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WDC705- The Correcting Time Advances

2011-01-23-The Correcting Time Advances
Woods Cross #705


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Correcting Time Advances
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham, Mary
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Correcting Time
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Faith
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Correcting Time Advances
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Mary
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am with new hope for our new horizons ahead. The Correcting Time as you know it is seemingly slow and quiet, but there are other plans that were laid a long time ago coming into fruition. You have known what it is like to play the game of chess or checkers. You as mortals and we as teachers have made our move so that Michael and His associates are able to now make theirs.

Correcting Time

ABRAHAM:  When we started this Correcting Time in this region of the world there were a great deal of obstacles on the path that we had to overcome. Previous teachers, as well as myself, were instructed to stick to certain topics. While this method of communication may have seemed a ABRAHAM & MARY novelty at the time, many grew bored with the real work, but the hopes and goals we had set were indeed met. We are still working with other areas in the world to accept the Mission as it is, without fanfare or people belonging to some sort of special society.

Now our communication with many mortals is commonplace promoting deep thinking and faith and ability to act upon what you know to be truth, beauty and goodness. We are not so much saying to our fellows ‘observe this technique of communication,’ no. We are saying ‘listen to these words of logic and help for daily living.’

MARY:  I am MARY. Again I am happy to meet with you. I am feeling a job well completed and ready to move forward in Michael’s plan. Like the winter’s in this region, there is a lull in the minds of men, but soon the Spring will be at hand and the busyness of life will again show itself. I am, myself, a creature of habit and can be hesitant in new endeavors. With the fast training I have received I am now able to see the bigger picture of forward momentum, and for that, I am excited.

You each have also received a great deal of training to incorporate the bigger picture into your thinking. You have been able to keep up with small tasks knowing that it is another brush-stroke in the universal painting. We are about to begin another phase of our Correcting Time and are waiting on instructions from our Superiors. We will then move forward with lessons to our students.

At this time I would make time in your daily moments to reflect on what you have learned over our years together. Also, it is a good time to ponder your courage for taking on new endeavors. What would be the benefits you have learned over the years of spiritual studies that have prepared you to take on newness in our Correcting Time. Are there questions for Abraham or myself?


CALVIN: Thank you so, so much for all these years of patiently teaching us and helping us. What a treat and a joy. Thank you.

ABRAHAM: : Thank you Calvin. We are indeed appreciative of your diligence and are looking forward to future involvement.

SIMON: Question summarized: asking about the way to best serve and asking for an assessment, some hints on how to move forward and also ‘any comments on our new child on the way now’ and our new mission task.

MARY: I do see you, Simon, with a full plate and am pleased with your progress. I have seen the best side of you emerge and I do believe that individuals are attracted to your happinesss, as well as your light-heartedness. Your maturity in spirituality and building of character has shown you to be a person of evolution or having willingness to advance, to be productive. I have not specific assignments for you right now but I am interested and intrigued by your knowledge of technology. I would continue to learn and pursue that avenue—along with creating a balanced family life. I believe the joy you will experience will be questioned as to whether you are deserving, and I say YES, you are. You are an important aspect of our group here. Have not worry Simon. Enjoy.

MIRIAM: Yes, thank you so very much, Abraham. I would like to introduce my friend here tonight; Kelly and I invite here to ask if she has any question.

ABRAHAM: : Greetings Kelly.

KELLY: I am so pleased to be here . I would love an assessment or insight on directions for my life.

ABRAHAM: : Yes, a pleasure to speak with you, my daughter. I indeed feel you as a person of warmth and sincerity. I know this is beneficial to individuals you know. I am inspired to see how you make effort to integrate spirituality into your everyday tasks. I would advise to not lose sight of the goal of knowing the First Source and Center for yourself. It is endearing that you do a lot to help others, but also remember to help yourself. Allow your mind to be open and let Father create in you trust and faith, that you have not known before.

