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WDC727- Stillness Amidst Storms

2012-11-11-Stillness Amidst Storms
Woods Cross #727


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Stillness Amidst Storms
o 1.2 Group: Woods Cross TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Abraham
o 2.2 TR: Nina
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Stillness
 3.1.2 Mayan 2012, Confusion
o 3.2 Personal Assessments
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Stillness Amidst Storms
Group: Woods Cross TeaM
Teacher: Abraham
TR: Nina


ABRAHAM:  I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. I am happy to meet in this casual format. I am indeed busy as many of the teachers in the Mission. Urantia has been the focus of Nebadon as of late. There have been so many mind altering events, so much emotion that it has literally moved your world. The mind is a well and whatever you put in it is what you can expect to receive out of it. With this Correcting Time there is so much desire for change that many are grasping at anything, grasping at something to fill the well within.

So many events just in this nation have caused a great deal of separation, hate, distrust. It would appear that emotions are what Urantians are filling their mindal well with. When they go to dip their cup within the well there is nothing of value, nothing substantial, nothing that can help. It only creates more chaos. Time spent with the stillness can help to empty that mindal well, clear it of emotional debris and prepare it to receive real comfort, knowledge and truth. It takes dedication to surrendering the desires of the heart and mind, surrendering the temporary satisfaction or the quick-fix. It would be my hope that you each become skilled at keeping the mindal well clean and ready for faith-filled hope and joy. I can take questions.

Mayan 2012, Confusion

CALVIN: You mentioned earlier in your words tonight “the events that caused all eyes on Urantia.” Does that event have anything to do with the expected 12/21/12 predictions?

ABRAHAM:  : Yes. Thank you Calvin. The events that are affecting the Correcting Time are happening now and have been for many years. I am mostly speaking of the Spirit poisons that are moving Urantia into a negative direction. Mortals are seeing the animals they can be, the teeth-bearing hateful, greedy animals. This is causing individuals to look within and try to find the miracle that is in being human. As you know, many love the mystical and as you have discussed, the books that are treasured portray the death and destruction of the world with an outcome of the true believers creating the new heaven on earth.

In our own experience on the planet, each one of us knows that many things have not come to pass. That many things are attention grabbing and ego-satisfying by those who give predictions. Many events on the world now have caused people to be humble, to be small and look around and see what is really important–life and love, truth beauty and goodness, of course. History will go on. As mortals we can only hope to learn from mistakes and be small and look at the value in the role as a human being. Believe me, we are facing these global challenges and finding that the majority are turning their face toward the sun, the light.

No, there is no end in sight. Michael puts forth His all to be reaching each of His children, to help them up before their troubles and teach them integrity, honor, faith and loyalty. Know that those who have not deep and abiding faith will embrace some sort of prediction, other reason to look towards a higher power, when all along it is there within. Each child has access to a joy-filled life, not an easy life by any means, but more joy than pain. Is this helping?

Calvin:  Yes. Thank you Abraham.

SHYANNE: Assessment?

Personal Assessments

ABRAHAM: My daughter, is it wonderful to see you and yes, I believe I know your thoughts and hope that I can answer adequate. I am understanding how much effort you put toward your passions in life. I am understanding you are feeling somewhat exhausted from so much effort being put forth and not finding what you have hoped for. I know you to be a woman of courage and have strong intuition. I understand that it is not easy for you to trust that intuition, but I can confirm that you have higher understanding of situations, difficult situations, that others cannot understand. I know you to be an oasis in the lives of your loved ones and the emotional connection is somewhat of a burden at times.

I believe if you can quiet the emotions, you can connect to that intuition and have knowledge of handling situations that come up before you. You have foreknowledge and that is a tremendous gift. I see you as a teacher who helps others to keep fighting the good fight of faith. You help strengthen others to move forward and be responsible. Well done. I would recommend that some interaction with Mother Spirit would be helpful to you. Spend a few moments each day in stillness with intention of greeting Her. Have not doubt that you are overlooked by Father. You are well known, well loved and guided. Does this help?

SHYANNE:  Yes, thank you.

LINDA: I am very grateful for you. I would like an assessment. Am I doing the right thing in my relationship or to end it?

