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WDC720- Action

Woods Cross #720


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Action
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham, Mary
o 2.2 TR: Nina
3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
 3.1.1 Action
 3.1.2 Self Governance
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Circuits
 3.2.2 Sensitivity
 3.2.3 Atheism
 3.2.4 Teacher Contact
 3.2.5 Names
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Action
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham, Mary
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM Greetings. I feel such peace among you. Now that your days grow warmer there will be more activity and energy spent. These times of peace are a good way to regenerate mind, body and spirit. I want to thank you for making the way for my words to come to you. I want to thank you for allowing me to be a member of your family. I feel that I take much more with me than I give.


ABRAHAM:  We are seeing the Teaching Mission moving toward action. Instead of reading about the right way to handle issues, we are more about doing it. Instead of studying what would the Master do, we are actually doing it. It is becoming a part of our nature. Also, the Spirit of Truth helps us obtain answers in the moment. When we are in the midst of some situation or some crisis, He is able to impart words to us that aid in promoting good. We cannot be with the attitude if my brother is good to me, then I will be good to him. We are more with the attitude, I am good to my brother because God lives within me.
It is written that each day a man lives in dedication to the spirit, the more easier he finds it to do the right thing. Now our Mission is in a mode of action and you have been well trained to bring about the best possible scenarios in everyday life.

Self Governance

MARY:   I am MARY. I am with gratitude to be with you again this evening. I want to say I have never driven a car. I have observed traffic and many times have found my stress-levels to exceed normal rate. I am seeing those with these automobiles wield great power. Many have taken this power for granted and have made mistakes and some even have died.

In this example you can find many good lessons about self-governance. If only you could trust one another to follow the rules. Right now, that is not going to happen, but what can happen is that you can provide a good example. You can show that you respect your fellow drivers and follow the rules. It is true that once one steps into a machine, mortals tend to forget the life in that machine and assumes that those are lives of lesser importance.

We can think about what self-governance means to us as we live in the everyday world. Is only the events people can see important? Does your intention have anything to do with governing the self? I meant to do good, but in a moment of weakness I slipped. Self-governing will be a lesson that is ongoing even to the Mansion worlds.

I am so grateful that the Spirit of Truth is always ready with an answer in any moment. We are always doing what we can and self-governing, yes. Also we have help from the Spirit that reminds us ‘in whom do we serve’ and how does that help us make correct decisions. Do you have questions this evening? Abraham or myself, can answer.

LINDA: Miriam would like to know the status of her health.

ABRAHAM/MARY: Miriam, yes. I am in understanding that your surgery was successful and you need not have worry over that. You have been careful to adapt to your new back, but still are doing too much activity. The repair of the body has to reach biologic and organic levels to heal. So even though the doctor put in replacement parts, those parts have to learn to become part of the body. I am again saying to slow down on activity and take up a few more things that cause you to have enjoyment. Quit all this guilt about non-productivity. The only one that is making you feel this way is you. Now is a time to take up a new hobby or do something enjoyable. Have not worry my daughter, all is as it should be. Another question?


LINDA: I am new to the group. As you know I’m going through difficult times. I would appreciate some help you might have regarding my search for spirituality and answers.

ABRAHAM/MARY: Yes Linda. I know you. I am in understanding of your history and present circumstances. I would hope that you take this time to know that you are being held by the Father, not punished for any certain thing. You have broken no rules with Him. He is making effort for you to get closer to Him as you experience this time of turmoil. He does not want to see you hurt in exchange for proper behavior. That is not happening …not going to happen. Father is however, helping you to clear out the fog that has caused your perception to be subpar.

He is bringing in the light of His Son and showing you the real meanings and values of what this mortal life holds. You will still have tears and times of sadness, but you will also have times of revelation and joy. There is a world of opportunities opening to you and you need not feel left behind. I know life is different for you these days and I know fear can cause learning to be delayed. At this time I would ask you to ponder these words and find out deep down what is the fears that seem to hold you back. You are a daughter of God and have every right to move freely within the world.

