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WDC661- Movement 10

2009-01-09-Movement 10
Woods Cross #661


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Movement
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham, Mary
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Movement
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Mary
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:   I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. When I look upon each of your personalities I see a common thread of graciousness. You are so accommodating to one another and for that I am touched. When I see you as a group I feel more at ease about the future. Each of you having different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences can coexist peacefully. There are some very strong-minded individuals here that have their beliefs and yet are capable of having acceptance for diversity.


ABRAHAM:  I am intrigued for the so-called change that is to come upon your nation. It is a very popular unfolding that we on our side take interest in. As your nation prepares for material change, our Correcting Time is making spiritual changes. We are hoping that as each person steps up in responsibility that the personal awareness of self-governance will occur.

MARY:  I am MARY. I am thrilled to be back with you again. There is always so much to do and I can say Abraham keeps me very busy. When we think of a civilized society we think of individuals staying true to the laws of the land. In the Correcting Time we teach self-mastery and how to decrease the animal and increase the spiritual. Each person who is self-governing adds to the wellness of the whole, but to get to the point of wanting to add to the whole, one must believe they are working to complete a goal of good. When you can see good you are touched deep within and naturally desire to add to that good. When all you see is negativity, then the natural tendency of mortals is to flee, hide and find safety.

The media in the United States rarely reports anything good or positive. They are about making money and give their viewers what they want. The animal side of man loves competition and desires to see action. The dark side of men will cling to the media because it makes his own little environment appear to be more controlled. If you, as viewers, continue to be bombarded with negativity, how hard is it to see this goodness and have desire to add to it? It is for you like a battle–good against evil. When in truth we know we must maintain our connection to Father to see the truth and the ultimate good that comes out of any and every circumstance.

I am not saying to close your eyes to the negativity out in the world and ignore it, no. Rather, I am saying how does your faith levels compare to the information you are receiving through your eyes and ears? Do we have enough faith that when we hear of raging wars around the world that we will not be pulled down, feel burdened and chaotic? Can we not learn from history that this evolutionary planet is moving forward, slowly yes, but moving nonetheless?

This week we would recommend that you visualize positive scenarios coming from negative circumstances. Attempt to see the good that can arise from adversity. What is the balance between good and bad that your senses are telling your mind? When individuals can see the good, their budding soul within is drawn to that and wants to add to it. Let us show our fellows we want to add to the good. The good is so much more than the negative. When we can embrace the Master’s teachings and the vision of the Father, we naturally want to bond as a team and move forward with good. There are opportunities now to point out common sense lines from the text, meaning the Urantia book. The time is now to subtly put that out there, carefully, gently, yes.


MARY: I am feeling so blessed to be a part of you. We move, grow and evolve with you. I can see you grow and in that I can also see my own growth. It is wonderful to spend time with you again. With that we shall take our leave, sending you with our best. Our love goes with you. Until next time, shalom.

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