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WDC677- Movement 11

2009-05-18-Movement 11
Woods Cross #677


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Movement
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Movement
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am with such gratitude for our Father who clears the way for us to advance.


ABRAHAM:  We can call many events over our lifetime’s coincidences, but there are some instances that you cannot deny that has been Father’s handiwork implemented. We will find over our summer vacation that those pitfalls that continue to trip us will be addressed and we will become equipped with new tools to surpass the ego and better know the spirit. I will recommend that you each practice stillness and make effort to contact Mary or myself on your own. This is good practice and helpful in taming the animal minded ego.

The Father does not expect perfection from you and you may struggle in your efforts to overcome certain obstacles. This is not to worry however, it is only further training. The Father has many people for you to meet, for you to show your faith and to work on your own personal weaknesses. I believe this will be a challenge and an education. With that I will take questions.


SIMON: Life keeps improving exponentially and keeps my view of it from all kinds of interesting science and personalities. Sometimes I think I do too much and other times not enough. Any direction or words to still me through it?

ABRAHAM: : Understood, Simon. There is no doubt you are brilliant and have made huge, huge strides personally. I would however, admonish you to beware of the pitfalls that may seemingly set you back. You must not let your progress made up to this point slip away. You know there is only so much one can do for community and the advancement of technology, but believe me, you have been (font) of knowledge for many and I don’t doubt that you will continue to do so.

You must have seen by now that people really love you for who you really are. You don’t have to pretend or put on airs. As a matter of fact, you should not let that bother you at all. I do worry that you may throw your pearls before swine and their rejection may hurt you and cause you some self-doubt. This is not to worry if you can keep up the daily practice of staying strong in the spirit through stillness and reading the text. Overall, I find you are on a correct path. Stay on that path. Well done, Simon.

SIMON:  Thank you.

HARRISON: I am sure you are aware Carol and I are living in two places to take care of my mother. I would welcome any thoughts or words you might have to Sarauna and me.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I admire you both for taking care of your responsibilities. I see that this is an adventure that you may be accustomed to living and moving forward through. I would also recommend that Sarauna speak her mind on her wishes and desires to plan out the life ahead. You two have made a wonderful team and have helped many. It is your collaborative gift that strengthens your marriage and ministry.

I believe the Father lays out your ministry right before you and you will serve wherever you feel driven. My point is that you make the decision together and have not worry about time being a factor. You will know that right thing to do when it causes you feelings of peace. There is no telling what Urantia Book study groups may come forth in North Carolina. Either way, wherever you each go to serve, make it a team effort. Does this help?

HARRISON:  Yes, thank you.

CALVIN: I have a friend that is talking they just want to check out of life from a condition in the head causing pain. If you know about the situation and have anything to add?

ABRAHAM:  My recommendation is your contact with her will help to drive her into a correct decision. There are many foods that cause headaches and along with that, also environmental factors. I mean not to say seek not medical attention, of course, by all means. Through you she can learn that all hope is not lost and this is just the beginning. Overall, we have to look at pain from her perspective.

Most of us have no idea what she is experiencing and have no right to judge her desire for quick escape. Father certainly does not judge her. You have been a wonderful minister over these years, Calvin. I have no doubt you can help her find the comfort she is looking for. She could possibly need to seek out a new doctor as well. That is all. (Thank you.)

CALVIN: Marlin, our good old buddy sent a question in. He says there seem to be lot of demons running around and causing trouble with people when we thought they were long gone. That is the core of his question and however you want to answer that.

ABRAHAM: Demons? No, not at all. There are updated occurrences on the planet, but have not to do with Demons. Midwayers, angels and life carriers, yes, but not any evil influences at all. This is teaching from his past. It is a deep seated fear within him that brings it to life. More study with the Urantia Book and more contact with other readers will help to make his faith foundation stronger and he will see not such an evil influence in the world.

Many times I believe that people have their own evil behavior that causes guilt and they can project that off into the world. He could check his own conscience. Have no worry Marlin. You have greater access to anything above things seemingly evil.

MIRIAM: How are you doing? Tell us your personal story. I haven’t heard anything about Machiventa lately. What is he up to? Do you mind me asking?