You need not have worry or anxiety. The process of spiritual education is slow but sure. Know that Father knows your every desire and loves you beyond your comprehension. Take the next few weeks to be quite within and be observant. See how Father is deserving of your trust and always has your best interest in mind. You do well. Is there another question?

CALVIN: Abraham and Mary, I know you are aware of Sharon’s questions, from California. Her daughter has been missing for over 22 years now. I can’t imagine what a parent must have to endure to not know what has happened to their child. I am moved to help and to seek your assistance for Sharon. Her daughter’s name is Michaela Joy. Her birthday is tomorrow.

ABRAHAM: : I am with the knowledge that Michaela has been with us on our side of the veil for quite some time. Mary knows her. My sorrow for Sharon goes out, but I can assure her that her loss in this life is not ongoing into eternal life.

MARY:  This is MARY. Sharon, do not burden yourself any longer with the how and why Michaela disappeared. Know now that she is a beautiful young woman who knows you and loves you and knows of your love for her. She has studies that keep her busy, but also Michaela is a teaching assistant to small spirits who are a part of the Nursery. Michaela tends to children that have passed on who have experienced the worst that life has to offer.

Sharon, she is wonderful with children and they take to her bubbly personality immediately. She enjoys showing the new children the larger picture of existence and that they are loved by a heavenly Father and Mother. Do not hash over in your mind any longer how she disappeared. Michaela does not want you to do that anymore. She has long forgotten the means in which she left the planet and is wrapped in a cloak of love and light. Michaela wishes also that you move forward and be happy for her and believe that you will meet again when there are only tears of joy.

Michaela keeps up with your life changes and wants you to get the most out of the experience of being a mortal. She did not get to fully experience that and you will be of great help to her when you see her. The mortal life is hard, cold and dark sometimes, but there are also lessons of trust, faith, love and happiness. Dwell not on the injustice of your life. Open your mind to what the future holds when you will again see Michaela and her advancement in the spiritual life. You will gain back what you have lost and more, when you finish this life and take up the next. For now reap what harvest you have had so far in this mortal life. Take an example from Michaela and assist others in what you have learned. Know that this is not the end. There is still a great deal of work for you to do. Have not fear or worry. Fall into life with trust in the First Source and Center. Are there more questions?


TECTRA: My question about faith. It seems like it’s such a vital part of the happy human experience to have faith. You have mentioned to us to embrace faith. I understand this, but it seems like a passive experience. I would love to know more on how to grow faith.

ABRAHAM:  Certainly my son, I understand. This is again ABRAHAM. I see you as advancing in spiritual maturity and faith does not seem to be like it used to. The Thought Adjuster is becoming more a part of you every day, so faith becomes knowing and knowing is something that just IS. Faith seems to be an ocean you dive into and need to make effort in swimming to arrive at some destination. At your stage in life, you’re more at a point of inner-knowing than needing to exert some mental thought that will bring about what you used to see as faith. Your faith is there, it is just maturing into an inner-knowing and believe me, with the years accrued on the planet it is just not that exciting anymore.

(The years he has experienced so far in faith, faith that used to show itself as perhaps goose-bumps on the flesh is not so much of the faith-experience.)

ABRAHAM:  With the closeness of the Thought Adjuster, faith becomes more of an inner knowing. On the other hand, at your point in time Tectra, with this maturity you are with the vision of our Brother/Father Michael and able to convert that which you know into wisdom…and believe me, life is exciting in other ways. You do well, Tectra, my son, and are living up to your highest light. You should not have worry. Embrace your new and growing maturity. Be observant of the Master’s insight that tends to you in all aspects of you. You do well, my son.


ABRAHAM: My connection is weakening. Are we able to stop?

CALVIN: Would you like us to meet more often with this ‘new’ coming up or is once per month still okay?

ABRAHAM: : Once a month is good at this point. In a few months we may start to have small personal meetings, but once a month for now is working. I am always so honored to be a branch on this family tree. You bring me much joy and hope in the next phase of our Correcting Time. Mary also gives you her love and gratitude. And with that we say go in peace. Until next time, Shalom.

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