I would hope for you to make that your daily affirmation and have not worry that all is unfolding as it should. Sometimes we tend to hang onto what we know, even though it is uncomfortable. When we can let go we are shown a new light and feel renewed in spirit and mind. Spend some time in journaling and write these feelings out and as you finish you will know more about how to get past the fears and allow Father to open your eyes to a new light. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) You are welcome.


TECTRA: I have a two part question. I am curious about the System circuits being re-incircuited. How far along in that process are we?

ABRAHAM/MARY: If you can view these circuits as perhaps the main and most important ones…those are 100% complete. There are still many more circuits to be repaired and some are non-existent because the worlds’ experience had changed status. So there are new circuits being placed with all the new experience just since the Adjudication (of Lucifer), but the main circuits that connect you with the Supreme Being-the Cosmic Mind, the Seven Adjutant Mind Spirits, Father, Mother and Michael are all 100% and operating. Does this help?


TECTRA: Yes, thank you. As a follow up to that, I can feel my experience in life with these new encircuitments happening. Can you say either tangible or specific things that we can as a people experience now from this re-encircuitment? I know that it is spiritual nature. I am thinking about greater awareness, sensitivity sort of things.

ABRAHAM/MARY: Of course, as you said a greater awareness and sensitivity of mortals to the Spirit. Life is ever-growing. I can also say that some natural abilities you should have had before the Lucifer rebellion will be becoming more apparent such as: foreknowing; intuition; ability to hear the Spirit speak, some communication without words between mortals, some communication with animals as well. Your ability to know an individual and know if you can trust them will be more apparent. There are many assets you lost because of the rebellion and because you are getting back what was gone, the human body will also have change and the mind will have growth. Does this help?

TECTRA: Yes. Thank you so much. I want to say too that you may get from us, but I am so thankful—I will try to speak for all of us here–for your time and effort that you spend each and every lesson that you bring to us and your goodness of heart and goodwill inside your souls pouring out to us. Thank you so much for your endeavors.

ABRAHAM/MARY: You are so welcome and we are also with gratitude to you for your enduring nature and logical love you have provided us over these years, Tectra, my son. Are there more questions?

CALVIN/for DAY: I well remember you, Abraham, telling me about 10 years ago that Father had someone in store for me that would exceed my expectations. I am now here, today, married to Day and for sure she has exceeded my expectations. She has asked me to voice her question. As you know, she has gone through much to leave her country and family and now even her religion to come here. As Linda’s question, she would like to know if you have any words that will help her understand the meaning of this all.

MARY: Good evening Day. I am Mary and I am honored to speak with you. I do see you have always had to put forth such great effort in everyday living and this was a way of life in your culture. Sometimes there is no need to put forth that tremendous effort and you are wondering what to do with yourself now. I can see you are intelligent and having any extra time would be good to study something that you love. For example, should you love flowers, it would be acceptable for you to read books on flowers. If you are interested in looking for employment, that is a worthwhile research to participate.

You are a daughter of our First Source and Center and accepted exactly as you are, equal to all Father’s children and have right to explore, learn and grow. You are a logical and joyful person. We find that your personal ministry will be of assistance to many that know you. Have not worry about non-productivity. Fill your time with the study of something you love. Does this help? (Yes.) Another question?

CALVIN: I am puzzled about the account in the UB where the children of Adam and Eve, after the fall of Eve, did become irate and went out to those just outside the garden killing men/women and children. It does not seem logical that the children of the Garden would do such a thing. I don’t discount the UB’s presentation of this, but still it just isn’t logical. Can you shed some light on this event?

ABRAHAM: I am Abraham. I would need also to further research this because there are issues I don’t know first-hand. So at this time can you shelve that question and ask me later?

