Urantia Book take a small paragraph. Spend many days with it. Don’t worry about the rest of the book, just that paragraph. If you know the writings of Mohammed you can spend many hours with his writings and feel comfort and no problem if you want to learn different aspects of spirituality, that is fine. Simply take them in small doses. Do not confuse the larger panoramic view with what we should actually be focusing on and that is our relationship with the Father. I would suggest that Jesus Christ is a wonderful interpreter to the various spiritual meanings. He is indeed a great teacher and knows of the many religions that have crossed the face of the earth. He is also the door.

Said He, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” You would do well to go through Jesus to understand the Father. Jesus is like an older brother who can explain to you how our Father is. Jesus and the Father would rather you be happy and close to them than confused. When your spiritual learning gets to be confusing, set it aside. Concentrate on your closeness you have with them. Stick with what you know and slowly add in small new lines that sound good to your spirit. Does this help?

ANNETTE:  Yes. Thank you.

ABRAHAM:  I can accept one more question if there is one?

REBECCA: Abraham, I am confused with the situation with my son and I need to feel some peace with that. Can you help me?

ABRAHAM:  Certainly. Parenting is the most difficult job you will ever have. It is the best thing that will ever happen to you, but certainly the most difficult. I can only answer you in broad general terms unless you can be more specific with your question.

REBECCA:  Yes. He lives in another state. I believe I need to live close to him to feel peace. Is that true?

ABRAHAM:   I am understanding that very few things compare with the force of a mother’s love. It is important that you impart to him those things that you have learned in this life. I do believe it is important. It would not only help him immensely, but I believe it would also help you. The desire to tend to what we have brought into the world is overpowering for a reason. You have been given this driving sensation for a reason. If it is possible, then yes, I would say you are 100% correct in your feelings. Well done. Does this help?



ABRAHAM:  I am going to take my leave at this time. Know that Mary sends her love and I am with ever growing gratitude for each one of your beautiful little faces. You bring meaning to my life. I love you. Until we meet again, carry on. Shalom.

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