ABRAHAM:  No, that is perfectly acceptable. As you might guess, we are all very busy working with individuals, as well as groups. I have 25 TR’s that I am working with at the time and I am just one teacher. Mary accompanies me sometimes. Other times she goes on her own to aid in the unfair gender causes around the world.

I have so much enjoyed the friendships I have made. The new ones I make daily. I still make effort to live a balanced existence and with all the work there is, that is not always possible. I can too be stressed. For the most part though I enjoy the very best that the Father has offered us. Machiventa still works diligently, but his Mission is mostly in management.

There are so many needed to help organize. I can’t even say, but I do know I am grateful that you each have made the decision to help us in the Master’s cause and just as we spoke last week of the generations coming in to take up our work, we are now seeing our beginning students take on students of their own. Well done. Thank you for asking.

TECTRA: Can you just kind of give me some words or an update. I know you kind of monitor situations that I’ve gone through in this last year–consciousness wise. Can you give me some words of some things I could possibly work on or be with in this situation with my consciousness and sensitivity?

ABRAHAM:  Tectra, I see you working more with some volunteer groups because people feel comfortable with you. You do have an attitude like the Master’s, whose was not judgmental and accepting of all. I see you taking up a side project too. Do some volunteer work.

In the meantime I am excited about the responsible life you have made for yourself as far as the past year has been concerned. We all know that Jesus’ apostles were ministers and yet, they had to put food on the table. You have come into full understanding of that just in this past year and I am excited about that.

You do however miss one on one ministry with certain individuals. I would recommend that you do a little research on this topic and find something that peaks your interest. You are a wonderful minister and people feel comfortable with you and therefore will open up. Opening up is everything. Is this answering?

TECTRA:  Yes, thank you.

ANTHONY: Do you have any help for those of us that are a little reluctant to hear your voice in our own minds? It is more comfortable this way.

ABRAHAM: You don’t have to hear it physically. There are those who can simply grasp my meaning. It needs not be a big deal. That has been the purpose over these many years in the Correcting Time. This Mission is a natural endeavor. I would have not worry for an auditory sound, but more that you have a simple understanding of what might having been said. If you hear it, you hear it. You can try to hone your skills, but for the most part you can always get the message without having a material means.

SHYANNE: Can you give me a personal assessment before we go on summer vacation please?

ABRAHAM:  Certainly. I can say that I understand your struggle, my daughter. I have experienced it myself. I would recommend that you find those things you are believing you need self-correction in. Make a list and then give that time. Perhaps what you believe is a self-correction you need, is really nothing and Father will show you where you can put your energy.

You have a wonderful heart and are a little afraid to have it be out in the open. I understand. With our time this summer, let us concentrate on being observant and more of the immediate things that need to be tended to, not so much the long term. I feel you may be feeling overwhelmed and we would certainly never want you to feel that way.

For the most part I know you want to be of assistance and believe me, you are to a point. After our summer training you will pick up more ministerial tasks if you should so desire. Have not worry, but rise to the challenge. I believe you are a powerful woman in your own right and have complete faith in you. Does this help? (Yes, thank you).

JORDAN: When I’m sitting in meditation or stillness listening, I hear a few different noises that can almost come into. Would there be any significance between the different sounds I hear? Does that make sense?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Sometimes what you are picking up on is the frequency of the cosmic mind. I know that our methods of communication use those circuits. Some are sounds to get your attention. Some are nothing. I would concentrate on the formation of the syllables, not so much worry about sounds. After some time goes by these sounds will mean nothing to you, but while you are being prepared as a transmitter/receiver you will probably notice everything.

I believe you want the very best or don’t want anything at all. That is that mark of an adequate transmitter/receiver. Focus on syllables being put together, write them down even. Try not to force it, but to relax and offer yourself and that is all. If nothing happens, nothing happens. We are inspired by your integrity Jordan and will do all we can to work with you. Make time with your TR to have a practice session.


ABRAHAM: My words are growing weak. We have a few weeks rest and then it appears we will be meeting. So, look for those self-corrections in your personal life that might help you to advance spiritually. Make time for rest. Let go of those ties that are self-imposed and relax. Know that I will not be far away. We are with continuing love for each one of you and have not fear, we will meet again soon. Our love goes with you. Until next time. Shalom.

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