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WDC697- Regret

Woods Cross #697


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Abraham & Emulan
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham, Emulan
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Abraham & Emulan
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Emulan
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Welcome back, my friends. It is wonderful to see your faces gathered right here before me. I realize that our absence has caused our group flame to flicker, but it has not gone out. I pray that Father grants us the sight of the Master, who knew true humility and was able to commune with Father without flaws.


To have such enthusiasm to learn new things is somewhat a sign of beautiful humility, for it enables one to stand at open doors. Let us go on into the next phase of our lessons with new insight into the humble heart. I am not speaking of low self-esteem or self-loathing. I am speaking of being open to new developments in spiritual education.

It is common on this world that “what shall he sow, so shall he reap.” In this mentality many come to the belief that they have sown many bad seeds and therefore deserve punishment. The bad seeds are simply mistakes or misunderstandings. Mistakes are a part of the human experience and not a cause for regret and atonement. We can look at our mistakes as victories when we have learned what that particular lesson has brought to us.

To have lived and learned is not a cause for regret or guilt or self-punishment, no. It is rather a steppingstone to higher understanding and better living. As society and various foundations wish to revel in another’s mistakes, they are indeed asking the angels to put upon them the same experience. Man will learn how another feels by remaining humble and open or by orchestrated lessons from the Universe helpers.

EMULAN:  I am EMULAN. I am with a full heart to be with you again. I express my gratitude to Abraham for allowing me to speak on this evening’s topic. I believe the main point of this lesson is to look at life with an open mind without the shadow of regret from the past.

Most of you know my family died in an accident and I can tell you firsthand how I had blamed myself for their death. I had every opportunity that day to drive my wife and daughter to their designation and I had thought it a menial task and suggested my wife simply do it and get it over with.

The accident was one of simple time and material, but I took that on as my responsibility. The pain of their deaths had led me to self-punish, as if I could have stopped the accident altogether or at least died with them. I found everyday life to be a tremendous burden because I had guilt that I had actually murdered somebody.

My own personal guilt led me to believe that others viewed me as guilty, as a murderer or at least as a negligent husband and father. I treated myself poorly by not tending to the body’s physical needs and finding ways to mentally escape the pain through chemicals. I had totally shut out Father or any spiritual help and I had found myself undeserving of life.

I so much wanted to be with my family again. It was a long time before I could put this tragic loss into perspective. It was a great deal of group and psycho-therapy for me to quit blaming myself for the accident and in having this over-whelming guilt. As I told my story to people I was made to see their beautiful intentions and I began to grow closer to the Spirit and farther from this guilt.

I learned that people were not looking at me as a guilty man but as someone who experienced a tragic loss and had a long way to go to reach mental wellness. When I had put the guilt on myself, then I believed others did and I expected to be treated poorly as I treated myself. Of course, that came to pass. Father is so powerful in how He can shake you from your slumber of spirit poisons and hold out His hand of promise, freedom and joy.

I am not saying to not care what people may think about you. I am saying let that be a thought that goes by the wayside. Focus on Father and the task He may have before you. Keep moving forward. Keep paper and pen handy; give 5 or 10 minutes to stillness. Father will help you to work out your self-imposed regret and guilt so that you may move on to the greater issues of the Kingdom.

This week be conscious of how many times you are wondering what others think of you. How are you living to please others? Are you in touch with the Father’s offer of promise, freedom and joy? Also, let us revisit the word humility, for having a humble heart and thinking about how it is a technique of being open to learning new things.


EMULAN:   That is all for this evening. I am with gratitude to you each, as also I am to Abraham for allowing me this time. (Are you coming back?) From time to time I will see you. It is a favorite thing of mine to do. I send you with our love. Go in peace. From Abraham and myself, we bid you shalom.

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