CALVIN: Yes, shelved. I have had so many coincidences in my life that seem beyond just happen-chance. One so very intriguing event was when in my search for “the greater record to come” as proscribed in Mormonism. I find the UB which was given to me by John C., who got it from Faye here in the group and to know when I first encountered it … the Library of Congress number was the same day as my birthday (55-10554). Tell me that this is just coincidence… otherwise I’ve made quite a connection and significance as a result of this.

ABRAHAM: It is simple coincidence and yet the feeling you have is real. I would say that your connection with the UB is more than synchronicity, it is become a part of your growing soul and the fact that the birthday is in alignment is like a medallion you can wear and enjoy. Is this answering?

CALVIN:  Yes, thank you.

ABRAHAM/MARY:  More questions?


TECTRA: What are some things we can say to people we are talking with who proclaim they are atheists? It seems they don’t know that they’re really searching.

ABRAHAM: Yes. I would ask them why have they the belief that they do now. Most of the time you can trace it back to bitter religious training and the individual holding onto resentments toward God instead of the messenger that brought His supposed word. Another reason why individuals may choose Atheism is that they feel not worthy of a personal God that is just their very own and loves them more than they can comprehend no matter what they have done.

They feel that all those God-lovers are in a club and they would not be able to pay the membership dues. So my answer to you would be to get their story and start from there. How do you relate with them and what did you discover on your own personal journey. It is a shame when people stumble over religion to get to the First Source and Center. I would not put down specific spiritual books or religions, but tell your own personal story and beliefs and as if you are just talking in conversation, not talking to convert them.

Allow individuals to know they are welcome to have their say and it really is time, experience and opportunity that enlivens a soul to the recognition of a higher-power. That was a good question, Tectra, because we do have growing numbers of Atheism and it really is a natural outworking of the planet’s spiritual evolution. It is a cleansing, so-to-speak. Sometimes it is better to start building your own spiritual foundation than to start with something somebody else has built for you and says you ‘should’ accept it. Yes, well done. Another question.

TECTRA: I will ask a question for Willenna about the rash on her arms.

ABRAHAM/MARY: I would begin by saying beware of sponges that are used every day to clean the body. They can hold bacteria. Also if regular over-counter medicine is not helping within a few days then I would seek professional advice. It is hard for me to know medical situations. It is not my training, but as far as I am told it is not serious. Know that we still speak with her from time to time and are happy in what she shares with us. Yes, that is all. Another question?

Teacher Contact

CALVIN: I hear you and Mary often say you are near at hand and for us to call on you. I just don’t hear you at all. I believe you are there but unless you rattle some pans or make the dog bark like what happened last week, I just don’t seem to make a connection. Perhaps my mind is just too busy or too tired from not enough sleep. I try to meditate, but my mind is so busy or I am constantly itching which breaks my stillness attempt. Any help in this?

ABRAHAM: I would say your gift lies within your discussion with others. I believe you allow the Spirit to speak when the best of you is called for. I understand that you love the truth and would always want to give sound advice. When you are without an answer you are asking Father for help and in this, you serve well and are able to give an individual words directly from the Spirit. Not everyone will receive the same method. Sometimes it is just a calling for you to give the best that you have.

You have good intentions and show a fine example of faith. You receive answers easier than you thought you would. It is not an actual voice or words to see, but so in-the-moment of when you are desiring to bring out your best out of love for your fellows. Well done. One more question?


LINDA: I hear people called by different names. What is that about and what is my name?

ABRAHAM/MARY: Certainly. In the information I receive I am to interpret it into English and to you, your spiritual name sounds like Jera. Is that making sense?

TECTRA: Could you explain again basis of these names please.

ABRAHAM: The spiritual names are actually not given when still in the flesh. The spiritual names are what Father knows you by. The reason we have allowed spiritual names in the Correcting Time is to help with awakening the mind’s connection to the Adjuster. In all reality, Father knows each child, name or not, it is more of a gift to you.


ABRAHAM:  My connection grows weak and I am wanting to send you off with mine and Mary’s love. Know that we are always at hand should you have more questions. Know that we are with ever-growing love for you each. Go in peace. Until next time, Shalom.

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