ABRAHAM: Greetings, daughter. I am with over-flowing love to meet with you. I have grown quite fond of you as I get to know you. I am in understanding of your struggle and I am loathe to say if one is doing the right thing or not because it is one’s personal experience to live and grow from. I can say that in this experience you have gained faith, strength and determination. You can only answer for yourself: ‘is my life better off now than it was with the relationship?’ Daughter, I do believe that you are. Everyone will have their choices, will have decisions to take the easy road or gird yourself with the weapon of faith. I see you as being born again. You are more receptive to the Spirit now more than ever before.

You have a great deal to give but first you are to know the experience of morontia mota. Have not fear for the future. You are well receptive to Father’s guidance and can find a reliable love in him. Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be given, is a favorite line of mine. You are becoming stronger every day. Know that you are loved and have a great deal to do in the future. Focus on your receptivity skills and also speak with Mother, She is the one who knows about that. Thank you for your question, my daughter.

LINDA:  Thank you.

ABRAHAM:  You are welcome.

CALVIN: Question for our Transmitter, Nina.

ABRAHAM:: Thank you, Calvin. I know well of your thoughts, your need to atone has indeed become destructive. I have recommendation of you to study your Urantia Book and remember the promises Father made to His children. It is not a random world. It is not about luck or punishment. You have a way with people and can do a great deal of positive work. I am recommending to you to focus on positive works. If you look around you, you can see the many that are in need of a hopeful word. That is all.

LINDA: Miriam would like an assessment of how she is doing, her health.

ABRAHAM:: Miriam, my daughter, I am seeing you to focus much on pain. It is understood, but it is possible to exchange your mind for the mind of Jesus and I am suggesting that you take time to sit at the Masters feet and open your mind and heart to Him. Have your journal open. His presence is a healing light. I would also ask that you free yourself from past regret. That is a dead end. You know that beyond the veil there is understanding to be had. For now, empty the mindal well and place yourself at the feet of the Master and listen. He is with such love for you, such understanding and wants for your progression. We will speak more. I will look forward to seeing you at the meeting. Go in peace, daughter.

CALVIN: Question for Day… advice for how to help her brother and what is her spirit name?

ABRAHAM:: Greetings, Day. I am so happy your presence is with this group. You are a joy-filled spirit that helps in lightening any heavy mood. I am not with understanding to help in your brother’s situation, but I can say you are helping him by being in contact. Do your best to contact him as much as possible. Do not worry about his faith in God. Simply draw upon your own faith and be that peaceful light that he knows. You are with a great deal of wisdom and are completely able to be a stabilizer in anyone’s life. Hold on for the name. I am believing I can come as close as possible to your spiritual name as Lania.

As you each know, the language between spirit and mortal is as different as nation to nation on your world. Lania, it is indeed a pleasure to work with you. You are very important in the lives of many and there are still so many yet to meet. I thank you for being open to the faith of Calvin and helping him in his path. You will be a source of love and joy to those who know you. Well done, daughter. I am slipping. Are there any more short questions I can finish up the evening with?

MIKE: Can helping people financially be an aid to them or enabling them? Is there anything about the baby mentioned earlier?

ABRAHAM:: I understood son. I am understanding that angels are present with the baby and not to worry. Your question is extremely pertinent at this time and there is a line to be drawn between financial help and enabling, and it may be different for those who have varying levels of faith in the spiritual life. Money has become a god on this planet and a false sense of security. There are many people now who are finding that money is not helping and their souls are desperate and empty. I would hope that you each handle this situation with your current levels of faith and you are knowing of where to draw the line of financial help and enabling.

If one is taking money to be of further destruction, then of course that doesn’t help. If you find that helping an individual creates integrity and inspiration, then of course the money is well worth it. I would be wise about helping those that are seemingly downtrodden. Remember that some look to money as their god and are serving that god. I trust that you each know how to invest in creating ongoing progress in one’s life or a situation. Your discussions at your other meetings are full of generating deep thinking as long as Father sits at the head of that table, good will result. Good question.


ABRAHAM: My words are slipping. I am with such growing love for you each. You make me better in all ways. Go in peace. Until next time. Shalom.

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